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22 Wonderful Celestial Home Decor Ideas

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1. Embracing the Celestial Décor Trend

The celestial décor trend is all about infusing your home with furniture pieces and accessories inspired by the delightful look of the night sky. Stars and various otherworldly motifs can be used to decorate with a celestial theme. The celestial style makes use of various night sky-inspired shapes and planetary designs to craft a fascinating look. There are countless interpretations of the moon and stars motifs which can add a sense of cosmic mystique to any room.

Anyone who has an interest in stargazing and celestial elements such as galaxies and star constellations should jump on this trend to give their home a magical cosmic makeover. Weaving in celestial decorations can be harder than it seems, especially if you don’t feel very inspired. This is where this article comes in to help you embrace this fascinating trend. It’s time to take the most interesting features of the night sky and other heavenly elements and learn how to design an interior space that evokes the natural wonders of the universe.

2. Constellation Bedding Set

Adding a cosmic touch in the bedroom is easy if you choose the right duvet cover and pillowcases. Take a look at this stylish set from Amazon that features patterns of beautiful constellations. Having this kind of celestial look is highly recommended for a more personal area of your home which deserves some special customization through unique decorations.

3. Moon Lamp

If you need a handy nightlight for your bedside table, this moon lamp found on Amazon has the potential to add some great celestial vibes. The color of the lamp can be changed from yellow to white, and the moon is built using environmentally-friendly 3D printing methods. It’s the perfect décor item to add in a room where you wish to create a cozy atmosphere with some calming ambient lighting.

4. String Lights

There are few decorations out there that can have comparable magic effects as string lights. They can turn up the coziness in any room with their twinkling aesthetic. We recommend going for multiple strands of string lights which can be placed throughout the room in need of celestial style.

The ceiling is a prime candidate to hang string lights, but walls will also work very well, particularly if we’re talking about the area above a bed’s headboard. If you want a strong celestial accent, consider this string lights set from Amazon that features some moon elements mixed in with the LED lights.

5. Mesmerizing Kitchen Backsplash

Functional areas of the home shouldn’t be overlooked when you’re trying to incorporate celestial décor. The kitchen is one place where even small decorative accents can have a large visual impact. Consider a celestial makeover for the backsplash.

Instead of plain white subway tile, why not take a more creative approach and go for a one-of-a-kind mosaic design? This colorful pattern shown here has some celestial vibes as it reminds you of the night sky. Take this mesmerizing idea one step further by covering a large area, all the way up to the ceiling.

6. Celestial Ceiling

A black painted ceiling will have a very dramatic effect in any room. For an extra stylish touch, we recommend adding some starry motifs and recreate the look of the night sky on the ceiling. This will surely draw even more attention compared to just a simple black makeover. Notice the use of textural patterns and the gold metallic frame of the lighting fixture which contribute to the overall celestial vibe.

7. Starry Gallery Wall

Gallery walls can look great in any room where you wish to showcase a stylish arrangement of your favorite artworks. Give the gallery wall a celestial theme by using space-inspired pieces instead of the usual art frames.

Take a look at this elegant statement wall that has been decorated with a starry gallery wall made from a collection of metallic frames and mirrors. They create a spectacular look together thanks to a glittery effect that contrasts beautifully with the matte texture of the wall. The color scheme of this blue living room can easily remind you of the night sky.

8. Cosmic Area Rug

Galaxies and otherworldly explosions create a superb celestial look for any living room if you choose this kind of pattern for your next area rug. The cosmic colors can add a magical effect to an otherwise bland-looking living area. There’s a superior level of depth to this kind of design that showcases the majestic beauty of space. It can definitely become everyone’s favorite living room centerpiece. Check out this cosmic style area rug from Amazon.

9. Moon Constellations Wall Tapestry

Instead of using removable wallpaper or other more complicated decorations, consider hanging a celestial-themed tapestry to beautify the wall. Whether placed above your bed or to make a wall in the living room stand out, this kind of wall tapestry offers an ideal aesthetic for fans of celestial decorations.

The tapestry showcases lots of intricate constellations on a black backdrop. A grey moon is also part of the design. Due to its neutral color palette, the wall decoration will have a solid visual impact without overwhelming the room. Find this celestial wall tapestry on Amazon.

10. Paper Stars

If you’re not looking for ways to radically transform your home with a celestial theme, simple decorations are more recommended as they allow you to obtain a subtler effect. Basic stars crafted from paper may not sound that impressive, but you will be surprised by their décor potential, especially when paired with artworks and lighting.

Paper stars bring a cozy celestial feel to any area. The best part is that you can easily move them around or remove the decorations completely if you get tired of them. The paper stars are ideal for anyone who doesn’t want to fully commit to a grand celestial style makeover.

11. Sputnik Chandelier

A staple of the Mid-Century modern décor style, the Sputnik chandelier is highly recommended if you plan on installing a celestial lighting fixture. This chandelier reminds you of the space age, and can easily become the focal point in the dining room.

The version of the Sputnik chandelier shown here comes with a starburst appearance to enhance the celestial vibe. What’s great about this lighting fixture is that it’s versatile to use for multiple interior styles. Many people like to use it as an unexpected feature to create a striking contrast with the simple decorations in the room. Take a look at this classic Sputnik chandelier from Amazon.

12. Moon Phase Garland

The moon phase garland is another subtle decoration with a great celestial appeal. It works well as a simple embellishment for the wall in your bedroom or nursery room. There’s something really comforting about this hanging piece which adds a celestial touch to your décor. If you’re interested in a simple yet effective celestial decoration, check out the moon phase garland on Amazon.

13. Sunburst Mirror

We’ve focused mostly on night sky elements such as the moon or constellations so far, but the sun deserves to be included through decorative accents as well. A sunburst mirror feels like the perfect piece to complement a Mid-Century aesthetic. It provides great celestial vibes for a flexible range of aesthetic styles. Find a superb sunburst mirror on Amazon.

14. Celestial Shower Curtain

A quick way to bring some outer space vibes to the bathroom is by including a celestial shower curtain. Your morning routine will definitely feel more magical with such a décor piece. It’s a great replacement for a bland shower curtain as it allows you to personalize the overall look of the bathroom. Get this shower curtain with its galaxy design from Amazon.

15. Cosmic Dinnerware Set

With the help of a cosmic-style set of dinner plates, you can delight your guests with the ethereal beauty of different planets. All major celestial bodies from our solar system have had their photographs projected onto porcelain plates. The result is a dinnerware set that feels otherworldly and fascinating. Here’s the moon dinner plate on Amazon where you can find all the other set components.

16. Celestial Pendant Light

A more impressive option compared to Sputnik chandeliers or other celestial lighting fixtures, this planetary pendant light has a unique design to match your specific aesthetic. It delivers a striking glow that seems to make the atmosphere in any room more magical. Even this unfinished, industrial aesthetic feels cozy thanks to the imposing pendant light and its celestial warmth.

17. Star Mobile

A galaxy theme for the nursery will create a delightful environment for your infant. Use a mobile with a starry theme so the baby can have some pretty celestial dreams. The artworks and ceiling details gain a more important visual role thanks to the neutral color scheme.

18. Space-age Table

The sumptuous curves of this table can easily take your mind to the space age period. Together with the surrounding décor, this elegant table has a strong retro feel. This room is an excellent example of luxurious celestial home décor.

19. Moon-shaped Wall Shelf

Taking furniture pieces and giving them a celestial twist can pose some difficulties. It’s quite rare to see a design that manages to pull off a great celestial look but it seems that this moon-shaped wall shelf nailed the aesthetic quite well.

It’s built from carved wood and the interior of the crescent moon has four compartments where various decorations can be placed. The moon-shaped shelf can bring a powerful celestial flair to any bland wall in your home.

20. Moravian Star Light Fixtures

Although Moravian stars are usually associated with holiday festivities, they can be very well integrated into celestial décor through light fixtures. Many people view these beautiful lights as year-round options. Moravian star lights can act as stylish décor pieces for lots of areas in your home, including the hallway or the porch. Check out this Moravian star light from Amazon that’s built from aged tin for a vintage feel.

21. Celestial Candle

Candles are tiny décor pieces that can act as the finishing touch for your celestial room. Decorated with attractive lunar motifs, the candle showcased here will fit nicely with different design styles. Bohemian spaces, in particular, can take advantage of the look created by this celestial candle.

22. Celestial Plant Holder

If you’re searching for a more interesting way to display your favorite potted plant, check out this stylish metal planter frame. It needs to be mounted on the wall and its sunburst design provides some eye-catching celestial flair. The only downside is that it can hold just a petite plant.

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