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10 Penny Tile Ideas You Will Love

Don’t be square! Modern penny tiles are more attractive than ever thanks to their infinite versatility and graphic aesthetic that never fails to make bold impacts on your space. They are offered in a variety of colors and styles which can be combined with contrasting grout tones that make the design pop. From bathroom flooring, …

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12 Ways of Choosing Artwork by Room

1. Using Artwork Effectively Learning to use artwork like a designer can take some time. If you want to incorporate art in an effective manner, it’s often enough to just follow some good design guidelines. An artwork has the power to give the room a unique character. Given how each room in your home comes …

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The 27 Best Bullet Journal Ideas

1. Take Advantage of Bullet Journals Anyone who likes staying organized needs to have a bullet journal. This is a practical and stylish solution to plan your daily schedule more effectively. In a world dominated by digital devices, it feels refreshing to go back to a more traditional way of organizing things. Bullet journals allow …

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