Design Gardens and Outdoors

17 Ravishing Mediterranean Pool Designs

1. Mediterranean Style The characteristics of the Mediterranean design can be successfully used for creating some spectacular-looking swimming pools. Lots of elements can give the impression of this design style, but some of the defining characteristics of Mediterranean pools are specific textures like terracotta and colorful tiles. Aspects such as placement, surrounding trees, and cobblestones …

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Bathroom DIY Projects

24 Small Bathroom Shelf Ideas

1. Keeping the Bathroom Uncluttered If you have a small bathroom, you will most likely experience issues when it comes to storage. When space comes at a premium, it’s more difficult to place shelves and incorporate storage solutions without making the entire area feel cluttered. To create both a stylish and organized small bathroom, you …

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DIY Projects

How to Paint a Lampshade

An easy and inexpensive way to refresh the look of your lampshade is to paint it in a different color or give it a new vibrant design. You shouldn’t have difficulties when it comes to finding inspiration for lampshade ideas. If you’re in the mood for some DIY crafting, learning how to paint a lampshade …

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42 Radiant Bridal Bouquet Ideas

1. Choosing the Best Bouquet Most brides can get through the selection process for the bouquet flowers pretty fast. There’s usually a budget option and a premium one. If you wish to make your wedding truly special, you might consider trying out some more innovative ideas. In that case, you can easily get lost when …

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