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What’s the Difference Between Satin and Semi Gloss Paint?

Contents 1. Understanding Paint Sheen 2. Benefits of Satin Paint 3. Drawbacks of Satin Paint 4. Benefits of Semi-Gloss Paint 5. Drawbacks of Semi-Gloss Paint 6. How to Choose Between Satin And Semi-Gloss Despite popular belief, choosing the right paint color isn’t that difficult considering the easy ways to find inspiration. On the other hand, …

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20 Brilliant Decor Ideas to Make Your Cubicle Feel Homey

Having your own workspace can provide lots of advantages compared to open office layouts. The cubicle can be decorated to your liking or enhanced with key items to improve your productivity. Instead of drab walls and plain colors, the cubicle can feel more welcoming and enjoyable by including the right decorations. You are spending several …

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