Hallway Featuring Round Mirror and Console Table

10 Smart Ways to Decorate Your Hallway

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Many people make the mistake of neglecting their hallway and focus more on decorating their other rooms in the house. First impressions do count and that’s also available when it comes to homes. Hallways should be seen as smooth transitional spaces and their decorations need to live up to the expectations for the other rooms. This is why you need to learn how to decorate your hallway in a way to make it feel memorable and compatible with the look of the more important rooms.

Turning your hallway from a functional corridor that’s unremarkable into a point of interest can be done if you try some ingenious decorating methods. The trick is to make this spot more dynamic while keeping the clutter at bay. Take a look at the following tips down below if you wish for your hallway to be more than just a basic entranceway to your home.

1. Add Some Striking Patterns

Colorful Patterned Hallway

  • When it comes to the hallway some people might prefer to create an impactful first impression. The best way to do this is by adding some brightly colored patterned wallpapers.
  • For an extra eye-catching effect, be sure to combine the wallpaper with a different pattern style from the rug or furnishings. One thing to remember is that even if the patterns seem to clash, the color tones should complement each other well.

2. Bring Contrasting Colors Together for More Depth

Hallway Featuring Wall Art

  • A quick trick to make your hallway seem more impressive is by interspersing dark colors with lighter ones in the same setting. This is especially useful to try in larger spaces, but there’s no need to worry if your area is more limited. To keep the dark shades from appearing too overpowering you should implement certain smaller elements like a row of spotlights.

3. Choose a Suitable Mirror

Hallway Featuring Large Mirror

  • Mirrors are highly functional to use in a hallway. If you choose a more interesting-looking model you’ll also be able to improve the aesthetic of your entranceway. There are lots of mirror styles from industrial to baroque and more modern pieces. It’s all about figuring out which model fits better with the theme in your hallway.
  • A smart decorating way is to combine a mirror with a storing space like a table underneath. This allows you to place some essential items close at hand while checking yourself out in the mirror. If you don’t want to bother with separate storage furniture, there are mirror options that come with an integrated shelf. Here are stylish mirrors from Amazon that blend antique and industrial elements and include practical storage space depending on which one you choose.

4. Try Vintage-Style Floral Wallpapers

Hallway With Floral Wallpaper

  • Homeowners with spacious hallways should consider decorating the walls with vintage-style floral wallpapers. These work great if your home benefits from a lot of natural light. Intricate repeat patterns blend nicely with the rest of the décor and can offer a more remarkable impression compared to using larger prints.

5. Consider Investing in Geometric Floor Tiles

Hallway With Geometric Tile Flooring

  • For those who prefer a touch of modernism in their hallways, a cool method for decorating is to use geometric floor tiles. They’re stunning to look at and can make great additions regardless of room type. And the hallway is no exception. In fact, it’s even more recommended if you wish to create the illusion of space in the hallway. To balance out the modern aspect you should consider furnishing with Mid-century furniture.

6. Focus on Storage

Hallway Featuring Wood Bench

  • Some people like the idea of transforming the hallway into a highly functional space. If you’re one of them you should try to focus on storage solutions that are both practical and aesthetically pleasing. One solid example is to incorporate a bench with shoe racks or an elegant stand for placing your coats. To finish off the look, try adding some house plants, boxes, and artworks.

7. Use Lighting to Add a Focal Point

Long Hallway With Chandeliers

  • The lighting in a high-ceiling hallway can be made to appear more visually pleasing when you add a big glass chandelier or a more vintage-looking lantern pendant. There’s no need to select a more complex design as even a simple one can create the desired eye-catching effect. There are various light fittings that can make your hallway seem more welcoming.
  • While large hallways have the potential to create an imposing statement, there are plenty of lighting options for smaller hallways too. A good example is this beautiful pendant ceiling light from Amazon. It comes in two elegant finish styles – brushed brass or nickel.

8. Create a Hallway Gallery

Hallway With Gallery Wall

  • The hallway can look very attractive and welcoming if you choose to display your favorite artwork pieces and create a gallery with a personal touch. When you’re trying to figure out which pieces should be displayed, you will need to keep in mind the available space.
  • Hallways with open stairways can usually be more easily decorated with large canvases. If you’re short on space you will have to integrate a combination of smaller and medium-size artworks. The great thing about this idea is that you’re the designer of the gallery so you’ll be sure to feel satisfied with the final result.

9. Keep the Décor Simple

Minimalist Neutral Hallway

  • While some hallways can use more impactful elements, others work better if you keep things simple. This is especially the case if the rest of your home is decorated in a more minimalistic style. Just add a few accessories and only place some essential furniture pieces.
  • Even if you weren’t expecting it, a simple décor in the hallway can make a visually pleasing impression. A simple table with two artworks represents one example. Another idea is to place narrow runners on the floor. Your hallway can look remarkable even if the decorations aren’t that complex.

10. Make a Statement With Color Blocking

Color Blocking Yellow and Green Hallway

  • Color blocking is a very popular solution for those who wish to create a more vivid first impression in their hallways. This technique relies on combining two or three completely different shades. To get a unique-looking effect you have to make sure you select the right colors.
  • The idea of color blocking is to be brave in your choices and our favorite combinations are pink and green or bright electric blue and a more neutral shade like white. Don’t be afraid to mix them for different elements such as walls, windows, and floor. Getting creative in your hallway is recommended even if space comes at a premium. Through color blocking, a small and unremarkable hallway can be elevated to a more memorable and inviting spot.

That wraps it up with our ideas on how to create a beautiful rhythm for your hallway. If you liked our article we would really appreciate it if you could share it with your friends and family cause we put a lot of time and love into bringing all of it together. And don’t forget that we have other fun articles like how to decorate using Edison lights or how to decorate in the beautiful Belgian style.


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