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14 Colorful Spanish Tile Kitchen Backsplash Ideas

Want to give an authentic Mediterranean vibe to the kitchen backsplash? The best solution is to incorporate some beautiful Spanish tiles that bring a charming selection of rustic patterns and eye-catching colors. This tile style works ideally for kitchens designed in a warm color scheme with various antique accents. Whether you plan to create an…

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8 Beige Granite Countertop Ideas You’ll Want to See

Thanks to being a warm neutral color, beige represents a fairly popular option when choosing a granite countertop. As opposed to other colors, it doesn’t take a lot of effort to decorate a kitchen space using beige granite countertops. The color can be combined effectively with other neutrals like white and gray but it’s also…

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Should the Curtains Match the Rug?

Short Answer: Generally yes, as long as the shades complement each other nicely. I explain the complexities of matching the rugs and curtains in detail below. Given the considerable visual impact of curtains in the room, it can be argued that you need to pay attention when shopping for a new set of drapes to…

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18 Types of Vases and How to Choose The Right One

Fresh flowers can add a lovely touch to any kind of interior decor style. Although choosing the right blooms and design style for your floral arrangement is important, you also need to take into account the type of vase used. If you don’t use the proper vase style for the occasion, the final look of…

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8 Colors To Use and How To Decorate With a Black Sofa/Couch

Styling a black sofa doesn’t seem pretty difficult considering the impressive versatility of its color. Black can be paired effectively with almost any color meaning that you can create a variety of striking seating styles. Depending on the design of your black sofa, you will be able to decorate the living room with many distinctive…

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20 Colorful Mexican Inspired Design and Decor Ideas

If you’re looking to show your appreciation for Mexican culture and visual heritage, you should consider trying out some fresh home decor ideas. Incorporating Mexican design in your home can take some effort because the style is a complex blend of different cultures with many traditional and eclectic elements. Maintaining a balanced look that’s colorful…

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10 Smart and Easy Ways to Cover Walls

Whether your walls show some imperfections or you’re simply tired of their simple, plain look, there are lots of ingenious solutions to cover them. With the right covering idea, you will be able to quickly refresh the style of the room. Some options are more effective when it comes to covering damaged areas of the…

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20 Good Looking Floating Shelf Ideas

Whether you want to decorate those unused walls in your home or enhance their functionality, floating shelves provide a very space-efficient solution. They can be hung in many different areas of the home where you wish to create a stylish display of various décor pieces or just require some convenient storage space. Floating shelves are…

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10 Things That Make Your Kitchen Look Cheap

Renovating the kitchen can be a tough job compared to other rooms in the house. There’s a lot of work involved and your budget can take a serious hit. If you plan to go through with it, make sure you avoid some common mistakes that will make the kitchen look cheap. Certain design choices can…

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10 Things That Make Your Living Room Look Cheap

When you don’t pay close attention to décor details, you might easily make your living room look cheap. That doesn’t necessarily refer to the monetary value of your furniture and decorations. It’s more of a visually jarring effect happening when the elements of the room aren’t properly mixed together or décor items seem out of…