20 Genius and Practical Ways to Store Spices

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1. Keeping Spices Neatly Organized

Do you always seem to struggle with finding the right spice for a particular meal you cook? Searching through containers of different sizes that aren’t properly organized will definitely affect your cooking experience. It’s important to store and organize your spice collection correctly so that you always have the right spice quickly available to incorporate in your recipes. Placing all the spices in one place represents a good first step when it comes to organizing them better. That’s still not enough though because you should ideally find the right balance between making spices simple to access while creating a beautiful arrangement.

Regardless of the specific spices you prefer, we’ve come up with the smartest ways to store these important cooking ingredients. You don’t necessarily have to follow these methods to the letter as it’s recommended to adjust the ideas as needed. Think of these creative organizational ways as more of a healthy dose of inspiration. If you have a ridiculous array of spices, this article will be a lifesaver. It’s time to get your spice collection in order and start integrating them with your meals in a more efficient manner.

2. Stackable Tins

Instead of using containers of different sizes and shapes, we recommend going for a uniform look by using the same type of container. These stackable tins are practical to use allowing you to store spices in a compact manner. They also give you the possibility to check out at a glance the spice inside thanks to their clear top. To simplify the process even further, we recommend using sticky labels for each spice. Take a look at this DIY spice organization project and learn how to get your own stackable tins.

3. Test Tubes

Creating a rack of spices in test tubes represents a clever idea because these containers are airtight and offer an ideal size for your spices. You don’t usually require a huge quantity of spices when cooking, so it’s safe to say that these little tubes will cover your needs quite easily. Just open up the tubes and add a dash of chili powder or ground cumin.

With the help of a mounted rack on the wall, you can keep the spice tubes organized with each ingredient close at hand. Test tub containers are fairly inexpensive and they can be used for other purposes as well. Check out this set from Amazon which helps you organize spices in a more innovative way.

4. Tic-Tac Boxes

If you’re going camping it’s quite difficult to take the entire spice collection with you. A practical solution is to place the spices in Tic-tac boxes. They have an ideal travel-size design so you can grab all the essential spices wherever you go. Enjoy a dash of cayenne powder or dried garlic flakes to enhance your on-the-go meals.

Aside from the compact dimensions, Tic-tac boxes also feature a great design for using the spices. The little container is quick to open allowing you to sprinkle the desired amount more efficiently compared to other solutions. Another advantage of this idea is the cute look of the mini spice boxes.

5. Bags

Although it strays from the usual traditional storage designs, keeping spices in the bag is a great organizational solution. All that’s needed is to get your hands on some quality small bags that can be re-sealed. Then it’s simply a matter of finding the ideal place to install a rack and hang the bags.

The spices have to be positioned in a convenient way for you to reach during cooking. Some people prefer keeping the bags in a drawer, and that can be a good choice too. Just make sure you don’t forget about placing the correct labels. Even if the bags are transparent, the labels will help you stay more organized.

6. Pull-Down Spice Rack

Shelf space in the kitchen needs to be used to its maximum potential. Spices can take a lot of space if they’re not stored properly. Using a pull-down spice rack like this reliable model from Amazon could be the answer to your limited space issues.

It can help you take advantage of the shelf space that you already have while enabling you to see all the spices at a glance. The rack is designed for shelf mounting and will conveniently keep all your favorite spices together.

7. Cabinet Door Storage

When you’re searching for a way to store spices more efficiently, it’s essential to take a careful look around your kitchen. Chances are high that you will discover some unused space that can be easily transformed to accommodate your growing spice collection.

The door of a cabinet can function as a powerful storage spot for spices. By installing racks directly on the door, you will be able to use all that extra space while organizing the spices better. When you’re done using an ingredient jar, the spice shelves can be hidden away when you close the door of the cabinet. Many people prefer it that way for a cleaner look of the kitchen.

8. Revolving Countertop Spice Rack

Whereas some people prefer keeping their spices out of sight, others favor a different approach. For those who like displaying their spice collection on the countertop, a revolving unit like this model from Amazon represents the best option. It doesn’t take that much space while the rack can be twirled to get to a specific spice faster.

9. Under the Cabinet Storage

Getting your hands on stylish containers with pretty labels won’t pose too many difficulties as the market has tons of suitable options. Properly storing all these containers isn’t as easy though. There are many creative ideas out there that rely on unexpected areas of the kitchen.

Many people benefit from a lot of space underneath their kitchen cabinets yet they can’t really make use of its full potential. This idea involves adding a magnetic strip under a cabinet to create a great storage location for compatible spice jars. In this way, you will be able to keep all the frequently used spices close at hand.

10. Drawer Inserts

Shallow drawers don’t get much love in the kitchen. They’re usually used to store random items in a disorganized manner. If you want to give a shallow drawer a new purpose, consider transforming it into your spice storage area. Simply adding spice jars in the drawer won’t work well as they’ll quickly fall into disorder.

The solution comes from special drawer inserts designed to keep your spice jars stable and secure in a flat position with labels always facing up. This is incredibly helpful as it allows you to open the drawer and quickly scan its contents to retrieve the needed spice jar in record time. Check out this practical drawer insert organizer for spices from Amazon.

11. DIY Spice Rack

Instead of buying simple spice racks found on the market, you should consider a DIY option if you wish to infuse your spice collection with some vintage air. With the help of old bottle boxes found at flea markets, you will be able to add a personal touch when organizing your spice collection.

While other items are more difficult to adapt for this kind of project, these boxes already have the pre-built bottle dividers which can be used to store each spice. Stick to clear containers to craft a functional arrangement that’s also a pleasure to look at. The distressed turquoise paint of this spice rack delivers some solid retro vibes.

12. Chalkboard Paint Labeling

If you wish to take advantage of a spacious drawer to accommodate your essential spices, it’s important to come up with some good organization methods. Spice containers need to be properly labeled so you don’t waste time searching for a specific ingredient.

Instead of the usual sticky labels, consider using chalkboard paint for the tops of the jars. This enables you to write and re-write the labels with minimal effort. Opening up the drawer will result in a clear picture of all of the jars’ contents as you can conveniently read the labels from above. The customized look has more aesthetic appeal as well.

13. Hooks

Those who want to proudly display their spice collection should check out this idea that relies on hooks to hang jars above the countertop. Stick to clear jars of the same type to keep a uniform view and use the natural colors of the spices as decorative accents for the kitchen backsplash or the side of a cabinet. If you’re interested in this practical way to store spices, this simple DIY tutorial will show you how to create hooks and hang the spice containers.

14. Honeycomb Magnetic Arrangement

Magnetic spice jars are very practical to use when you’re having a tough time finding a good storage place. The fridge or another metallic surface can be used to organize and display all of your essential spices. Check out this stylish honeycomb arrangement that can be created with the help of magnetic containers from Amazon.

Fill the jars with some colorful spices and fit them together to form a fun honeycomb pattern on the fridge. You can also add some small labels if you really want to, but given the clear view of the spices inside, there’s usually no need for them. Let this colorful idea keep your spices organized while decorating a kitchen area as well.

15. Tension Rods

Tension rods can be used to provide support for your spice containers placed in the drawer. This is a great alternative to using special inserts or other solutions for drawer storage. With the help of the rods, you can create a set of dedicated racks where you can arrange the spices in a more organized way. It’s more efficient compared to stuffing spices in the cabinet.

16. Pull-Out Spice Cabinet

Sometimes when you organize your kitchen more efficiently, you might end up saving a lot of space, maybe enough to dedicate an entire cabinet for your spices. Check out this nice pull-out cabinet featuring racks full of all kinds of spices. Organizing the spices can often mean storing them in their own hidden spot where you can always find what you need.

17. Wooden Pallet

The DIY world will often rely on wooden pallets to craft various unique and creative items. They’re inexpensive and highly versatile for various projects, including a stylish spice rack. Take an appropriately-sized pallet and turn it into a shelving unit that’s mounted on the wall.

If the wooden pallet has a rustic look that won’t fit well in a modern kitchen setting, the solution is to apply a fresh coat of paint like it has been done for the black spice rack shown here. The shelves provide a lot of space for all the spice containers used as well as for other condiments such as balsamic vinegar. The hangers at the bottom are also a nice touch.

18. Secret Door

This is a spice storage method that takes the idea of hiding the spices to a more extreme level. The solution involves the creation of a secret door that seamlessly blends with the wall design like it’s shown in this kitchen. Spices can be easily accessed without any container getting in the way by cluttering the countertop.

19. Charming Spice Wall

An artistic touch can feel like a breath of fresh air in any functional room such as a kitchen. Organizing your spice stash more efficiently can provide an excellent opportunity to put your creativity to good use. Here’s an inspiring idea that makes use of simple wooden racks with a chalkboard background to form a lovely spice wall.

Instead of relying on conventional labels placed directly on the containers themselves, the names of the spices are written above the jars directly on the wall. This is possible thanks to the charming chalkboard paint.

20. Kitchen Island Counter

This Mediterranean-style kitchen comes with a handy kitchen island that has excellent storage potential. Spices can be neatly organized on the countertop of the island, especially if this area gets more use when preparing meals. You will gain access to all the spices more easily but others won’t notice them as they’re hidden from the other side.

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