10 Stylish Living Room Centerpieces

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1. A Focal Point in the Living Room

The living room is usually the most used room in the house. It makes perfect sense to focus on this high-traffic area when you wish to add some fresh style to your home. If you feel that your living room lacks a certain something, it’s probably a focal point. It’s important to have a way to anchor the room to create a pleasant atmosphere, whether for conversation or comfortable entertainment.

A centerpiece in the living room can accomplish precisely that purpose. There are a few interesting ideas you can try, but some of them are better than others. We’ve tried to assemble them on a convenient list that you can browse at your leisure. Finding the right inspirational centerpiece to draw everyone’s attention in the living room should be an easy task.

2. Fireplace

The fireplace is one of the obvious solutions if you want to establish a firm focal point in the living room. There are hardly any other elements that can bring so much warmth and coziness to a room aside from a stylish fireplace. You can choose a rich wood type or a dark black fireplace to set the right mood for your environment. Pick a neutral-toned brick frame for some cozy vibes.

3. Sectional Sofa

Oversized sofas can easily take the center spot on the stage of your living room. Sectional models, in particular, are recommended considering how they offer adequate space for your entire family and guests. An elegant sectional sofa is sure to become a central point of interest in any living room. This furniture piece makes a big visual impact, so it’s a good idea to stick to minimalist touches for the rest of the room’s décor.

4. Conversation Area

The centerpiece in the living room doesn’t necessarily have to be a specific object that instantly captures the attention. Consider having an entire area of the room as a centerpiece. A dedicated spot for conversation and guest entertainment represents an excellent solution. Go for a particular seating arrangement in that regard, and maybe add surrounding decorations to create a welcoming ambiance.

5. Coffee Table

A large coffee table might be successfully used as a living room centerpiece. It’s all about choosing the right model to enhance the style of the room without compromising on functionality. The coffee table is a solid way to anchor the living room and it can provide a good opportunity to create a personal statement and keep everyone’s focus in the center of the room.

6. Lighting

While lighting is usually used with more of a supportive role – to emphasize a particular element in the room – it can actually become the main focus by itself. Bold lighting can become the centerpiece of the living room. You just have to try out some different lighting fixtures to figure out which works best for your living room.

A breathtaking chandelier is a safe bet when it comes to designing a memorable centerpiece. Big lamps can achieve a similar effect, but there’s something about chandeliers that make the viewer mesmerized at a first impression. With the right furniture pieces and decorations, any living room can be elevated with the help of a chandelier centerpiece. Take a look at this stunning model from Amazon to get some inspiration.

7. Large Rug

If you’re looking for an easy way to add some more depth to the room, bringing in a large rug represents a great idea. Sometimes bigger means better, and that’s true when it comes to rugs in the living room. Rugs give you some interesting opportunities for creativity allowing you to experiment with patterns or bolder splashes of color.

When the rug becomes the centerpiece of the living room, it doesn’t necessarily have to be due to its striking colors or patterns. The size and rich texture alone can turn it from a simple accent piece to the central element of the room. Alternatively, if you don’t like the idea of one big rug, there’s also the layering option which can be handier to try if you want to play with different types of fabrics and styles.

8. Statement Wall

If you paint all the walls in the living room with fresh color, that becomes a complete makeover. In case you only wish to create a centerpiece, accenting a single wall could be a more suitable solution. Whether through bold painting or artistic wallpapers, any wall in the living room can become a statement wall.

This blue living room is a good example considering how the blue wall contrasts with the beige sofa and dark navy artworks. It’s interesting how the blue wall makes a bold statement, but without looking out of place in the room. It’s seamlessly integrated into the design of the rest of the room as the color scheme includes healthy doses of blue shades.

9. Built-In Bookshelf

A built-in bookshelf can in some instances act as a centerpiece for the living room. If you want to draw some attention to your book collection, placing your home library in the living room seems like the obvious solution. To take it a step further, it’s also recommended to opt for a colorful design, like this turquoise bookshelf which offers pleasant contrast with the room’s furniture.

10. Artwork

A striking piece of art is capable of becoming the main focus of attention in the living room. The trick is for it to be oversized like you can see in this example. This tall artwork looks imposing and majestic in this simple-looking living room. Handmade paintings like this one can get quite expensive when purchased in particularly large sizes, but the resulting visual effect could be worth it in the end.


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