The 10 Best Duvet Covers of 2021

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With the help of an inviting bedding set, you can look forward to getting a good night’s sleep after an exhausting day at work. Duvet covers give you lots of decorative opportunities as you can play with vibrant designs and splashes of color or some more daring textures. Instead of investing in a large bedroom makeover, changing the duvet covers represents a less expensive and time-consuming alternative. Your warm and cozy duvet requires a proper cover to be used correctly as it needs protection. Because finding the ideal duvet cover for your needs can pose some difficulties, we’ll explore the best solutions in this article.

From materials used to their design qualities, there are many aspects of a duvet cover that you have to take into account. Some people prefer natural fibers like cotton which promise an enhanced level of breathability. Unfortunately, cotton duvet covers can also be more expensive, especially more exotic types such as Egyptian cotton. It’s important to analyze your budget carefully to figure out which duvet covers matches your needs. A high thread count might seem impressive, but that’s not necessarily a great thing for duvet covers as the quality of the fabric usually matters more in terms of overall comfort. Check out the following list of the best duvet covers in all regards.

Best Microfiber Duvet Cover

1. HC Collection Duvet Cover Set

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If you’re looking for an ideal balance between cost and quality, this duvet cover set from HC Collection could be a perfect solution. It’s crafted from premium double brushed microfiber fabric which boasts a more lightweight construction compared to Egyptian cotton or more expensive choices. At the same time, you can enjoy a smooth texture without sacrificing durability.

In terms of color choices, the manufacturer provides a good selection to spice up the look of the bedroom. From burgundy and lavender to sage and navy as well as more neutral color shades, you should be able to find the best looking duvet cover for your needs. All the set’s components are machine washable and are designed for long-lasting performance given the superior resistance to fading and wrinkles of the polyester fabric.

Best Budget Duvet Cover

2. Nestl Bedding Duvet Cover Set

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Reasonably-priced and surprisingly comfortable, the Nestl Bedding duvet cover has all it takes to gain an important spot on our list. The duvet cover is made from hotel-quality double-brushed microfiber engineered for maximum protection for your duvet or comforter. There’s an impressive range of available colors so you can add a vibrant touch to your sleeping experience. The fabric is lightweight and very breathable.

The duvet cover is available in multiple size options such as Twin, Full, King, and Queen. As opposed to more sensitive materials that can be more expensive, the polyester fabric used for this duvet cover set boasts excellent shrink and wrinkle resistance. There’s barely any ironing required and the duvet cover is designed to be as practical as possible. It’s a breeze to remove and can be effectively secured with the help of buttons.

Best Duvet Cover For Hot Sleepers

3. Utopia Bedding Microfiber Duvet Cover Set

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If you’re searching for an inexpensive duvet cover set, this microfiber model from Utopia Bedding should be among your first options. It doesn’t come with a vast range of color options, but it promises a soft feel thanks to the use of premium polyester fibers. The duvet cover is closed by buttons and is very easy to care for.

This model features an attractive printed pattern in both navy and grey colors. It can take your mind to Moroccan design style. Aside from the duvet cover, the set comes with two pillowcases to keep a consistent style. Given the enhanced level of breathability, this duvet cover is ideal for the summertime. It gives off a lightweight feeling and promises no overheating issues and that matters a lot for the hot season.

Best Hypoallergenic Duvet Cover

4. Red Nomad Luxury Duvet Cover Set

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Designed for sensitive skin and promising an amazing level of comfort, the Red Nomad is a luxurious duvet cover set to consider. Only the softest microfiber yarns have been used to envelop your duvet or comforter in exquisite softness. This is a button-closure duvet cover that boasts a greater sophistication compared to the competition. You can buy it in multiple color options such as burgundy, royal blue, and charcoal gray.

If you have allergies and have a hard time with regular bedding options, this duvet cover could be ideal as it won’t stress your system. The cover set respects the highest standards in cleanliness and has a superior dust resistance. Another feature we appreciate regarding this duvet cover is the overall sturdiness. Despite the lightweight feel, the fabric can handle fading and is virtually wrinkle-free. Great product for the money.

Best Cotton Duvet Cover

5. Feather & Stitch New York Duvet Cover Set

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Those who don’t like microfiber duvet covers should check out this set from Feather & Stitch New York which delivers a pure 100% cotton experience. The fabric has been enhanced with a luxurious touch thanks to the smooth sateen finish. Similar to hotel duvets, the cover has a 500-thread count to ensure optimal comfort. There are two matching pillow shams in this set.

While this duvet cover set is more expensive than polyester options, the superior quality can certainly make it worth your time. All the pieces come with zipper closures and the duvet cover’s internal ties make using the comforter more convenient at night. In terms of appearance, the duvet cover features a striking design with Damask stripes to add some visual interest. There is a decent color selection as well.

6. Bedsure Duvet Cover Set

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Anyone who wants their bedroom to stand out from the ordinary should check out a more visually appealing duvet cover set like this one from Bedsure. This is a brushed microfiber model which comes with an eye-catching branch pattern. It will inspire you to feel refreshed each morning as the motifs can easily take your mind to the vitality of the spring season.

The duvet cover set has solid decorative potential but it doesn’t really sacrifice functionality. The 110 GSM microfiber used is extremely soft to ensure a restful sleep. Thanks to the zipper closure feature, you can secure the duvet inside better and quicker. One great advantage of this kind of duvet cover is the lack of bunching that happens with less flexible fabrics such as cotton. All in all, Bedsure did a solid job with this duvet cover set when you consider the design, durability, comfort, and cost-effectiveness.

Best Duvet Cover Design

7. Sleepwish Bohemian Duvet Cover Set

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The Bohemian design style seems very popular nowadays. Instead of sticking to boring duvet cover sets with a plain design why not choose a boho style with Mandala patterns such as this model from Sleepwish? A symbol of the universe, this design has great Bohemian appeal allowing your bedroom to become a serene retreat. There are two blue color styles and two red ones to choose from.

Aside from its soothing aesthetic, this duvet cover has other solid features to keep in mind. The workmanship enables the cover to retain its original look intact in spite of multiple uses. Inside ties have been provided to handle the problem of a moving comforter. We also like the addition of the hidden zipper closure which makes it a breeze to put on the duvet cover. The microfiber fabric is very soft making a superb combination with the vibrant patterned design.

8. Face Two Face Duvet Cover Set

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The Face Two Face duvet cover set is an elegant model which decorates your bedroom while giving you multiple comfort benefits. This duvet cover is made from washed cotton which has been specially processed to prevent fading and pilling. It’s superior to microfiber in terms of softness and breathability and the manufacturer provides multiple color and pattern options.

Similar to other duvet cover sets, this one includes two pillow shams. It’s often more practical to buy a set instead of just the duvet cover by itself as you can save some money. The zipper closure is convenient and durable while the corner belt design ensures a proper fit without any annoying shifting. Cozy and well built, this duvet cover set from Face Two Face seems like a solid alternative to more expensive cotton options with barely any drop in quality.

9. AllerSoft 100% Cotton Duvet Cover

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Made in the USA with 100% pure cotton fibers, the AllerSoft duvet cover deserves a mention on our list. Immediately after receiving this product you can notice the significant bump in quality compared to other duvet covers made overseas. The premium material allows you to sleep more comfortably as the fabric keeps allergens at bay and doesn’t store or radiate heat.

The patented weave of this duvet cover will stop bed bugs and dust mites in their tracks considering the flow pore size of 3.44 microns. There’s also an auto-locking zipper system which offers an extra layer of security against bed bugs. The AllerSoft duvet cover is a bit costlier compared to other models, especially when you take into account that this is just the cover itself without pillow shams. Even so, the superior quality and comfort are worth the investment.

Best Flannel Duvet Cover

10. Pinzon Plaid Flannel Duvet Cover

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Sporting a classic plaid flannel design, this duvet cover from Pinzon is an affordable solution for those searching to make the switch from polyester to cotton. The duvet cover is made in Portugal and promises a velvety feel thanks to its double-napped finish. There’s a nice range of plaid colors and designs to add some extra character to the bedroom.

With the help of its 160-gram flannel cotton, this duvet cover delivers in terms of breathability and overall comfort. There’s a hidden button closure that prevents the comforter inside from moving around too much. A zipper closure would have been more convenient, but the cost is lower so that’s a good tradeoff. Offering a solid mix of supple softness and reliable durability, the Pinzon duvet cover made from flannel deserves some more attention at this cost.