Modern Tribal Bohemian Living Room

12 Bohemian and Tribal Decor Ideas for Your Home

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1. Tribal Chic

The tribal chic interior design style is a fusion of bohemian and tribal elements to create an innovative look. The main idea behind it is to take the modern farmhouse trend and add some tribal touches to reconnect with the natural elements.

Tribal Bohemian Bedroom With Wall Hangings

It achieves that through various items and motifs to give the bohemian farmhouse style a fresh twist. Incorporating tribal elements may seem too eclectic for some, but if you’re ready to try out this unique combination, we’ll show you some of the best ideas.

2. Oriental Rug

Vintage Tribal Bohemian Living Room

Oriental or patterned rugs can bring some fresh vibes to any bohemian interior. Some prefer vintage models as they will create a more striking contrast with an all-white room. Regardless of your choice, oriental rugs are a must for adding some visual interest in a farmhouse-style space. Whether you plan to add it in the hallway, living room, or bathroom, check out this area rug from Amazon. It offers the right mix of oriental flavor and worn aspect to be as fashionable as possible.

3. Animal Fur

Tribal Bohemian Living Room With Cowhide Rug

When it comes to adding a simple tribal touch, one effective way is to look at textures. Animal furs and hides make great additions for obtaining those tribal chic vibes. Any neutral color scheme that’s usually standard for the bohemian style can be elevated with a fur throw blanket. Another option is to use cow hides to decorate the floor. Here’s a cowhide rug from Amazon that seems like a fitting choice.

4. Bold Patterns

Tribal Bohemian Bedroom With Patterned Rug

A bohemian interior needs some bold patterns to break up the monotony of the color scheme. Bring some vibrant geometric patterns on the rug or chevron accents for the wall – these are good examples to try. The idea is to enhance the space with some unique touches that grab the attention. That’s easy to do if you go for some tribal prints or eye-catching patterns.

5. Rattan Furniture

Tribal Bohemian Living Room With Rattan Furniture

When it comes to furniture, focusing on rattan pieces sounds like a great idea to obtain a stylish blend of bohemian and tribal vibes. The warm wood of rattan and wicker represents an essential characteristic of the bohemian style. While rattan chairs fit nicely on the patio, the interior of a room can also benefit from the natural handmade look. Just make sure you select the right accessories and accents to make it belong together with the rest of the décor.

6. Natural Elements

Tribal Bohemian Living Room With Animal Skull Decoration

Natural elements can be used as decorative layers to enhance the look of the room. Items like branches, driftwood, and bone accents can offer the right mix of bohemian and tribal touches. A carved bone skull can fit perfectly alongside a reindeer hide throw.

Elements such as seed pods or stones can be used decoratively by placing them in some spots around the room. Don’t forget about woven baskets and storage boxes which can also create your bohemian dream look. This Hyacinth natural basket from Amazon looks like an excellent choice.

7. Indoor Trees

Tribal Bohemian Living Room With Indoor Tree

For a more tropical feel, your bohemian room can make use of some lush green foliage from indoor trees. The neutral color palette lacks precisely the splash of vibrant green provided by a tropical plant. This isn’t a must-have for this look, but certain indoor trees can definitely be integrated very well in the tribal chic style.

8. Macrame Décor Wall

Tribal Bohemian Living Room With Macrame Decoration

The macrame trend has had its rise and fall in popularity over the past years. Thanks to the innovations of DIY enthusiasts, macrame items are now essential for bringing some bohemian touches in your home. Their vintage appearance mixes well with modern farmhouse elements. With some creativity, you can also combine it well with tribal decorations.

One of the easiest ways to incorporate macrame is through wall décor accents. A delicate hanging brings some fresh style to any room that you plan to decorate with tribal chic design elements. Place the macrame over the bed, couch, or any other furniture piece to complement your bohemian look.

9. Aztec Patterns

Tribal Bohemian Aztec Rug

Aztec patterning is an ideal element to incorporate in a bohemian room considering the unexpected feeling it evokes. We’ve seen how bold patterns are great helpers to pull off the tribal chic look. Aztec patterns deserve their own place in the spotlight considering the striking effect they create.

This type of pattern has been around for quite some time. Usually, clothes were the preferred method to display them, but things have changed, and now Aztec patterns entered the world of home décor. Whether through rugs, pillows, or blankets, these patterns are capable of bringing to life a refreshing focal point in the room. This Aztec throw pillow cover from Amazon is an excellent example.

10. Woven Wall Art

Tribal Bohemian Woven Wall Decorations

Woven elements are a staple of the bohemian style so why not take this look a bit further with the help of some creativity? Here we have some woven wall art which brings a touch of rustic and vintage flair that seems to match the look of this room. With some rattan chairs, this wall art could make a perfect pairing.

11. Tribal Chic Lighting

Tribal Bohemian Inspired Bedroom With Chandelier

Instead of opting for simple lighting options, the tribal chic style prefers more embellished models. Look for table and floor lamps that have an artisan look. Some stylish metallic decorations or ceramic elements will add some warmth and enhance the handmade aesthetic. That’s closer to the tribal character compared to modern-styled lighting.

12. Tribal Artwork

Tribal Bohemian Artwork in Modern Living Room

When you’ve finished decorating the room with some well-chosen bohemian and tribal elements, you might still feel like something is missing. A beautiful piece of artwork could be the thing that’s lacking.

Prints with some abstract art could be exactly what the walls in your room need. This is because artworks have the power to tie the color scheme together and create a harmonious look. Finding the right piece can be difficult. Take a look at these abstract canvas prints which seem like a fitting match for the tribal chic color palette.


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