8 Inventive Ways to Decorate with String/Fairy Lights

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The advent of LED lighting technology has contributed to a few modern design trends that are also a more economical alternative to traditional incandescent lights. LEDs in the form of string lights and fairy lights can add a calming and decorative effect to rooms of any size. If you are limited on space but want to decorate for the holiday occasion or brighten up a room with a chic look, choosing a style and color of fairy lights is a good first step.

This article will outline 8 decorative ways for you to showcase fairy and string lights throughout your home. In addition to fairy lights, edison bulbs are a trending sensation for their calming effect and luxe look. Read on to strike your next light bulb ‘Aha’ moment as you discover the best ways to get creative with these lights. To take the experience to the next level, get a programmable timer to set the times you want the lights to function, and voila. It’s the easiest way to operate the lights, and some programmable timers can be connected to your mobile via Bluetooth.

1. Light Up a Message or Phrase

The best alternative to a neon sign is fairy light signs. They are far less expensive and can be transformed into multiple configurations, too! Start off by choosing a phrase or word to spell out on the wall and then purchase an adequate amount of lights to light it up. Get a box of tacks or small nails and fasten them to the wall in the layout of your letters.

While it’s easier to spell letters with fairy lights using cursive font, the special trick for capital letters is to make the phrase or word underlined. In this regard, every letter will sit on top of a strand of lights. Just remember to start each letter from the bottom up, and to be patient as it will take multiple attempts to set the right amount of distance between the tacks or nails.

2. Hang Black String Light on White Walls

Black string lights add a decorative element to the wall, especially when paired with a white wall. Whether you hang them in a zigzag line or set them up in a certain layout, the black cables create a unique contrast against the white wall during the day and create a warm, glowing effect in the dark.

Purchase light encasements to add shadows to the overall light display and to enhance the effect with a design of your choice. Black, light encasements are easy to install on the lights and result in a popping effect on the wall. Look for geometric shapes.

3. Decorate Your Bed with Strands of Fairy Lights

Hang a few strands of fairy lights around your bed to create a calming and dreamy effect. For this DIY project, you should purchase a basic bed canopy that you can drape the lights from.

Give the space a whimsy vibe by letting the lights hang freely, or attach them to the ground for a more structured look. You can also weave the lights in and out of colored drapes and linens to lessen the brightness and cast shades of color around your bed.

4. Wrap Around Trees and Botanicals

Don’t wait for the holiday to light up the tree. Strands of high-quality outdoor edison bulbs can last through multiple seasons of weather, so you only need to hang them up once. Strand edison lights in between the branches of trees by a patio or loop them around the inside of a gazebo to light up the space.

If you’re feeling extra festive, light up a jack-o-lantern with a strand of fairy lights as an alternative to a candle. Simply set the fairy light inside the pumpkin or press them into the inside walls around the outline of your spooky design!

5. Showcase Geometric Patterns on the Wall

Most of the fairy lights used to wrap bushes and trees come prefabricated in geometric patterns. This allows the lights to create a natural form fit around the bushes, but a more decorative use for said lights is to hang them up on a wall.

Just stretch out the strand of lights and connect each corner to the wall using a tack or nail. Remember to install the lights with the power source near the bottom so you can easily plug it in.

6. Draw Attention Upwards

Placing lights above our line of sight naturally draws our attention upward. With knowing this little trick, you can use fairy lights to accent objects on your ceiling and to add decorative elements. Dangle fairy lights over your dining table to cast a soft glow that sets a romantic mood.

Another unexpected place to hang fairy lights high is in the bathroom above the wash area near the mirror. You can accentuate bathroom accessories while the mirror reflects the light to create a warm atmosphere.

7. Create a Fairy Light Chandelier

When a chandelier isn’t a possibility due to low hanging ceilings, opt for a few strands of fairy lights as an alternative. Fairy lights above the dining table centerpiece create a magical lighting experience, but this decoration will take a couple of hours to complete. You can purchase a faux pine Christmas wreath and remove all of the wirings.

You’ll be left with a circular metal structure to light up as you wish. From this point, you can wrap fairy lights around the perimeter of the wire or create a zigzag design across the middle of the wreath to increase the brightness of your fairly light chandelier.

8. Frame it Up

Fairy lights and strands of edison bulbs create an awe-inspiring effect when used to outline objects and frames in your home. Think walkways, door frames, fireplaces and mantels, mirrors, garage doors and more.

Surround a venetian glass mirror with fairy lights to give it a glowing effect, or add strands of soft white lights around the fireplace to make it an even cozier place to warm up. String lights around the perimeter of windows to give the impression of more space and create more light.

By Stefan Bucur

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