12 Ways of Choosing Artwork by Room

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1. Using Artwork Effectively

Learning to use artwork like a designer can take some time. If you want to incorporate art in an effective manner, it’s often enough to just follow some good design guidelines. An artwork has the power to give the room a unique character. Given how each room in your home comes with its own function as well as style and personality, it makes sense to select the most fitting artwork for each specific space.

Once you’ve decided on the right look for a room, artwork can usually be used as a final decorative element to tie everything together. You can think of art pieces as the icing on the cake when it comes to interior design. Bare walls will suddenly seem to come to life when decorated with some eye-catching artworks. If you’re ready to transform your living space with the right artwork, check out these tips and tricks.

2. Living Room

This room is most people’s first option when they’re looking to add artwork pieces. The living room occupies a central spot in terms of décor selection given how guests will usually spend most of their time in this area. It’s easier to notice artwork pieces in this space compared to other rooms such as the bathroom or the kitchen.

That means you should be extra careful when choosing the artwork for the living room. Many people feel intimidated by the pressure to create the right impression with the living room’s décor. It’s not unheard of for an artwork piece to make or break the feel or vibe of the area.

If you wish to add a solid conversation element, going for a large scale artwork represents a good solution. Living rooms are the preferred option to incorporate a gallery wall or gallery grid. This is the area where you can show off the personality of your home and make a memorable visual impact. Finding a truly captivating piece of art isn’t easy, but try to think outside the box.

Don’t just settle on a single art piece and consider combining multiple frames to achieve the desired visual effect. Always remember to take the rest of the room’s vibe into account to let the artwork accentuate the overall design in a harmonious manner. Whatever design you like, make sure you select an art piece that has the right proportions and orientation for the chosen wall of the living room.

3. Bedroom

There’s an impressive number of artwork options that you can use to decorate the bedroom. It’s not surprising that finding the right one for this area can be difficult. To make the right decision, start by figuring out the purpose of your bedroom more precisely. Most people think of this room as a tranquil retreat where they can relax and recover their energy for a new day.

Once you have a rough idea about the specific vibe of your bedroom, selecting the best piece to reflect that feeling will be much easier. Take a look at this nice example of bedroom artwork where the designer opted for a botanical theme that fits for the modern vibe of the room. Other highly popular options are abstract pieces and gallery walls. If you prefer large scale artworks, make sure they can fit the proportions of the wall correctly without becoming too visually overwhelming.

Those with a penchant for photography will probably fall in love with the idea of captivating photos of landscapes or cityscapes. In case you’re a fan of minimalism, consider incorporating desaturated photos or black and white pieces that enhance the design of the bedroom in a subtle manner. Sometimes it’s better to focus the attention on the art piece and not the vessel of the artwork.

4. Kitchen

When you’re looking to place some interesting artwork throughout the home, the kitchen can be easily overlooked. This room has a reputation for being more of a functional room, but that doesn’t mean it can’t take advantage of a splash of personality through striking art pieces. People tend to spend a lot of time in the kitchen, so why not make this area feel more inviting and pleasing to the eye?

If there’s not a lot of wall space available to decorate it with artworks, try to consider the overall design of the cabinets and countertops and search for an ideal spot to display some art. While large scale pieces can be welcomed in the living room or bedroom, the kitchen will look much better if you opt for smaller artworks. It’s strongly recommended to focus on accenting the overall look of the kitchen and avoid unnecessary clutter.

Those who are feeling a bit more adventurous can take a bolder approach when it comes to kitchen artwork. Try looking to more unusual areas to display artwork. If you’re lucky enough to have a tall ceiling, consider the area above the upper cabinets to accommodate your art collection. The danger of water and grime is nicely minimized compared to lower placement. As evidenced by this picture, the idea can be taken even further by including a specially designed ledge above the cabinets.

5. Bathroom

While it may seem a bit strange to some, artwork belongs in any rooms in the house, including the bathroom. Minimalist pieces and Impressionist prints will work wonderfully for this area. An artwork represents a powerful solution to add some style to the functional style of this room. Instead of a utilitarian look, you can enjoy a thoughtful aesthetic with the help of beautiful art pieces.

Dark backgrounds can make any art piece stand out, but white walls are usually more effective to create a crisp and bright visual impression. White is an excellent choice for creating an ideal backdrop for photos or prints, particularly if you decide to throw other décor elements in the mix. There are some strong coastal vibes coming from this bright bathroom. We like the seamless combination of artworks with hooks underneath that make the photos feel as if they belong here.

Bathroom artwork works well if you choose pairs of art pieces. One artwork can act as a slight accent, but when you go for two similar pieces, the resulting visual effect takes your mind to a more specific theme. It’s all about integrating artworks with the overall design of the bathroom to ensure that they won’t feel out of place. Don’t forget to take into account the particular vibe of your bathroom. Some people prefer fun and bright pieces for small rooms, but master baths will usually work better when you add pieces that deliver a sense of calm and tranquility.

6. Home Office

The home office is one area that’s in great need of artwork to infuse some personality and keep you inspired. Working from home provides you greater flexibility but it’s essential to avoid monotony. Your mood can be influenced by the look of the home office so choosing the right artwork could be important. As opposed to other rooms of the house, we prefer a slightly different concept for the home office.

It’s recommended to opt for a rotating gallery considering how you will spend a lot of time in this area and the risk of boredom is higher. Installing permanent artworks here doesn’t sound that appealing. It’s much easier to add a floating ledge shelf close to the workspace where you can place various art pieces that are easy to update whenever you need a change for the vibe of the room.

As for the artworks themselves, pick some meaningful pieces that you feel can help your productivity. Think of artists that inspire you and positive vibes that you need in the home office. Don’t be afraid to select different sizes and shapes for multiple artworks. A large selection might feel too distracting, so go for a minimalist assortment in that case. Personalize the shelf to suit your mood changes and the style of the room.

7. Entryway

Creating a long-lasting impression is particularly important for the entryway of your house. Art pieces are an obvious solution to draw attention, so learning how to choose the best artwork is critical. Bold designs are very trendy for the hallway so our recommendation is to stick to oversized artworks as they usually have the strongest visual impact. This kind of art piece is able to take the look of the entryway to a new level considering how these areas tend to be smaller compared to other rooms.

Large artworks deliver some chic vibes to any hallway, particularly if the colors are vibrant or exotic. This abstract piece is a nice example considering how it stands out against the blue wall. Together with the rest of the room’s décor, the artwork conjures up a mid-century modern aesthetic that’s sure to make an impression on your guests. Oversized art pieces are perfect for the entryway if you wish to craft a great atmosphere at once.

8. Dining Room

Decorating the dining room with some interesting art pieces represents a smart idea as this space can feel too empty otherwise. While you can look to other areas when you’re trying to integrate ornamental features, the nearest wall to the dining table should be your first option. The artwork you choose to display here can have an important decorative role so you need to make a good decision to maintain an exquisite design.

Some people prefer abstract pieces while others favor photographs to enhance the beauty of their dining rooms. Regardless of your particular preference, make sure you select an art piece that’s capable of enforcing the design direction of the area. In many cases, you should pay close attention to the dominant motif of the house to ensure that your chosen artwork fits the personality of the home.

For example, this beach house makes use of a fish artwork for its dining room to match the aquatic theme of the surroundings. The vibrant splash of blue color feels welcomed in this space as it contrasts nicely with the yellow statement wall.

9. Guest Room

The guest room is often harder to decorate as you can’t be always certain of your guests’ preferences. Lots of homeowners prefer to keep things simple and just focus on providing the right amenities. If creating the most welcoming atmosphere is important for you, it’s also a good idea to pay attention to the décor of the guest room. Little things can sometimes make a difference when it comes to the look of this space.

A cream-colored wall will seem more stylish if you opt for a lovely art piece. Consider less flashy prints and photographs to let the artwork’s role become like more of a decorative accent. There’s an overall vintage feeling evoked by this guest bedroom and the artworks on the wall and the window sill contribute to that visual effect. It’s definitely possible to make this space appear more welcoming by incorporating the right artworks.

10. Powder Room

Your half-bath can look more gorgeous if you select an appropriate art piece for the vibe of the area. Powder rooms don’t usually have a lot of wall space for decorations, but even if you’re a fan of minimalist design, you can still take advantage of the decorative potential of artworks.

This powder room maintains a clean aesthetic thanks to the dominance of the crisp and bright white color. There isn’t a need for complex enhancements here as a simple black and white framed photograph can complement the look successfully. Instead of letting flashy colors take center stage, the designer here went for a different approach and focused more on the shape of the objects.

11. Laundry Room

The laundry room isn’t really a great space to spend time as you have to deal with the piles of dirty clothes and organize your essential laundry supplies. While this area has a very functional role, this doesn’t mean you should overlook it when it comes to wall décor. It’s actually a good idea to integrate some artworks here to make the time spent doing the laundry more enjoyable.

Selecting the best artwork for the laundry room depends on the available wall space you have. In most cases, it’s best to stick to smaller prints that fit well for the proportions of this room. As for the artwork style, we recommend going for photographs or print designs that are more meaningful. Travel photos are good examples as they can remind you of those good times while dealing with laundry chores.

12. Mudroom

Similar to the hallway, the mudroom shouldn’t be overlooked in terms of wall décor. If you plan on crafting a more elegant look for the mudroom in your house, it’s recommended to choose some fitting art pieces. The mudroom here makes use of a stylish combination of distressed tile floor and a rustic wooden bench. Two art pieces on the wall elevate the area transforming it from a functional and austere place to a room that follows the overall design direction as the rest of the house.


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