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28 Modern Victorian Interior Design and Decor Ideas

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Have you ever wanted to live in an opulent palace? That dream is far out of reach for many of us, but you can still enjoy that castle-like atmosphere by decorating your home using the modern Victorian aesthetic. This design style is focused on incorporating various vintage elements from the Victorian era into a modern interior space. Ornate mirrors and grand chandeliers can capture that authentic vibe of palace royalty without having to turn your entire home into an old museum. Just a few Victorian elements could suffice to create a stylish blend of vintage and modern aesthetics.

Although Victorian design reached popular appeal a long time ago, it’s still very relevant nowadays. The historical inspiration, handicraft, and extravagant ornamentation have all contributed to the resilience of the style. However, simply throwing around Victorian elements carelessly into a modern room may not be enough to obtain a good look. It takes some effort to figure out the best design combinations to ensure a harmonious visual appeal. Without proper balance, modern Victorian interiors can veer too much in a certain direction and appear outdated. Take a look at these inspirational decor ideas that will help you embrace the beauty of this style.

1. Freestanding Tub

Modern Victorian Bathroom With Freestanding Tub

Lots of decor pieces can bring an elegant Victorian vibe to a modern bathroom. The best example is using a freestanding tub. A cast iron tub can bring an authentic vintage touch to a modern space through its sleek silhouette. Use modern fixtures and accents to easily integrate the tub into the room. Freestanding tubs seem to evoke a sense of luxury that can be matched by other design elements such as the marble floor or chandelier. An art piece works as well for enhancing the look of this modern Victorian bathroom.

2. Fireplace

Modern Victorian Living Room With Fireplace

If you’re looking to create a superb focal point in your modern Victorian living room, consider adding a fireplace. This is a gorgeous element that will instantly upgrade the style of any modern space with some Victorian flair. A white fireplace paired against a dark navy blue wall can look simply stunning. The contrast highlights it properly by transforming it into the main feature of the room. Make sure you bring some small decorations such as tapered candles to complete the aesthetic.

3. Black and White

Black and White Modern Victorian Living Room

Monochromatic color schemes are very popular in modern Victorian interiors. A black and white aesthetic is highly recommended if you prefer a more neutral look. This kind of color palette allows the shapes, textures, and patterns to stand out more effectively. It could be a great design approach if you want to draw attention to an ornate mirror or the sleek upholstery of a tufted couch. This modern studio apartment relies on a black-and-white color scheme where the vintage accessories and furnishings take center stage.

4. Dramatic Flooring

Modern Victorian Living Room With Black Floor

The floor shouldn’t be overlooked when you’re designing a room using the modern Victorian style. Focus on enhancing its look with the help of a dramatic color or tile pattern. Dark tones work best in that sense because they will produce a beautiful contrast with colorful furniture and accessories. If you don’t feel ready to commit to a more complex flooring makeover, consider decorating with an animal-printed rug or similar bold carpet style.

5. Majestic Headboard

Modern Victorian Bedroom With Ornate Headboard

Ornate details are very often used in this style. If you want to add some modern Victorian flair to the bedroom, there’s no need to specifically look for vintage bed frames. Many modern options are designed with elegant headboards featuring Victorian-inspired silhouettes. Together with the plush upholstery, such shapes can reliably infuse the room with a modern Victorian vibe. To maintain a cohesive look, it’s also recommended to include a similarly majestic bench or a vintage nightstand set.

6. Glass Dome Decor

Decorative Butterflies in Glass Jar

Searching for a way to bring just a subtle touch of modern Victorian aesthetic to the room? Simple decor pieces or elegant accessories can be enough to improve the style of a modern interior with a vintage flair. Consider, for example, the use of glass domes that showcase the exquisite beauty of colorful butterflies. Other items such as flowers can also create a similar visual appeal. Although it’s a small decoration, the glass dome can act as a reliable conversation piece.

7. Detailed Furniture

Modern Victorian Living Room With Detailed Furniture

As opposed to most modern furniture designs, the Victorian style is focused on exuberant ornamentation and many elegant details. Some homeowners might find this look a bit excessive, but modern Victorian spaces can look very attractive if you pay attention to this aspect. Integrate couches and chairs that feature textural details like tufting and pleating. Focus on jewel tones or other vibrant colors to keep the space fresh and opulent.

8. Splendid Ceiling Molding

Modern Victorian Living Room With Ceiling Molding

As if the grandiose fireplace in this modern Victorian room wasn’t enough to draw attention, the ceiling also appears to show off a bold look. It relies on intricate molding reminiscent of the Tudor and Jacobean periods. Together with the wall paneling and elegant empty frame, this room offers a great example of a modern Victorian interior that emphasizes the beauty of shapes and textures. The neutral color scheme is purposely chosen to highlight such ornate details.

9. Outdoor Touch

Modern Victorian Console Table

Classic Victorian styles tend to put a great accent on gardening and landscaping. If you’re designing a modern Victorian interior, it could be a great idea to incorporate a touch of the outdoors inside. Instead of typical decor options such as fresh flowers, opt for dried ones instead. The darker, faded tones of dried grasses and other plants can match the Victorian aesthetic much more effectively. Pair a vase of dried flowers with antique sculptures or vintage paintings for a stunning result.

10. Solid Color Makeover

Glacial Blue Modern Victorian Living Room

Modern Victorian aesthetics will often embrace bold colors and textures. If you want to create a truly dramatic makeover for the living room, you can decorate it in a single solid color using appropriate furnishings and accessories. A glacial blue tone could work nicely for this aesthetic, but other colors can also be used. It’s all about deciding on the right kind of mood for your modern Victorian space. Rich, dark shades seem more suitable for the moody atmosphere of the style.

11. Checkerboard Tiles

Modern Victorian Bathroom With Checkerboard Floor Tiles

When it comes to vintage elements reminiscent of the Victorian period, few can match the vibe of checkerboard tiles. They provide a timeless elegance to any space. This flooring style is particularly recommended for infusing a modern bathroom with some Victorian charm. Traditional designs pair checkerboard tiles with other black-and-white elements, but the aesthetic can be modernized with the help of more contemporary decor pieces and splashes of vibrant colors.

12. Floor-to-Ceiling Bookcase

Modern Victorian Living Room With Tall Bookshelves

If you’re lucky enough to have a tall ceiling, you can take advantage of it to create a modern Victorian style. Floor-to-ceiling bookcases are not just recommended to utilize available space for books more efficiently. They also work great to maximize the visual appeal of an ample ceiling height. The eye is drawn easily to the ceiling as the bookcases cover the entire length of the walls upwards. Take this opportunity to show off an impressive book collection while enhancing the sense of depth in the room.

13. Large Scale Artwork

Modern Victorian Bedroom With Stylish Artworks

Artwork is worth incorporating into any modern Victorian space. However, you should focus more on large-scale pieces that evoke a bold aesthetic. Even when the available wall space doesn’t allow it properly, large art pieces are still recommended to bring a dramatic touch to the room. The monochrome artworks in this bedroom contribute to a sophisticated atmosphere tinged with Victorian grandiosity. This design idea is highly recommended for tall ceilings.

14. Iron Bird Cages

Modern Victorian Foyer Decorated With Vintage Bird Cage

Modern interiors can be easily transformed into a Victorian style by selecting the right vintage accessories. A good example is using iron bird cages that can easily remind you of the Victorian era. Even hanging an empty metal cage can provide an authentic atmosphere through a beautiful decorative touch. Depending on the color scheme used throughout the room, it’s recommended to match the style of the bird cage using a spray paint designed for metal items.

15. Jewel Tones

Jewel Toned Modern Victorian Living Room

Rich, saturated colors can be paired with black walls to create a modern Victorian effect. Jewel tones are preferred because the extra vibrancy forms a stunning contrast with darker shades. A full black makeover for the living room can feel a little extreme for some people but this is the level of extreme drama that modern Victorian aesthetics can reach. Thanks to the jewel-toned furnishings and antique elements, the sense of luxury is greatly enhanced.

16. Clawfoot Tub

Modern Victorian Bathroom With Clawfoot Tub

Here’s another superb idea for adding just a subtle Victorian element to a modern space. This bathroom’s look has been enhanced with the help of a clawfoot tub whose antique aesthetic brings a distinctive charm. This kind of tub is available in many different styles to match any design sensibilities. The clawfoot construction is typically associated with old Victorian spaces, but you can opt for a contemporary tub version featuring sleek details if you’re worried about looking out of place in your modern bathroom.

17. Whimsical Decor

Modern Victorian Decorative Dresser

Antique decorations are essential to include for an authentic modern Victorian home design. This can give you the opportunity to display some unique pieces found at thrift shops or antique stores. Don’t be afraid to add a little whimsy to the space. Victorian decor thrives on grand ornamentation. You don’t necessarily have to restrict yourself to a gothic-inspired Victorian look with lots of dark tones and a moody atmosphere. Try including a stylish bust sculpture or a golden crane decoration, for example.

18. Ornate Mirror

Modern Victorian Living Room With Ornate Mirror

This is an essential decor piece that easily belongs in any modern Victorian room. The role of the mirror isn’t just practical. You can create the illusion of a bigger room. That’s very much desirable for Victorian interiors that look stunning when they feel grander with added depth. At the same time, the frame of the mirror provides excellent decor potential. Include some glamorous vibes by opting for an ornate gold frame that contrasts with dark tones or floral wallpapers.

19. China Display

Modern Victorian Living Room With Fine China Display

If you own a beautiful collection of fine china, it’s a good idea to find a way to display it properly in the room. The pretty china can infuse the room with solid Victorian vibes if the room feels too modern. The decorative teapots and plates can look particularly attractive together with art pieces and decorative chair upholstery. Here’s a great solution for creating a memorable china display that relies on built-in shelves above the fireplace.

20. A Mix of Old and New

Modern Victorian Bedroom With Painted Wardrobe and Vintage Bed

Modern Victorian strives to create a perfect marriage between old and new elements. Check out this interesting blend of styles where the antique bed frame is paired with a contemporary wardrobe. Because the old appearance of the bed feels a little overwhelming, the bedroom’s design has been properly balanced with the help of an abstract rug and a modern light fixture. Thanks to the included greenery, it’s safe to say that you don’t have to worry about an outdated appearance. The room looks stylish and feels fresh.

21. Chandelier

Modern Victorian Dining Room With Chandelier

The chandelier is a staple of Victorian homes. This elegant element could be an excellent choice for decorating the ceiling of a modern space as well. When paired with other antique elements in the right dose, the chandelier can help to create a superb modern Victorian aesthetic. No need to opt for a grand chandelier that seems to have been borrowed from the royal palace. Even a smaller one can make a big visual impact. Focus on a model that features lots of stylish details.

22. Intricate Wallpaper

Modern Victorian Bathroom With Colorful Wallpaper

Victorian homes in the past tended to feature eclectic looks. You can replicate the aesthetic in modern times by using the right decor pieces or accents. A wallpaper with intricate and colorful designs could make any bathroom stand out. Not all designs can feel Victorian-inspired, but vintage botanicals and animals can look stunning. Consider using such a wallpaper as a backdrop for antique items in different scales that maintain a modern balance.

23. Maximum Opulence

Luxurious Modern Victorian Entryway

If subtlety isn’t your strong suit, the modern Victorian aesthetic is worth trying because it provides lots of opportunities for bold designs. Combine multiple luxurious elements such as chandeliers, ornate furniture, and jewel tones to achieve maximum opulence with your modern Victorian decor vision. Patterned upholstery and rich wooden finishes can be considered staples of the style. Focus on lavish elements to induce a sense of timeless luxury with your aesthetic.

24. Victorian Kitchen

Modern Victorian Kitchen With Two Tone Cabinets

Want to bring some Victorian vibes to a modern kitchen? This is not the first room choice when decorating with this style. That being said, the aesthetic can make any modern kitchen look more distinctive. Try to combine old and new elements in an unexpected way to pull off a modern Victorian kitchen look. The sleek green cabinets are elegantly combined with the antique upper cabinets. They work together surprisingly well despite the notable difference in styles.

25. Gallery Wall

Modern Victorian Bedroom With Botanical Gallery Wall

Art pieces on the wall can make a modern Victorian statement. The key is to use the right kind of artwork inspired by this older period. Botanical art feels like an excellent choice because it used to be extremely popular in Victorian times. There’s a clear inspiration from nature when looking at Gothic architecture and decor elements. That same vibe can be properly emphasized with the help of a gallery wall or grid showcasing simple botanical prints.

26. Minimal Clutter

Modern Victorian Shelf Decor

Although certain Victorian interior styles can embrace clutter, most of them tend to avoid it. When it comes to modern Victorian decor, you should aim for a good balance when dressing up the shelves. Don’t fill every empty space with decorations, but also don’t steer too much into minimalism. A beautifully curated shelf with properly styled items will take you a long way to create the ultimate Victorian space.

27. Bay Windows

Modern Victorian Dining Room With Bay Windows

Bay windows are commonly encountered in traditional Victorian homes. If your modern interior offers this kind of architectural feature, it’s highly recommended to take advantage of it. Emphasize the windows with some elegant curtains and integrate furnishings carefully angled to highlight them properly. This modern dining room offers bay windows together with many classy Victorian touches that add an air of vintage sophistication.

28. Vintage Corner

Modern Victorian Nightstand

Before going ahead with a complete modern Victorian makeover for the whole room, why not try experimenting with a smaller area like an empty corner somewhere? Whether it’s a bedroom nightstand or a cozy reading nook, you can bring some Victorian character to make a stunning visual impact. A modern bedroom can make use of vintage furniture like this painted nightstand decorated with a mix of old and new elements.

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