Elegant Dark Pink and Teal Bedroom

12 Colors That Go Well With Blue

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A classic choice that won’t go out of style very soon, blue can infuse any space with a sense of deep tranquility and sophistication. Depending on the colors it’s combined with, blue can easily fit the character of any room no matter the style preference. There are many great blue shades that can be used for interior decorating. Whether you prefer navy blue, turquoise, or a soothing sky blue, this color offers unparalleled versatility.

Blue is suitable if you enjoy dark, moody tones that dominate modern color schemes or if preferring softer tones for a rustic country style. Some interior designers refer to this color as a “chameleon” because it’s safely incorporated with almost any shade on the color spectrum. However, certain combinations are more successful than others at conveying a specific atmosphere or visual impression. Learning how to bring those color schemes to life in your own living space is the focus of this article. Check out the best color shades that pair beautifully with blue.

1. Blue and Green

Bathroom With Blue Wainscoting and Green Wallpaper

Considering their closeness on the color spectrum, it makes sense to attempt pairing blue and green together in interior design. This combo feels very refreshing and can work for many types of color schemes, including bolder ones. Whereas other vibrant shades can clash and produce an incongruous visual effect, blue and green manage to evoke calmness and positivity much more easily. The soothing style of blue pairs elegantly with green accents. You don’t need to go for a full wall makeover because even subtle statements make a solid impression.

2. Blue and Orange

Blue Kitchen Island With Orange Bar Stools

Blue and orange are opposites on the color spectrum. Mixing them together will result in a naturally beautiful combination. The calmness of blue is energized by splashes of orange color. This kind of color scheme works flawlessly for an area bustling with activity. The kitchen is a solid example but you can also consider it for a dining room. These orange stools create a pleasing contrast against the denim blue kitchen island. Proper color coordination is achieved with the help of additional orange accents.

3. Blue and Gray

Blue Bedroom With Gray Accents

Effortlessly sophisticated would be the easiest way to describe a blue and gray color scheme. This modern bedroom showcases the beauty of this color combination by mixing elegant dark gray tones with light blue hues. This kind of aesthetic is suitable for those who enjoy a sense of coldness and prefer an air of deep serenity. However, a boost in warmth could be helpful to keep the balance. Consider mixing neutral cream or white tones to harmonize the blue and gray colors.

4. Blue and Yellow

Blue Living Room With Yellow Accents

A bright color added in a proper dose can elevate the look of color schemes where blue dominates. It’s a suitable combination for lots of traditional homes but yellow pairs nicely with blue in modern setups as well. The trick is to make use of splashes of brightness in moderation to maintain a harmonious look. Yellow is particularly welcomed if you prefer decorating with matte blue textures. The navy blue wall in this living room is elegantly accentuated by the vibrant sunflower yellow art pieces.

5. Blue and Hot Pink

Blue and Pink Living Room

The intensity of hot pink seems like a perfect match for the serene vibes of blue tones. This appears to be an unexpected due but it can be considered proof of the idea that opposites attract. Bold hot pink walls make the blue gallery grid artworks pop. They also provide the perfect background for the gorgeous blue couch and its playful patterns. Notice the symmetry of the throw pillows and light sconces that help to maintain a sense of balance.

6. Blue and Coral

Coastal Pale Blue Living Room With Coral Accents

Bright colors can form great pairings together with blue. Coral works nicely alongside pale blue tones that help to accentuate its reddish intensity. This cozy area is decorated in a beach-inspired design while using a color palette based on light blue and coral. The addition of many white elements helps to tame the boldness of the coral door and pillows. These elements provide a strong color punch and require a proper neutral background.

7. Blue and White

Vibrant Blue and White Bedroom

If you’re looking for a timeless color combination, you can’t go wrong with blue and white. It’s a safe color scheme for almost any kind of room because it’s simple yet very elegant. Depending on the shades used, it’s very easy to create some coastal or nautical vibes by mixing blue and white elements together. However, it’s possible to avoid that kind of atmosphere if you just wish to focus on classy sophistication or pure calmness.

8. Blue and Red

Blue and Red Dining Room

Red is becoming increasingly popular nowadays despite falling out of favor in the past. Bold decorators should try including red in a blue color scheme to balance out its fierceness. Try a stylish blue tone that evokes tranquility. It will contrast effectively with the bright intensity of red hues. Unless you want to go all out on the boldness, it’s recommended to keep blue as the lead color and insert red through well-placed accents such as furniture pieces or fabrics.

9. Blue and Neutral Wood

Blue Kitchen With Wood Floor

The light brown or tan colors of natural wood can provide the optimal neutral backdrop for showing off blue elements. Try a deep shade of blue if you want to use a light-toned wood color scheme. This modern kitchen space looks very attractive with its stylish deep blue cabinets among neutral shelves and a cozy stained wood floor. Thanks to the use of large windows, the room’s atmosphere feels airy and inviting without the sense of being visually overwhelmed by the intense blue.

10. Blue and Dusty Rose

Teal Headboard and Dusty Pink Accents

A stunning combination for a bedroom, the blue and dusty rose duo is highly recommended for adding a touch of femininity. It’s a very eye-catching combination due to the dark shade of teal blue used. The blush pink shade pairs with the blue tones harmoniously without the feeling of competing with each other. There’s a solid dose of drama added through this color scheme. If you want to enhance the luxury as much as possible, try including gold accents that increase the overall sophistication.

11. Blue and Apple Green

Blue Living Room With Apple Green Accents

These analogous colors combine very well. Here’s a bold makeover based on a cool blue color scheme with stylish touches of apple green color. The chairs create a fun contrast with the blue surroundings while the textures also contribute to enhancing the visual impact of the color scheme. There’s great color coordination here as evidenced by the orange throw pillows, white chairs and light sconces, as well as the colorful flowers and artwork on the wall.

12. Blue and Black

Blue and Black Living Room

Black and blue are recommended together for maximizing the depth of sophistication when it comes to interior design. It’s also a solid combo for introducing a pop of vibrant color to an otherwise dark neutral style. You can use a calming shade of blue to reduce the intimidating effect of a black wall or shelves. The use of sky blue here together with some neutral tones doesn’t increase the sophistication of the living room by much but keeps it more casual.


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