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12 Colors That Go Well With Black

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Black is a powerful color to include in any color scheme regardless of design style. It has the ability to enhance the look of any space by creating a great contrast with other color tones. Figuring out the best ways to pair black with other colors can easily take your interior design style to a new level. One important advantage when using black is that it’s incredibly versatile. It can work well in many different styles, whether traditional or modern, casual or elegant.

If you’re looking to master the boldness of black combinations in interior design, check out these inspirational ideas. You’ll see that black has virtually limitless potential to add drama or make the space classier. Depending on the intended visual effect, black color schemes range from graceful elegance to morbid appeal. Although the color is mainly associated with masculine vibes, black can also be used to enhance feminine color schemes. Take a look at these striking rooms decorated with sophisticated touches of black.

1. Black and Red

Black and Red Kitchen

Red is ideal for a fierce color scheme where you want to focus on a bold aesthetic. If you want to maximize the intensity of this color, the best way is to pair it with black. It results in an amplified sense of drama and presence that demands attention. Black and red color palettes are suitable for modern spaces but they also work great if you’re a fan of retro design. This black kitchen looks both elegant and exciting at the same time considering the contrast between the dark cabinets with the strawberry-red backsplash and island countertop.

2. Black and Gray

Black and Gray Waiting Area

A classic color combination for anyone who prefers a calm atmosphere, black and gray styles work flawlessly for monochromatic spaces. There’s not a lot of contrast created if you opt for a dark charcoal tone mixed with black but you can also try lighter gray shades for a more welcoming vibe. Thanks to being quite close on the color wheel, black and gray tones form great companions. The combination is highly recommended for minimalist styles or other modern approaches focused on creative uses of simplicity.

3. Black and Yellow

Black and Yellow Office

Here’s a very dynamic combo that completely changes the usual moody style of black interiors. A healthy dose of cheerful yellow provides some much-needed energy to make black more interesting without compromising on elegance. The bold color mix of yellow and black is fairly versatile. It’s practical for functional areas of the house such as home offices but can also make a bold statement in the living room. The punchiness of yellow works as a great accent for predominantly black spaces, including formal or industrial-styled areas.

4. Black and Copper

Black and Copper Bathroom

If you like the combination of black and orange but wish to avoid the strong association with Halloween, copper could be a nice alternative. This is a distinctive hue that becomes more attractive when surrounded by black accents that emphasize its characteristic glamor. Black and copper color schemes might feel a little too dramatic unless you make proper use of a neutral background. This bathroom is a good example because the copper bathtub looks stylish together with black elements such as the ceiling and floor patterns.

5. Black and Royal Blue

Black and Royal Blue Living Room

Royal blue has its own characteristic sophistication that can be elevated properly with the help of the right black accents. Black and blue is undoubtedly an elegant combination to create a refined and calm atmosphere for any living room. The timelessness of royal blue is seamlessly mixed together with the versatility of black. The dark fireplace in this room creates a stark contrast with the vibrant blue of the couch. Other decor elements like the curtains and throw pillows maintain cohesiveness.

6. Black and Brown

Black and Brow Living Room

The combination of black and brown is a classic one that fits many different aesthetic styles. Dark hues help to increase the richness of warm brown tones for creating a more elegant neutral space. The key to making the space feel cozy but not too formal is to include only a few black elements. Keep the color scheme focused on muted neutrals and incorporate just as many black accents as necessary. If this look seems too casual for your taste, consider adding more rich and earthy shades of brown to increase the level of sophistication.

7. Black and Emerald Green

Black and Emerald Green Plant Area

An exotic duo that’s not frequently found in interior design, black and emerald green have the ability to make any room stand out. The extra drama resulting from the contrast of jewel tones with black can be excessive for some people. That being said, those with a preference for maximalist decor styles will find this to be a winning combination. Emerald green decorations or textiles can appear more luxurious against a pure black statement wall. The addition of tropical indoor trees or houseplants can contribute to the exotic atmosphere.

8. Black and Pink

Black and Pink Living Room

If you’re looking to give the impression of strong femininity through the color palette, black-and-pink represents a fitting combination. There’s a surprisingly eye-catching contrast created when showcasing black elements on a pink background. That being said, the mix may not always look very attractive unless you choose your pink shades carefully. Opt for paler hues such as blush pink or dusty rose that appear sufficiently dainty to pair nicely with dark black tones.

9. Black and White

Black and White Bathroom

Monochromatic color schemes are still very popular and won’t go out of style any time soon. This classic look isn’t difficult to pull off but you need to have a proper focus on patterns and textures to avoid a dull appearance. The curves and molded feet of this bathtub add great elegance to the black and white style of the bathroom. The distinctive patterns on the floor and walls contribute to the same aesthetic vibe. If this look feels too serious and dramatic, try incorporating another color into the monochromatic palette.

10. Black and Purple

Black and Purple Bedroom

When pairing black and purple together, you will be able to infuse the space with a majestic character. It’s a pretty bold combination suitable for drawing proper attraction to certain furniture pieces or decor elements. Whether you prefer soft lavender, mauve, or a dark shade of purple, it’s safe to say that it will appear extremely elegant together with black tones. Go for a lighter shade of purple if you’re afraid of overwhelming the space with the bold contrast.

11. Black and Taupe

Black and Taupe Living Room

Color schemes including black tend to focus on elegance and sophistication by intensifying brighter colors. That being said, formal spaces aren’t the only ones that can benefit from dark touches of black. You can also incorporate this versatile color in more casual areas by using warm and earthy neutrals. In this example, black is paired beautifully with taupe resulting in an unexpectedly cozy vibe. The earthiness of taupe works great for modern black color palettes.

12. Black and Turquoise

Black and Turquoise Living Room

Turquoise doesn’t seem like an easy color to incorporate in a color scheme. Black proves to be an extremely versatile color because it appears to pair beautifully even with this vibrant shade of blue. The dramatic color punch of turquoise is elegantly tamed down by the addition of black elements. Keep the space properly grounded with cream or crisp white neutrals and the visual effect will be simply stunning. The turquoise is balanced and tranquil without overpowering the eye.

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