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20 Ingenious Ways to Decorate Your Home for Free

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A limited budget is one of the biggest obstacles standing in your way when it comes to decorating your home. It turns out that you don’t necessarily have to purchase brand-new furniture and decorations to change the style of your living space. The room can be redecorated without spending any money simply by trying to be creative with the existing items. With the help of some ingenious tricks, you will be able to update the style of your home at no cost. Check out the best ways to decorate your home that won’t make an impact on your wallet.

1. Focal Point

Focal Point

A simple change to the way you’re arranging the furniture in the room can make a big visual impact. Consider creating a focal point where you can concentrate the attention and bring order to the overall design. Whether you’re trying to emphasize the style of a fireplace, console table, or sofa, this simple trick can work wonders to introduce a sense of freshness to the space. Having a spot in the room that naturally grabs the eye is essential to enhance the visual appeal.

2. Propped Mirror

Propped Mirror in Living Room

Mirrors can improve the sense of depth in the room and have a valuable decorative role. It’s usually a good idea to hang a framed mirror but larger pieces can work better when propped against the wall. This is a more convenient method of using mirrors in your home décor because there’s no need to make any holes in the wall. If you happen to have a large mirror gathering dust somewhere, it can be used to create the illusion of a more expansive space while transforming the area with a more inviting air.

3. Organic Decor

Plants on a Table

Bringing the outdoors inside your home is easy with the help of potted plants. You can decorate your interior space and inject some life into it without the need to spend money. Many potted plants such as succulents can be started from free cuttings obtained from friends or relatives. Cut flowers also work nicely if you’re a fan of organic décor. This might be a more recommended solution for those who don’t want to care for a living plant. It’s just that potted plants last much longer.

4. Book Display

Book Display

If you have a considerable collection of books, you can use this as a décor opportunity. The books on your shelves can be arranged in less traditional styles. A common favorite for many book enthusiasts is the method of organizing the books by color. This results in a stylish look but you might have to give up on the practicality of finding the right book with ease. Another great bookshelf décor solution involves adding pictures or other elements that give the book collection a new personality.

5. Rearranged Furniture

Neutral Toned Furniture in Living Room

Some of the simplest decorating tricks are often the most effective ones. Arranging the furniture in more creative ways can help you see the room in a new light. Even if you just make subtle changes, it’s safe to say that you can transform the vibe of the area. Try angling your sofa more creatively or mixing up the arrangement of the chairs to improve the spatiality of the place. Move the nightstand to the other side in the bedroom or position a furniture piece in a less conventional style to bring a fresh perspective.

6. Leftover Paint


Anyone who’s into DIY should have some leftover paint sitting around their home. You can take advantage of it by transforming the look of certain elements throughout the house. For example, you can refresh the appearance of a shelving unit, camouflage a radiator, or try your hand at some wall touch-ups. Put your creativity to good use and finish off that can of leftover paint while decorating your home. Even small painted accents to existing décor pieces can make a significant difference to the overall look of the room.

7. Picture Frames

Picture Frames

Instead of purchasing expensive art pieces, why not use treasured family photos to adorn the wall? This is a great budget solution to decorate the home while also displaying your favorite memories. Consider creating a personalized gallery of frames showcasing your family photo collection. Even the most basic black frames can appear surprisingly attractive when you manage to maintain cohesiveness with similar white backgrounds for each photo.

8. Change the Appearance of the Pillows

Living Room

When it comes to freshening up the look of the living room, it’s important to pay close attention to accessories such as throw pillows. Mixing and matching up their covers can provide a distinctive character to the space. Take a close look at your current design approach and try to imagine different ways of combining the colors, patterns, and textures. A good rule of thumb is to focus on either small or large patterns with a bit of texture. Try to incorporate a splash of solid color to avoid overwhelming the eye.

9. Fruit Décor

Fruit on a Table

Keeping fruits in your home is practical to enjoy a healthy snack. That basic fruit bowl on the table can also work as a décor piece even though you might not expect it. If you’ve ever browsed a magazine showcasing breezy vacation homes, it’s likely that you will notice the appeal of fruit as organic décor. Whether you enjoy peaches, apples, or tangerines, a stylish fruit arrangement can be used to decorate your home for free. No need for extra shopping because you can just use what you already have.

10. Higher Curtains

High Curtains in Living Room

The look of the curtains has a considerable influence on the overall style of the room. It’s not just the texture, color, or pattern used because the height of the drapes can also matter. Try moving the curtain rod to a higher position. This allows the curtains to change the impression of height in the space. It’s a subtle but great visual effect that requires no money to pull off. The only downside is that your curtains need to be long enough to enjoy their full decorative potential.

11. A Layer of Fabric

Kitchen With a Layer of Fabric

If you’re bored with the current look of a furniture piece, a piece of fabric can provide a notable enhancement. A basic set of wooden chairs can be improved with an extra layer of fabric. Search around your storage to find some unused throw blankets or other fabrics. This is a recommended idea for DIY crafters who find it easy to drape extra fabric on various items to change their appearance. It’s a solid solution compared to an expensive re-upholstery process.

12. Jewelry Display

Jewelry Display

Décor pieces for your body can also be used to enhance the look of your home. Instead of storing a jewelry collection in a drawer somewhere, consider a creative method to display it. Some of your favorite bracelets and necklaces can look stunning framed on your bedroom wall, especially if you use chic hardware knobs instead of typical hangers. Pick multiple colorful options or focus on a cohesive display to beautify the wall in a unique way. The best part is that jewelry is also harder to become tangled when displayed like this.

13. Attic Finds


Instead of running to the store to shop for new decorations, take a closer look in the attic or another storage area of your home. You might discover some forgotten items or things that you were planning to use at some point. Now it’s the time to check them out with different eyes and see whether they can be incorporated creatively into your home décor. Even if you swap the curtains to a different set or another small change like that, the resulting visual effect could be impressive.

14. Objects as Wall Art

Chair in Colorful Living Room

Things like decorative baskets can easily become wall art if you mount them in a stylish arrangement. This idea takes the concept of a gallery wall but uses items you might have in your home to beautify the room. It’s a practical way to draw attention to a wall without wasting money on expensive artworks. These colorful baskets have excellent showstopping power that can inspire you to try something similar in your own home.

15. Unused Fireplace

Unused Fireplace

Having a fireplace that you’re not currently using for its intended purpose can provide some solid décor opportunities. The area can naturally become a focal point of the room so you should take advantage of it. Fill the empty space of the fireplace with books, plants, a stone bust, or other decorative items. Put your creativity to good use and try to craft a small vignette with collectibles or art objects. Even if you lack inspiration, this empty space shouldn’t go unused. At least store some extra items like books or pillows in there.

16. Open Shelving

Open Shelves

If you’re looking for a clever way to change the vibe of the kitchen, you should consider the removal of cabinet doors. This simple trick lets you use the cabinets as open shelves to display plates and cups more elegantly. If the inside of the cabinets doesn’t match the exterior look, it will be necessary to paint or stain it. Having open shelving in the kitchen could be a great décor solution. You can take this opportunity to use clear jars filled with essential pantry goods and create a memorable display.

17. Office Supplies

Office Supplies

Basic accessories in your office can use a fresh makeover. You can use leftover wrapping paper for this purpose without the need to purchase extra décor items. For example, you can change the style of a simple pencil holder or a file folder. Beautifying office supplies can make your cubicle or small home office more exciting. Use colors and patterns that appeal to you and infuse the work area with some fresh personality.

18. Table Runner

Table Runner

If you feel that your dining table looks a bit too dull, there are lots of solutions to dress it up. Try using a table runner for adding some extra style and texture. If you don’t want to purchase one, there are DIY methods to craft a table runner from some fabric scraps you have. Alternatively, you can make one from an old window treatment panel. Even if you come up with a simple runner design, the table will surely become more attractive when decorated with it.

19. Stylish Cookware

Stylish Copper Cookware

Why keep a stylish cookware collection tucked in a kitchen cabinet out of view? Consider using your favorite set of pots and pans to create an attractive display on the wall. The kitchen is one area that could use some extra decorative touches. If your cookware items aren’t particularly impressive, look for other utensils or supplies that can double as décor pieces. It’s recommended to hang multiple items at once if you’re serious about creating an artistic wall display.

20. Beautiful Curtains


The curtains in the room can easily become neglected when decorating a home. There aren’t many ways to freshen up their look but you can try some handy accessories for added style. Tie-backs allow you to tame unruly drapes while providing a pop of color to create a healthy contrast with their look. You can use various accessories as tie-backs, including little belts or ribbons that you might already have in your home.

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