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14 Glorious Bay Window Ideas

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Designed to just out from the walls of the home, bay windows can bring lots of benefits to the room. They supply an extra dose of natural light while giving the room a unique personality. Bay windows look good from the inside but also contribute to a more stylish exterior appearance. The use of bay windows represents a staple of Victorian architecture. The main concept refers to embracing more of the natural world outside and allowing the window area to become the centerpiece of the room.

Whether you have large bay window areas or the space feels a little cramped and awkward, it’s important to figure out how to make the most of this feature. We’ll show you some of the best decor ideas to help you integrate bay windows more effectively or make them stand out properly as the highlight of the room. Take a look at these stylish and practical bay window ideas to get inspired for your own projects.

1. Seating and Storage

Bay Windows With Gray Bench

The bay window area is often underutilized because of the awkward angle design. While it’s a more difficult spot to work with, you can still come up with a suitable solution to integrate seating and storage. Check out this stylish bench that’s carefully designed to fit the awkward nook created by the bay windows. You can also take advantage of extra storage space underneath.

2. Shutters

Bay Windows With Shutters

If regular bay windows feel too plain for your tastes, they can be easily dressed up with the help of the right shutters. Consider a modern style of shutters that’s fully compatible with the type of bay windows used in the room. It’s essential to match the shape of the windows correctly so you can benefit from the full visual-enhancement potential of the shutters. They have a practical role as well because window treatments help to maintain better privacy.

3. Breakfast Nook

Bay Windows Breakfast Nook

Bay windows give you the opportunity to feel as if you’re surrounded by nature outside. Consider setting up a breakfast nook in the area to make your morning cozier. You don’t need a lot of space for this kind of project. Pick your favorite seating options and a chic table suitable for the size of the bay window area. Rounded tables are recommended for breakfast nooks in this spot.

4. Office View

Bay Windows Home Office

Who doesn’t like the idea of getting a pleasant view while working in the office? Check out this ingenious idea that relies on the bay window area for the placement of an office desk. You could replicate the same idea for a home office by focusing on arranging the work area by the bay windows. An extra amount of natural light can be welcomed for this purpose. If it feels excessive, consider using contrasting drapes that also help to frame the view nicely.

5. Roman Blinds

Bay Windows With Roman Blinds

The right window treatment can have a significant impact on the look of your bay windows. Roman blinds made of soft fabric can work nicely because they add a pop of color while providing some needed control over natural lighting. If you use properly fitted Roman blinds, you won’t be disappointed by the aesthetic upgrade. It’s highly recommended to bring some great character to a room featuring a neutral color scheme.

6. Transom Windows

Bay Windows With Transom Windows

When combining bay windows with transoms, you will be able to add a more pronounced sense of elegance to the room. Considering the style of bay windows, the use of other traditional windows such as transoms could be a solid combination. Whereas bay windows create the impression of a larger space horizontally, transom windows installed above them can make the room appear large vertically.

7. Cozy Curtains

Bay Windows With Blue Curtains

If your living room is decorated in vibrant colors and bold patterns, it’s recommended to choose a suitable window treatment for the bay windows. Full-length curtains work very well here but try to avoid flashy colors or designs to maintain a harmonious visual balance with the rest of the room. A soft pastel shade feels ideal to draw some attention to the bay windows without making a clashing statement.

8. Frosted Film

Bay Windows With Frosted Windows

Whether you’re renting or just prefer a simpler window treatment, consider using frosted film. It’s a modern and stylish solution that lets you enjoy a subtle level of privacy without greatly reducing natural light. A frosted film can make the appearance of bay windows more eye-catching with minimal effort. It’s especially recommended to modernize a bay window in vintage homes.

9. Bathroom Luxury

Bay Windows in the Bathroom

We’re used to seeing bay windows in living rooms or bedrooms but this architectural feature can also work for other areas. A notable example is the master bathroom where bay windows can be used to contribute to a more relaxing atmosphere while lounging in the bathtub. The surrounding windows will bring extra natural light to the area while the airy draperies provide sufficient privacy.

10. Bubble Chair

Bay Windows With Bubble Chair

The first seating choice for many owners of bay windows would probably be a bench. If you want to give this area a more interesting personality, consider using a less common solution like a bubble chair. This is a great idea because of the transparent construction that doesn’t interfere with the flow of natural light. Another advantage is the raised height of the chair that lets you sit comfortably surrounded by the bay windows and the magnificent view they provide.

11. Large Bay Windows

Large Bay Windows in Living Room

A large living room can make the most out of appropriately-sized bay windows. You can further enhance the expansive impression even if you opt for a simple 3-lite bay configuration. The secret is to get large bay windows that suit the space really well. They’ll provide an unrivaled ambiance for receiving guests, especially when paired with a cozy fireplace.

12. Striking Exterior

Bay Windows Seen From House Exterior

When designing a bay window feature, it’s just as important to take into account the exterior look of the home. The view from the inside is certainly worth adding this feature but you can also take advantage of this kind of design to improve curb appeal. Even if you choose a simple bay window configuration, it’s safe to say that it will quickly grab all the attention. Classy grille aesthetics for bay windows won’t go out of style very soon.

13. Sink Focus

Bay Windows in the Kitchen

It might seem a little unusual to feature bay windows in the kitchen but the visual effect provided is simply stunning. This is a small bay window configuration strategically positioned above the frequently used sink. It’s a particularly welcomed addition during the day when a great dose of sunlight enters the room. You can also use the opportunity to display various decorations or plants on the ledge.

14. Floor-to-Ceiling Windows

Tall Ceiling Bay Windows

If you’re wondering about the best way to make bay windows bolder than ever, consider floor-to-ceiling windows. This design approach is highly recommended together with bold furnishings and decor pieces because it will nicely match the sense of drama. A grandiose light fixture works well to keep the focus on the ceiling. Notice the symmetrical display of the elegantly upholstered sofa that provides solid luxurious vibes to the room.


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