Small Tulip Table With Benches and Single Chair

10 Tulip Tables and Chairs Design Ideas

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The iconic tulip table design has managed to withstand the test of time. This is a pedestal-style dining table that has been designed by Eero Saarinen, a famous Finnish-American architect. He envisioned the table as a futuristic piece considering its organic shape and elegant aesthetic based on removing the need for traditional legs. Although at the time the tulip table design wasn’t a great success, it’s now recognizable as a staple of clean, modern design. It features a considerable association with retro aesthetics and mid-century modern design.

If you’re interested in using a tulip table in your home, check out the following inspirational design ideas. The table is often part of a set including matching tulip-style chairs, but other seating options can also work well with it.

1. Black and White Design

Black and White Tulip Table and Chairs

When it comes to neutral-tone spaces, the best way to incorporate tulip tables can be done through a black and white design. The classic white look of the tulip table creates an elegant contrast with the black chairs. Consider adding a large pendant light to bring some extra light to the area. This cozy setup can benefit from a more welcoming atmosphere.

2. Oval Dining Table

Large Oval Tulip Table

Most tulip table designs focus on the classic round style. However, this timeless furniture piece is also available in different shapes and sizes. A great example is this elegant dining table whose generous oval silhouette accommodates extra chairs. It could be an excellent pick for a modern dining room that aims for a balanced approach in terms of style and functionality. This minimalist tulip table shows off plenty of visual interest through its structural construction without the need for extra ornamentation. A large potted plant provides the ideal decorative touch for it.

3. Ghost Chairs

Tulip Table and Ghost Chairs

If you want to create a fun blend of retro and modern styles, try pairing the tulip table with ghost chairs. Despite their seemingly fragile look, these transparent chairs are crafted from a special polycarbonate material that gives them enough strength to work as reliable seating. In terms of aesthetics, the chairs work amazingly well with the tulip table. You can easily glimpse the curved pedestal of the table through the non-distracting transparent construction of the ghost chairs.

4. Tulip Side Table

Small Tulip Table With Bay Windows

Tulip tables aren’t only used for the dining room. You can also get a small side table designed in this style to beautify a reading nook or small conversation area. The elegance of the pedestal forms a great pairing with vintage or mid-century chairs to create a transitional style. Thanks to its minimalist aesthetic, the side table won’t be difficult to integrate with different interior design styles. The bay windows give this little nook a solid dose of natural sunlight.

5. Tulip Dining Set

Tulip Table Dining Set

To maintain a cohesive style, it’s recommended to combine the elegant curves of a tulip table with matching chairs. They feature the same modern pedestal style that allows the chairs to be extremely practical to use. At the same time, the complete tulip dining set can easily become a focal point in an open-space kitchen. All the elements are finished in crisp white to draw more attention to the charming shape of the furniture. Complete the look with a large piece of art on the nearby wall to create a sublime contrasting effect.

6. French Country Style

French Country Style Tulip Table

Although tulip tables tend to work ideally in modern settings, some rustic styles can also incorporate them pretty well. Check out this cozy little dining area where a small tulip table is paired with rattan chairs. The blue and green tones energize the overall neutral color palette while enhancing the overall French country style. Other details that complete this look include the vibrant beauty of indoor trees and charming patterns on the rug and chairs.

7. Mid-Century Vibes

Mid Century Modern Tulip Table

Considering the time period when tulip tables first appeared, it makes sense to pair them with mid-century modern elements. The unique design of this table allows it to mix nicely with vintage items such as an old sideboard. Instead of creating an outdated look, you can give a sense of fresh style by including a tulip table full of character. The elegant white design of the table offers a pleasant contrast to any wooden furniture piece, particularly older ones.

8. Breakfast Nook

Tulip Table Breakfast Nook

The unparalleled versatility of the tulip table represents an important reason that contributed to the iconic status of this furniture piece. Wherever you place it, the table can become useful and upgrade the style of the area. Take a look at this welcoming breakfast nook featuring a classic tulip table. It has a reduced footprint and seems to harmonize nicely with the traditional style of the chairs. Tulip tables work wonderfully with similarly-shaped chairs featuring curved silhouettes.

9. Marble Top

Tulip Table With Marble Top

If you’re looking to add an air of sophistication to the dining area, try opting for a tulip table designed with a marble top. There are multiple styles to choose from if you want to showcase a more distinctive tulip table. The most elegant one is probably the marble-top design that significantly increases the level of elegance while contributing to an impression of long-lasting durability. Set up this kind of classy dining area in a quaint kitchenette or anywhere you want to infuse a solid dose of luxury.

10. Large Tulip Table

Large Wood Tulip Table

Some designers take the classic concept of a tulip table and adapt it to fit a specific aesthetic vision. It’s the case for this stunning dining table featuring a subtle rustic flair considering the use of a large wooden top. The overall design of the table is a slight departure from the sleek, futuristic vibe of the classic tulip table style. It has been designed in this way to provide contrast to modern surroundings. The table looks very attractive together with a matching vintage chandelier.


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