Small Living Room Featuring Gray Couch With Bright Yellow Throw Pillows

12 Pillow Colors to Use With Gray Couches

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Having a gray couch represents a solid idea if you enjoy a more neutral decor style. This color provides great versatility when it comes to decorating the sofa using throw pillows. Accenting the living room couch with more colorful decorative accents is very much necessary because the neutral gray style can appear a little lacking in terms of personality. Although your gray sofa is able to handle almost any kind of pillow color, some shades manage to stand out and provide some distinctive character to complement its neutral design.

1. Beige

Gray Couch With Beige and Black Throw Pillows

If your aim is to create a cohesive room design, it’s a good idea to focus on blending the gray color of the couch with other neutral tones. Beige is a solid pick if you prefer a sense of color variety to a neutral palette because it will add some warmth to the coolness of gray. Cozy beige throw pillows offer a delicate contrasting effect against a classic sofa upholstered in light gray. Beige accents can complement the neutral gray base created by the couch without affecting the overall visual balance.

2. Navy Blue

Light Gray Couch With Navy Blue Throw Pillows

Gray and blue are both cool colors that can be paired together without too much effort. However, you need to choose the correct shades according to the overall decor style of the room. When you’re dressing up a gray couch using blue throw pillows, you might end up with a coastal vibe that can look out of place in a formal room. Pick an elegant shade of navy blue whose sleek aesthetic should provide work as a flawless complement to a gray sofa in a modern setting.

3. Pink

Feminine Living Room Featuring a Gray Couch With Pink Throw Pillows

Looking to brighten up the style of a basic gray couch? A pop of pink color might do the trick. Gray and pink can typically create a strong contrast together but you won’t necessarily end up with a bold look when putting these two colors side by side as long as pink is simply used as the accent color. Having pink throw pillows on your gray sofa will result in a softened look. The colorful effect of this decorative element will bring a soothing quality to the otherwise cold style of the couch.

4. Lime Green

Scandinavian Living Room Featuring a Gray Couch With Lime Green Throw Pillows

The fresh appeal of green is highly welcomed against the plain style of a gray sofa. It’s safe to say that a gray couch can appear monotonous, especially in minimalist spaces. A splash of lime green can revitalize the look of the sofa and imbue it with a renewed sense of energy. Other vibrant colors can achieve a similar effect but this shade of green feels particularly well-suited due to the dynamic vibe of the contrast. It’s recommended to include this bold color as an accent throughout the room for a balanced design.

5. Terracotta Orange

Rustic Living Room Featuring Gray Couch With Rusty Orange Throw Pillows

If you’re looking for a way to counteract the cool vibe of a gray couch, your best bet is to select a warm tone of orange when decorating it with throw pillows. Terracotta orange is a classic choice that boasts a solid dose of rustic charm. It creates a stunning contrast with the elephant-gray tone of this sofa. The warmth provided by the orange pillow accents is beautifully emphasized by the presence of wood elements such as the coffee table and ceiling beams.

6. Turquoise

Living Room Featuring Gray Couch With Turquoise Throw Pillows and Matching Chairs

Couches that feature a pale shade of gray can be used successfully to create a stylish coastal look. Select throw pillows in a vibrant turquoise tone that will create a powerful contrast and create the characteristic breezy atmosphere of the style. If you’re willing to commit to a beach-inspired living room, it’s recommended to sprinkle turquoise accents throughout the room and not restrict yourself only to the couch. The dark turquoise tone of the pillows in this space forms a gorgeous combination with the lighter aqua shade of the area rug.

7. Lemon Yellow

Living Room Featuring Gray Couch With Lemon Yellow Throw Pillows

Does your gray couch feel a bit gloomy? No need to think about a complete upholstery replacement when you can simply inject some cheerfulness with the help of yellow throw pillows. Use a lemon shade that’s bright and vibrant if you wish to emphasize the joyful effect produced by the two contrasting colors. Due to its bold look, a gray couch decorated with yellow pillows can be more difficult to integrate properly into some interior design styles. Keep the surrounding elements in a restricted neutral color palette while coordinating the sofa using other yellow and gray accents.

8. White

Mid Century Modern Living Room Featuring a Long Dark Gray Couch With Neutral White Throw Pillows

When it comes to timeless color combinations, you can’t go wrong by mixing gray and white. It’s a great neutral option for the gray sofa in the living room which can be brightened up with the help of white throw pillows. White is a recommended pillow color in many cases but especially when the couch is the only notable gray element of the room. The neutral touch of a white pillow softens its visual impact and integrates the sofa more effectively together with white walls and other bright decor elements.

9. Gray

Gray Couch With Gray Throw Pillows and Traditional Furniture

Considering the versatility of a gray couch, it might seem like an odd choice to opt for throw pillows of the same color. However, this design approach has its merits in lots of situations. Maybe your gray couch is placed against a colorful accent wall or it simply creates a balanced contrast together with other elements in the room. In that case, you might be better off using gray throw pillows to keep visual cohesiveness. They can blend together with the upholstery of the sofa and direct the attention towards its plush nature rather than its color scheme.

10. Red

Industrial Living Room Featuring a Dark Gray Couch With Red Throw Pillows

Anyone who wants to upgrade the style of their gray couch to a new level of drama should try decorating with red throw pillows. This color brings a sense of vividness to any plain gray sofa to ensure that it looks anything but boring. Gray offers a masculine vibe that’s particularly apparent when you have a big sofa. A touch of red can add some unique character resulting in a more balanced design through a small dose of femininity. The most important aspect is to not overdo this color combination because red can easily feel too intense against gray.

11. Purple

Modern Living Room Featuring a Large Light Gray Couch With Purple Throw Pillows

Purple is often considered more challenging to properly incorporate in the living room compared to other colors. Having a gray couch works to your advantage because it provides the perfect neutral base where you can show off colorful accents. It provides an excellent opportunity to bring a touch of purple to your decor style with the help of fluffy throw pillows. If you’re afraid of the bold visual effect resulting from this color combination, it’s recommended to select a darker shade of purple with gray undertones to match the look of the couch.

12. Multiple Colors

A Cozy Living Room Featuring a Compact Gray Couch With Multicolored Throw Pillows

There’s no need to limit yourself to a single accent tone when you can incorporate multiple colors in an eye-pleasing way. Throw pillows work well as the finishing touches when decorating a room. The gray couch provides a neutral canvas to work with. You can simply get inspired by the overall color scheme of the room when deciding on the best shades to complement the sofa. For example, if the room features lots of wood elements, you can add a tan or mustard yellow pillow to complement the design. Reflect the beauty of a blue art piece with a coordinating throw pillow.


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