Classy White Chair Decorated With Purple Accessories

12 Whimsical Purple and White Rooms You Have to See

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If you’re looking for the easiest way to bring some fresh style to the room, changing the color scheme is probably the best solution. There are lots of great options in that sense but it’s important to select colors that reflect your personality and aesthetic preferences. Many people enjoy the appeal of purple and wish to integrate it into their home decor style. This color is paired very well with white to create an attractive look with a slight whimsical effect. Take a look at these gorgeous purple and white room ideas to inspire your next interior design project.

1. Purple Walls

Coastal Purple Bedroom With White Sliding Doors

Blending purple together with white might seem challenging if you don’t already own some purple decor elements. Painting the wall in a delicate shade of purple can be considered a smart decor approach to introduce the color to the room in an impactful way. Select a light purple style such as lavender to avoid drawing too much attention to the walls. The bedroom is an excellent target for blending pastel purple walls with white furniture and elements such as window frames. It’s a beautiful color scheme to consider for beach-inspired designs.

2. Textural Effect

Modern Bedroom With Purple Bedding Accessories and A White Area Rug

Purple and white can be combined very effectively together with the help of different textural elements. Create a layered bedding look by mixing a purple throw blanket with a white duvet cover. Add throw pillows and a coverlet in the same color scheme to create a uniform look. By combining distinctive purple and white textures together, you can increase the depth of the room and personalize the bed to suit your personal aesthetic. Make sure that white has a solid presence as a background color that allows the purple accents to stand out.

3. Purple Bathroom

Purple Bathroom With a Standalone Bathtub and Open Shelves

Purple is a more unusual color to use in the bathroom. It’s a little more difficult to integrate effectively into this space. However, the color can appear surprisingly attractive together with the clean white bathroom fixtures. It doesn’t take a large dose of purple to upgrade the style of any classic white bathroom. Consider using a mauve or lavender tone to create a sleek accent wall that will infuse the space with fresh character. Painting all the walls in the bathroom purple could also be an option if you’re willing to fully commit to this color scheme.

4. Small Accent

Elegant Bedroom Featuring Pale Purple Tones on the Bed Bench Upholstery and Wall Art

Purple is a fairly intense color even if you choose light tones with minimal saturation. For this reason, many homeowners can be hesitant when it comes to using this color to decorate their rooms. Even if purple is your favorite color, it can get tiring to your eyes when it dominates the space. Reducing its presence to only a few carefully chosen accents should work better in those cases. Allow white and other neutrals to form the base of the room’s color scheme while sprinkling elegant purple details such as throw pillows or upholstery patterns.

5. Gallery Wall Contrast

Eclectic Living Room With a Blue Couch and Gallery Wall Art Pieces on a Purple Wall

If you’re interested in creating an eclectic purple living room design, it’s recommended to opt for a bold makeover such as painting the walls purple. Instead of letting white act as the neutral background color, try the opposite and use a purple backdrop to subvert expectations. Decorate the purple wall with a sleek gallery wall arrangement with plenty of white to create a stylish contrast effect as the two colors blend together. Incorporating other vibrant colors such as teal blue is highly recommended to make a definitive bold statement.

6. Purple Kitchen Island

Cozy Kitchen With a Pastel Purple Kitchen Island And Matching Cabinets

Want a quick way to freshen up the appeal of a neutral white kitchen? Including a purple element could work well as long as it has a notable visual presence. The kitchen island could be a solid candidate because it’s positioned ideally to result in an eye-pleasing contrast. Take a look at this shabby-chic cooking space where the white cabinets and walls provide the perfect background for a pop of mauve color. The purple kitchen island doesn’t feel out of place thanks to little purple accents that complement its vibrant look.

7. Kid-Friendly Space

Purple Kids Bedroom With White Decals and Open Shelves

Bedrooms designed for children can take advantage of the playful interaction between purple and white colors. Cozy lavender purple walls covered with white decals will make any kid’s playroom more attractive. Thanks to the presence of multiple white elements and the use of a light purple shade, this kid-friendly space doesn’t feel very overwhelming to the eye. This gorgeous color scheme forms a stylish backdrop for toys, books, and various colorful details that are typically found in this type of room.

8. Multiple Shades of Purple

Industrial Bedroom With Distinctive Purple Bedding Accessories

Restricting the color palette to a single tone of purple works well in many cases if you’re focused on keeping the visual intensity of the color to a minimum. The downside of this approach is that it can result in a flat look without too much color depth. Consider incorporating multiple shades of purple together with white for an exquisite layered design. Purple offers an extended tonal range allowing you to take advantage of pink, blue, and gray undertones to create a distinctive room design.

9. Accent Chair

Neutral Living Room With a Purple Accent Chair

Neutral white living rooms can benefit from a splash of color through the addition of purple furniture elements. An accent chair represents a stunning option for revitalizing the clean beauty of a white-dominated space. You can use the purple chair to draw more attention to a certain part of the living room or to match the vibrant intensity of the colors used in a different area of the same space. To keep a sense of visual balance, it’s recommended to include neutral color variations such as off-white and gray.

10. Colorful Mix

White Dining Room With Purple Ghost Chairs and Blue Flower Vase

Dressing up the entire room using only shades of purple and white can feel a little too restrictive for some areas of the home. The dining room is a good example where it’s recommended to increase the depth of the color scheme with bold tones similar to purple if you wish to create an elegant design. Accentuate the beauty of purple with a naturally complementary color such as mustard yellow. Elevate the style of the room by expanding the tonal range of purple using pink and blue accents.

11. Feminine Design

Living Room With a Light Blue Couch and Pink Throw Pillows

Purple is an extremely popular color for decorating the bedroom of teenage girls. The feminine appeal of this color can also be used successfully in more adult spaces. White elements are used to balance out the playfulness of purple. Instead of reducing the feminine vibe of purple, you can choose to accentuate it instead with the help of a nice dose of pink. The delicate contrasting effect of dark purple and light pink results in a charming aesthetic whose boldness is kept under control by the neutral white details.

12. Elegant Laundry Room

White Laundry Room With Eggplant Purple Painted Walls

A color scheme based exclusively on purple and white can be used to rejuvenate the look of any kind of interior space, including functional ones such as a laundry room. The plain white cabinets and appliances will be able to stand out properly against purple walls. It’s recommended to select a darker shade of purple with gray undertones for this kind of room. It won’t overpower the space while keeping the atmosphere elegant without it feeling too distracting. Take a look at this beautiful laundry room that features eggplant purple walls with clean white cabinetry.


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