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50 Sublime Beach-Inspired Decor Ideas

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1. Beach Style Décor

If you wish to bring some endless summer vibes into your home, the easiest way to do it is by incorporating some beach-inspired decorations. There are lots of ways to infuse some fresh coastal style to the living room, bedroom, or any other room in your home. It doesn’t matter if you live in a small apartment or large house, the right décor choices will enable you to take advantage of beach chic year round.

Take a look at the following ideas for adding some breezy beach beauty to your house. We’ll explore lots of sea-themed accents and splashes of energizing color to rejuvenate a room making you almost feel the ocean breeze. You will see that just adding blue to an area can often be enough for a minimal coastal makeover, but other times it will take more than that for an authentic beach-inspired redesign.

2. Wicker Chairs

Instead of using conventional bar stools, why not try an alternative that adds some beach vibes to the kitchen? These wicker chairs are perfect to decorate a home bar with a coastal theme. Incorporate some fitting décor pieces and don’t forget to keep the color scheme pale blue as it takes your mind to seafoam.

Despite their rustic look, wicker chairs shouldn’t be underestimated in terms of durability and they’re fairly inexpensive as well. Check out this lightweight mango wood wicker chair from Amazon.

3. Seashells

When you think of simple beach-inspired decorations, one of the first options that usually comes to mind is the vase full of seashells. While that can sometimes work, it’s recommended to break the usual conventions and try a bolder approach. For example, this giant seashell shown here makes quite a stunning statement in this airy room. This decoration idea has better modern appeal compared to small seashells.

4. Nautical Stripe

A great element for introducing fresh beach vibes into any room is the white and blue nautical stripe pattern. Whether it’s used for the rug, curtains, or the throw blanket, the resulting visual effect is very attractive. This neutral-toned bedroom doesn’t really have a beachy look at a first glance, but then you will notice the striped throw on the bed and the nautical theme immediately starts to take shape.

5. Indigo Décor

There are different shades of blue that can be successfully incorporated in a room to add some beach-inspired flair. Navy blue and turquoise are all great choices for coastal spaces, but if you wish to create a modern look, try some indigo. This is basically like a richer shade of navy blue.

As you can observe from this picture, indigo from the bedding pairs very nicely with the white from the walls. The resulting contrast makes quite the impression. Adding some stylish wood tones creates a very welcoming look for this beach-style bedroom. The repeating indigo pattern on the little trunk in front of the bed represents a nice detail.

6. Classic Elements

If you’re more of a traditionalist when it comes to coastal looks, it’s recommended to go for classic accents that add beach style to the area. Sailboat artwork represents a timeless choice in that regard. We also like woven baskets as they are classic elements when it comes to beach-inspired décor. This small seagrass woven basket from Amazon looks like an ideal decorative item given how it can also double as a storage container.

7. Rattan Furniture

Selecting the right materials makes it easy to decorate with some simple island vibes. Rattan is usually used for outdoor patio furniture, but this material can work great for coastal interiors. These simple rattan chairs seem like the ideal accents for such a minimalist beach-style room.

The look of the furniture is beautifully combined with the elegant tropical prints and large pendant light. Check out this great rattan ottoman organizer from Amazon. This furniture piece can fit very well alongside other coastal decorations for a fresh look.

8. Nautical Map

The wall is a great spot to consider when you’re thinking of adding some interesting beach-inspired decorations. This is a nice example given how the map displayed on the wall crafts a unique nautical impression. The artist here went for a blueprint-style approach. The blue wall pairs with other coastal elements resulting in a cohesive theme that crafts an aquatic aura in the room.

9. Distressed Wood

The distressed finish of furniture pieces made of wood is a must-have for bringing in some solid beach vibes. This look can easily make it seem as if the wood has been eroded away by waves so it quickly takes your mind to the ocean. We recommend distressed wood furniture if you don’t favor an overly shiny aesthetic for your beach décor.

10. Coral Designs

Coral designs can work just as well as nautical patterns when it comes to transforming spaces with a coastal look. This bedroom’s bedding looks like an ideal match for the striped sheets. To complete the beach appeal of the room, other decorative elements have been used, such as distressed wood and the blue chest.

11. Coastal Theme for the Dining Table

If you want to remind your guests of the beach atmosphere, sometimes the only thing required is to select the right theme for the dining table. We love the look of the turquoise tableware here that match the wine glasses. Linen napkins and fun sea-inspired patterns on the plates complete the overall aesthetic.

Even if you don’t have lots of options to decorate the dining table in a coastal style, it can be enough to just focus on the color scheme. The aqua blue and sand tones blend beautifully together here easily recreating a day at the beach.

12. Two-Tone Walls

Here’s an interesting way to create a memorable beach house look. By painting the walls in contrasting shades of color, you will achieve a striking nautical effect for the entire room. Whether you choose to paint the walls completely or just use some wallpaper, the resulting look makes quite the bold statement. This little reading nook has a strong hygge feel that’s enhanced by the two-tone wall.

13. Nautical Rope

In case you don’t wish to bother with a complex coastal makeover, one easy beach-inspired element you can incorporate is a nautical rope. The look of these bright white bunk beds is definitely taken to a new level thanks to the rope ties. This room mixes some different design styles and has a subtle bohemian vibe, but the nautical rope offers a great coastal influence.

14. Shiplap Detail

While this room seems to have a farmhouse look, the shiplap planks will take your mind to the beach almost immediately. This is a must-have element for a coastal look given its casual simplicity that contributes to the airy and relaxed atmosphere of the room. The coral patterns on the throw pillows offer a lovely splash of color against the dominant white color scheme.

15. Tropical Vibes

Once you’ve decided to bring in the wicker furniture from the porch, you will only need some suitable indoor palm trees to transform the living room with a tropical ambiance. The lush fronds of the palms create an excellent match for the curved design of the wicker chairs. To make the colors pop in a more impressive manner, dark mahogany flooring finishes off the look.

16. The Power of Blue

The best fit when it comes to the color scheme of a beach house is blue. Lots of different shades can be layered for a calming effect that achieves a brilliant beach-inspired look. If you’re interested in making a strong visual impact, never underestimate the power of blue. When used correctly, this color is able to craft a space that’s both soothing and sophisticated at the same time.

17. Driftwood

Driftwood can be successfully recycled and turned into a decorative accent to integrate into the beachy theme of any room. Your creativity is the only limit when it comes to incorporating collected driftwood into your home décor. A nice idea is to hang pieces of driftwood as wall art.

One of our favorite uses for driftwood in coastal décor is when it’s placed over the mantel. It can add some much-needed texture to an area. If you have a big piece of driftwood of the right size and thickness, there’s also the interesting possibility of using it as the base of a table.

18. Whitewashed Accents

Objects that received a translucent stain of white can fit perfectly in a beachy room. As opposed to painting, the whitewashing technique retains some of the natural beauty of the object. The oak coffee table in this living room is a solid example as it represents the ideal whitewashed accent for giving off some surfer-chic vibes.

The main decorative purpose of a whitewashed accent is to brighten up the atmosphere in the room. The pale color resembles the tone of driftwood making any area feel airy and inviting. Sometimes there’s no need to go through complex makeover processes as just leaving the wood accents in their natural state should suffice.

19. Casual and Peaceful

While many people consider that you need to follow some specific rules for a successful beach-inspired design, others strongly disagree. You can obtain some pleasant coastal vibes even if you just craft a casual and peaceful atmosphere for the room without the usual ocean-inspired frills.

This simple bedroom shown here is the perfect example of that. It doesn’t make use of lots of coastal motifs or a bold blue color scheme. The overall impression of the room is serene due to the little details and texture. Some well-placed artworks and a textural rug can often be enough to bring in some cozy beach vibes.

20. Sandy Color Palette

When you search for design inspiration to add some coastal flair, the best place to look for is at an actual beach house. This offers a great example considering the airy living room that boasts a sandy color palette.

There aren’t lots of furniture pieces added here. Just enough to keep the space open and inviting. This kind of layout works best for the sandy color tones used. Even if you don’t live near the beach, you can still transport the ocean breeze atmosphere into your own home by choosing a similar design.

21. Wallpaper Patterns

The bedroom is usually kept in a more minimalist style when it comes to most beach-inspired designs. If you’re feeling a bit more adventurous though, there’s nothing wrong with integrating some bold patterns to breathe some life to the area. One of the most convenient ways to do this is with the help of bright and cheerful wallpapers.

The reason why the intricate patterns on the wall seem to blend well with the rest of the room’s look is that it makes use of a beachy aqua-and-white color scheme. Against the dominant neutral tones, the result is a striking contrast. Together with the layered textures, the wallpaper patterns create a superb visual effect.

22. Ocean-Inspired Artwork

Artwork can often have a powerful impact on the overall décor of the room. If you’re trying to decorate a bedroom with a coastal theme, look to ocean motifs for inspiration. Fish, seashells, and sea horses are some of the classic options.

Check out this creative octopus artwork that’s mounted above the bed to complement the rest of the beachy design of the bedroom. For a similar look, these sea-themed artworks from Amazon should work nicely. To prevent the print from seeming out of place, make sure you add an accessory such as the throw pillow that ties the look together.

23. Surfer Bedroom

If you want to make a surfer theme for your teenager’s bedroom, you simply need to choose the right decorations that show off his love for the beach. This bedroom incorporates shark motifs and is beautifully adorned with distressed furniture pieces. The surfboard used as a bulletin board represents a nice touch to complete the beach-inspired look.

24. Beachy Vibes without Blue

Some people may feel that blue is too typical when it comes to decorating in a beach style. Although it’s a bit more difficult to craft a coastal look without shades of blue, you can still pull off a successful design without focusing on this color.

The dining room here offers a great example as it blends natural wood tones and tropical prints. The large windows also contribute to the beachy sensation providing a coastal vibe despite the lack of blue. It’s definitely subtler than other design ideas we’ve seen so far, but lots of people might prefer it that way.

25. Beach-Inspired Gallery Grid

There are many interesting ideas to try when it comes to incorporating small decorative elements with a coastal flair. One of the most creative ones is to craft a beach-inspired gallery grid using various shells you’ve collected or coral replicas. The soft and pale colors will leave quite a pleasant impression on your guests if you choose to place the gallery grid on the hallway.

26. Charming Knickknacks

To add some unique charm to your coastal living space, you should consider incorporating some nooks and shelves for displaying various nautical knickknacks. The colorful items create a stunning look against the natural wood backdrop. Showing off your little tchotchkes in this way helps to add some personality to any area.

27. Pastel Trellis Headboard

The ideal complement to crisp white bedding is a splash of color coming from the mint-green trellis headboard. You can craft this headboard yourself without too much difficulty and the visual effect that can be obtained is sure to be rewarding. This is another great example of beach home vibe without relying on a blue color palette.

28. Industrial Beach Style

With the help of the right accessories, you can achieve a unique look that blends coastal vibes with an industrial touch. Instead of conventional coffee tables, you can repurpose some industrial baskets. The distressed metal look can fit nicely for a rustic theme of the beach-inspired design.

29. Minimalist Beach-Inspired Décor

A large assortment of decorations and accessories isn’t always required if you wish to pull off a great coastal design. Sometimes, keeping a more minimalist theme can represent a better choice. This living room appears to connect seamlessly to the outside world.

To obtain this kind of minimalist look, stick to mostly white tones and furniture pieces with clean lines. Integrating plenty of large windows can help a lot with the openness of the room. Finally, don’t forget about some pops of coastal blue to keep an overall beachy personality.

30. Coastal Shabby Chic

The casual vibe of the shabby chic design style can be transformed with a bit of coastal flair to make a one-of-a-kind bedroom. While there are lots of interior design styles that can be successfully combined with beach-inspired decorations, the shabby chic look seems to work particularly well.

The well-worn furniture can fit right at home in a beach house so to make this coastal transformation, you only need to adjust the decorations and color palette. Calming shades of aqua blend nicely with the dominant white. One of the highlights of the room is the stylish headboard. If you’re interested in a similar makeover, check out the details of this shabby-beach bedroom project.

31. Fishing Nets

Using actual fishing nets as wall decorations represents quite a creative idea to add some fresh style to a guest bedroom. The nets can be purchased in the color that you prefer but there’s also the option to dye them to match the room’s style.

Together with other ocean-inspired motifs such as starfishes and seashells, the resulting effect can leave quite an impression on your guests. The blue fishing nets also add an extra layer of texture that blends nicely with the white shiplap walls.

32. Beachy Glam Style

Here’s an interesting take on the classic breezy coastal style. A few well-chosen glam decorations take the beach-inspired look to a new level of lavishness. One of the first elements that draw attention in this room is the mirrored duo of coffee tables.

Coastal motifs blend together with glam accessories and create a unique design. If you want your coastal living space to be more glamorous and stand out from the rest, it’s a good idea to insert some gold accents and delicate details.

33. Color Pop

Vibrant and bright colors have the ability to transform the look of any beach-inspired room making it more playful and exciting. There’s no reason to avoid vivid colors when it comes to coastal décor as evidenced by the colorful elements here that make the atmosphere livelier.

The combination of bright orange with turquoise is highly recommended if you wish to make a statement in the living room. Bright colors can also have a relation to the sea given how colorful corals and vibrant fish are abundant beneath the water. For a bit of tropical fun, consider adding more color pops in your coastal design.

34. Mexican Style

The owner of this beach style home went for a Mexican-influenced aesthetic to decorate this room. One of the most interesting elements here is the stylish armoire where Guatemalan pottery has been placed. The stone fireplace is also a nice touch while the colorful patterns of the accessories form an attractive contrast with the sandy palette of the room.

35. Nautical Cozy Corner

That reading nook that you planned on incorporating in the room can look very nice with a nautical theme. The timeless combination of coral and blue will basically set the tone for the style of your cozy corner. Make sure you won’t forget about textures as it’s recommended to focus on breathable textiles such as soft linens.

When you don’t need to relax in this spot, the nook can transform into a simple display for patterned throw pillows. Choose some captivating coastal designs for a bolder visual effect. Check out these beachy throw pillow cases from Amazon if you want a solid example.

36. Beach Cottage Style

This bedroom is a great fusion of cottage style with some serene beach vibes. While the room’s design can be considered charming as it is, the beach-inspired elements take the atmosphere to a new level. It doesn’t take much to bring in the spirit of the ocean here as some well-chosen artworks and seashell decorations should suffice.

37. Reclaimed Window Shutter

A nice enhancement for the clean look of this all-white living room comes from the reclaimed window shutter. It has a seafoam color that matches the style of the throw pillows and other blue decorations that complete a simple coastal look. Having so much light fabric used for the upholstery of the furniture can pose some issues with cleanliness, but the resulting aesthetic could be worth it.

38. Sea Glass Colors

Watery hues that are reminiscent of sea glass represent one of the best solutions when decorating a coastal living space. The lamps and table accessories here create a stylish combination with the cottage-style elements of this room. Thanks to the light colors that dominate the design, the room feels particularly airy making you think of the ocean breeze.

The brilliant colors of the decorations can also be found in the artwork that seems to tie everything together. The glossy white walls are a great match for the weathered gray oak floors which represent a more beach-friendly alternative to conventional carpeting.

39. Beachy Breakfast Nook

Rustic and charming, this breakfast nook has a few beach-inspired decorations that give it a unique personality. Notice the seafoam-colored braided rug and the matching oars leaning on the wall. Another lovely touch is the way the chairs have been painted in mismatched shades deliberately for an unexpected effect.

40. Fern Wallpaper

While ferns don’t immediately take your mind to the beach, they can still deliver some nice coastal vibes when used through a wallpaper. This crisp white bathroom benefits from some splashes of energetic green from the fern wallpaper. To define the beach-style aesthetic, bleached coral decorations are positioned next to the eye-catching mirror to enhance its visual impact.

41. Unexpected Turquoise

Turquoise has some vibrant qualities that make it a suitable color for accenting neutral-toned rooms. If you wish to make a surprising statement, don’t miss out on this color’s potential as an unexpected accent. All the little ocean-inspired decorations on these display shelves stand out more with the help of a turquoise backdrop.

42. Nautical Spirit

To bring in a nautical spirit in the living room, one of the simplest methods is to integrate a navy blue and white color scheme. The large windows and shiplap-paneled walls look very stylish thanks to the striped curtains that follow a nautical color palette.

Navy adds depth to the airy room, and this is why it’s an excellent choice for beach-inspired décor. Some vibrant pops of color can enhance the crisp look of the white elements even further. The orange surfboard and fresh yellow flowers are notable examples here.

43. Subtle Beach Décor

A vibrant blue color scheme and an abundance of sea-inspired decorations are strong indicators of the beach design style. If you want to obtain a more subtle effect, you could incorporate some stylized artwork with a less typical color palette.

This bedroom comes with some beach-inspired motifs, but they aren’t immediately noticeable. The purple bedding also contributes to that subtle visual effect. There’s just a hint of the beach in this room which could be more preferable in some cases.

44. Beach Bedroom for Children

The great news when designing a kids playroom or bedroom is that you can’t go overboard with patterns. Kid-friendly spaces allow you to break some of the usual design rules that apply to adult areas. This means you can create a lighthearted look and incorporate lots of playful patterns to make a fun beach theme.

A two-tone color scheme can make wonders for a children’s bedroom. We like this blue and green design here that focuses on soft textures and simple beachy decorations.

45. Architectural Geometry

Sometimes there’s no need to focus that much on decorations and beach-inspired elements when you have architectural geometry on your side. The stylish details on this living room’s ceiling stand out and create a pleasant visual effect that’s fitting for coastal spaces. While there are simple and crisp lines on the floor and furniture as well, the ceiling takes the entire look to a new level of breeziness.

46. Showcasing Small Decorations

Instead of relegating small decorations to an unimportant role in the room, go for some creative display solutions to turn the spotlight on them. If you have some beach-inspired collectibles, it makes sense to showcase them properly. Accessories have the power to make or break a room so try to emphasize those pieces that come with a special design that’s meaningful to you.

47. Breezy Guest Bedroom

When it comes to making the guest space feel more welcoming, there are a few solutions to try. Adding some sea-themed accents represents a great idea if you want to create an unexpected effect. A nice example is this wall of the guest bedroom here that’s been decorated with colorful vintage spindles.

Guests will also appreciate the sense of extra space that’s in part due to the high curtains that go above the window. The light pendant with that’s hanging above each bed by a rope represents another solid detail that contributes to the nautical vibe of the area.

48. Blue Accent

If you already have an area that has a bit of a rustic feel, you can more effortlessly transform it with a beach style. Sometimes all it takes is a well-placed blue accent to bring in some ocean atmosphere. This barn door has been painted with a pale shade of turquoise that’s reminiscent of seafoam. Just a coat of paint can be enough to make your bedroom feel closer to the seashore.

49. Jute Rug

Focusing on the right color palette is critical when trying to create a nautical theme for a room. That being said, always remember to think of the textures to be able to craft the desired feel for the area. Given how real beaches have many things that can be touched and felt, it’s important to go emphasize textures in beach décor.

We’ve seen the impact of seashells, driftwood, and other elements in terms of texture. Another solid example that’s worth including in your beach-themed room is a jute rug. The rough texture works wonderfully well for this cozy bedroom and the best part is that you can also stay within a more limited budget. Check out this thick jute rug from Amazon.

50. Modern Beach-Inspired Look

While beach décor may not seem to be a good match for modern design, fusing together elements from these styles can be successful in lots of cases. The simplest solution is to add some black tones to create a bit of contrast with white shiplap walls and sandy colors.

Look to the light fixtures and dresser knobs or similar details that can be modified with a modern touch. If you want to go a step further, consider replacing the bed frame with a black one like you can see in this modern beach-inspired bedroom.

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