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12 Colors That Go Well With Purple

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Despite its old association with regality, purple doesn’t have a firm presence in the world of interior design. The color may be seen as childish or difficult to combine with others effectively. However, decor trends change quite fast and now purple is back in style. It’s no longer reserved for the wealthy who can afford expensive pigments to make the color purple. Instead, this hue is widely available so that anyone can incorporate it into their home design.

If you like purple but can’t seem to find the right color tones that match it, this article can help. We’ll take a close look at the characteristic energy of this rich shade and see how purple can be used creatively in different spaces. The purple spectrum is fairly large so you can play around with many delicate lighter tones or integrate darker shades for a dramatic effect. Color schemes including purple should be worth considering if you prefer cozy or whimsical decor styles. Check out the best colors that go well with purple.

1. Purple and Soft Gray

Pale Purple Floor in White Bathroom

Many people like the color purple but integrating it into home decor isn’t an easy job. Instead of going for a very bold shade, consider trying out a softer purple tone for a balanced color scheme. This bathroom offers a great example because the light mauve used on the floor pairs elegantly with the soft gray from the marble. It results in a fairly neutral look but with the added benefit of a fresh personality. Pale lilac also works nicely if you wish to add a splash of color to your light gray color scheme.

2. Purple and Citron Yellow

Purple Couch and Yellow Accents

One of the best ways to create a visually-appealing purple color scheme is to combine the color with shades of yellow. A cheery citron shade feels like a safe bet considering that purple and yellow are complementary colors. This is a fun mix that will easily show off some extra personality. Lavender purple and gold is another winning combination to consider. Don’t forget to keep the surroundings neutral to let the zingy colors harmonize together properly.

3. Purple and Dusty Rose

Dusty Rose Pink and Purple Living Room

The intensity of purple can easily overpower the room unless you combine it with some lighter color tones that offer a little “breathing room”. Pink can form a good pairing with purple but there’s a risk of ending up with the kind of look found in a teenage girl’s bedroom. Try a shade of dusty rose for a sophisticated integration of purple elements in the room. It minimizes the sweetness of purple and creates a seamless transition for incorporating the color successfully in an adult space.

4. Purple and Chestnut Brown

Purple Bookcase and Brown Fireplace

Here’s a unique combination of colors that’s not particularly popular. It’s worth considering because the earthiness of chestnut brown makes purple feel as it belongs in the room. Versatile neutrals such as warm brown tones create an interesting contrast with fun purple shades such as lavender. It’s not simply a matter of combining colors but also the vibes. Rich brown furniture appears more fun and exciting against a purple backdrop. This lived-in library seems like great proof of that idea.

5. Purple and Sage Green

Purple Couch and Sage Green Wall

Deep shades of purple can make a superb pairing with sage green tones if you’re looking to create a modern urban space. The serenity of this green shade works surprisingly well when forming a contrast with darker colors. Purple doesn’t have a big presence in this room but the indigo couch appears to be the focal point. It’s bathed in plenty of natural light while the surrounding textures and patterns manage to blend country and urban elements very effectively.

6. Purple and Cobalt Blue

Purple Dining Chairs and Cobalt Blue Walls

Combining two jewel tones together in a formal space can be considered a bold approach to interior design. It takes some extra effort to pull it off without the sense of clashing colors. Check out this distinctive dining room where bright orchid purple is elegantly mixed with cobalt blue. Together with the glamorous accents in the room, this color combination brings a carnivalesque character to the space. It will certainly stand out compared to typical dining areas considering the luxurious energy evoked by the unique color scheme.

7. Purple and Red

Purple and Red Bedroom

If you’re searching for a way to bring an air of opulence to your home, purple and red color schemes should be considered. This kind of aesthetic is easily reminiscent of royalty and will easily make the room stand out. When it comes to incorporating red, there are no hard rules to combining it properly with purple. If you’re going all out on the boldness, try using a vibrant violet mixed with a similarly intense shade of red. A more balanced approach would involve the use of a subdued red undertone together with generous warm neutrals.

8. Purple and White

Purple and White Living Room

White is a safe choice to include in a purple color scheme. This is a stylish combination because it allows purple accents to instill a sense of freshness in the room. It’s a pleasing contrast that works great for bedrooms or living rooms. Consider using a lilac shade of purple whose decent saturation levels amplify the aesthetic. Keep the intensity of this color scheme in check by opting for off-white or creamy whites. It will make the purple palette more inviting and relaxing.

9. Purple and Navy Blue

Purple Walls and Navy Blue Couch

Navy blue and purple can be paired quite effectively, especially when using dark shades for both colors. A few vibrant plants and some carefully chosen decor pieces in neutral tones help to realize a successful marriage between the two hues. Purple and navy blue are not very far apart on the color spectrum. They shouldn’t feel out of place when used together as long as you harmonize them correctly in a bright room with an airy atmosphere.

10. Purple and Black

Purple Bed in Black Bedroom

This is a solid combo that can easily illustrate the true potential of purple. The addition of black enhances the level of sophistication, especially when mixing together different shades of purple. A purple and black color scheme looks best if you try to emphasize the glamorous vibe of purple through the use of gold accents. This contributes to a more luxurious atmosphere. If you’re not fully ready to commit to a dark charcoal wall, consider including just a few black elements in your purple decor.

11. Purple and Cream

Cream Kitchen With Purple Patterns

Purple seems to dominate modern color schemes but it’s also suitable for more traditional aesthetics. Check out this romantic kitchen with stunning lavender motifs painted on a cream background. Both the walls and the ceiling repeat the beautiful patterns and bring a unique charm to the area. Neutrals dominate in this color palette but this only helps to make the space cozier when using purple accents throughout.

12. Purple and Charcoal Gray

Purple and Gray Modern Kitchen

An ultra-modern kitchen can successfully incorporate purple into its color scheme. Take a look at the stunning visual effect created by the contrast of plum purple against charcoal gray. It’s a rare mix of chic sophistication that can only be found in modern interior designs. Thanks to a colorful tile mosaic and gold touches, the kitchen offers great visual appeal to make the cooking space more exciting and inviting.


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