Navy Blue and Yellow Living Room

10 Colors That Go Well With Navy Blue

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Navy blue seems to hold a special place for many people decorating their homes compared to other shades of blue. This doesn’t come as a surprise when you consider the amazing versatility of the color. Navy blue is bold yet sophisticated making it a suitable choice for many interior decor styles. It stands out from other blue tones because navy blue can sometimes act similar to a neutral color.

Depending on color combinations, navy blue can create different visual impressions. It might feel intense and moody in some interiors while other designs give the color more soothing qualities. Although the layout of the space and style preference can vary, it’s safe to say that navy blue pairs more effectively with certain colors. If you’re interested in learning how to properly mix navy blue in an interior color scheme, check out the best colors that go well with it.

1. White

Navy Blue and White Kitchen

The crisp appeal of white seems like an outstanding partner for the moody style of navy blue. It has the ability to brighten up the dark hue of navy blue elements and prevent them from overpowering the space. The navy blue and white color scheme of this kitchen illustrates this effect very well. The deep blue furniture appears more lively surrounded by a white backdrop provided by the other elements in the room such as the backsplash and refrigerator.

2. Mustard Yellow

Navy Blue Living Room With Yellow Accent Chair

If navy blue walls seem a little too gloomy for your tastes, consider adding a splash of cheerful yellow. This accent chair shows off a stylish mustard tone that offers a very strong contrast when paired with a navy blue background. Even though it’s just a simple element in the room, the intensity of the yellow tone makes it a focal point of the steely blue living room. A warm accent is sometimes needed to tone down the coolness of navy blue.

3. Gray

Navy Blue and Gray Bedroom

A quintessential Scandinavian combination, navy blue and gray form an extremely elegant pairing. The blue walls in this bedroom feel surprisingly relaxing against the concrete gray hue of the bedding. Using exclusively navy blue and gray to decorate the bedroom can be a little bold because of the overall coolness of the colors. Mix some greenery to keep the space fresh and energizing while capitalizing on navy blue’s serenity.

4. Purple

Navy Blue and Purple Living Room

Thanks to their similar jewel-like qualities, tones of navy blue and purple work together very well. You can make a dramatic statement by putting navy blue furniture featuring a velvet texture against deep aubergine purple walls. It results in a sophisticated conversation area that doesn’t compromise on coziness. The use of a rich shade of purple can truly accentuate the moodiness of navy blue if you want to evoke a sense of pure luxury.

5. Green

Navy Blue and Green Living Room

Blue and green are often seen together in the natural world. It makes sense that this color pairing works great for home interiors as well. Check out the way this navy blue sofa is integrated into this living room that features green walls. Thanks to an earthy texture, the green tone establishes a closer connection to nature. The addition of neutral wood elements helps to complete the foolproof marriage between navy blue and deep green.

6. Pink

Navy Blue and Light Pink Living Room

Mixing pink and blue might sound like a recipe for a childish look that suits nurseries or kids’ playrooms. It turns out that navy blue makes a stunning combination with certain shades of pink such as blush or pastel hues. The warm, feminine touch of the pink creates a balanced effect when it’s integrated with the moody coolness of deep blue. There’s no danger of creating a sugary pink look or a frosty blue style. The colors will essentially balance each other out and elevate the aesthetic of the room.

7. Orange

Navy Blue and Orange Bedroom

Orange and blue are matched together ideally in a complementary color scheme. The cool depth of navy blue creates a bold contrast with the fierce warmth of bright orange. Beach-inspired interiors will often incorporate this color combination because it’s so fresh and appealing. Using orange and navy blue elements sparingly in a predominantly neutral color scheme to avoid overwhelming the room. Add layered tones of coral and cantaloupe to accentuate the stylish contrast between navy blue and orange.

8. Gold

Golden Bar Cart Against Navy Blue Wall

When it comes to timeless color pairings, navy blue and gold can often take center stage. Whether you prefer a traditional aesthetic or a glamorous modern look, it’s safe to say that you can’t go wrong with this color combination. Navy blue walls can be elegantly accessorized with the help of gold frames to complement the luxurious vibe of the shade. Metallic accents also work very well to add a touch of glam to moody navy blue elements.

9. Brown

Navy Blue and Rustic Brown Dining Room

Dark shades of navy blue and rich tones of brown mixed together can create the ultimate masculine look. Similar to the way a navy suit looks elegant with leather shoes, interiors can reflect the same stylish visual appeal. Check out how this rustic brown furniture is modernized with the help of glossy navy blue wall paneling. It provides the perfect moody backdrop. You can also showcase a brown leather sofa or more modern furniture pieces against this deep blue tone, not just antique elements.

10. Red

Navy Blue and Red Living Room

The intensity of red looks like a good match for the sophisticated appeal of navy blue. If you incorporate plenty of white accents as well, you can obtain a patriotic color scheme that reminds you of the American flag. Although vibrant red and navy blue are usually found in more eclectic designs, this is an excellent pairing to try if you’re a fan of striking contrast. If you wish to tone down the boldness and maintain a more formal aesthetic, consider mixing a more muted shade of red for an understated effect.


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