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12 Colors That Go Well With Yellow

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Yellow should be an essential part of the color scheme of any room where you’re looking to bring a solid vibe of cheerfulness. There’s a large spectrum of shades to consider when it comes to yellow but most of them have the ability to infuse the home with a great dose of sunshine. This is a bright and happy color that enlivens any space. However, using yellow in your decor style can be quite difficult because of its potent vibrancy.

Combining other colors with yellow should be done thoughtfully to let this optimistic hue reach its full potential. The wide range of yellow tones can help you integrate this color effectively while matching your aesthetic preferences. This is a recommended color to inject some fresh character to a room or warm a space whose color palette feels a little dull or cold. Here are the best color picks that interact very well with yellow for taking full advantage of this shade’s cheerful style.

1. Yellow and Gray

Yellow and Gray Bedroom

Gray is an excellent pairing for yellow if you’re going for a sophisticated look with splashes of brightness. The vibrant appeal of a citrus yellow tone feels right at home when contrasted against a calming gray backdrop. If the contrast appears too strong for your preferences, consider mixing some warmer neutrals to restore the visual balance. In any case, any kind of gray living space that looks a little dull can take advantage of a healthy dose of yellow cheer.

2. Yellow and Pink

Yellow and Pink Bedroom

It might sound strange to combine yellow and pink. Depending on the shades used, the colors could clash in an unappealing way. Avoid saturated shades and try instead earthy pinks and golden yellows to form a beautiful pairing. This bedroom shows off this stunning color mix that results in a cozy and comfortable place. Cohesiveness is maintained with the help of a dash of chocolate brown and creamy neutral tones. The use of blue accents isn’t necessary for this color scheme but can contribute to emphasizing the richness of the yellow.

3. Yellow and Off-White

Yellow and Off White Living Room

When it comes to designing a breakfast nook, you should definitely pay attention to the color scheme. Yellow is a great choice to include because its sunny vibes seem very fitting to start your day well. Combine a pastel shade with off-white to induce a sense of relaxation in the area. This creamy color palette lets bright pops of color from table decorations take center stage. Notice the elegant color coordination made by the yellow walls and vase as well as the white window and chairs.

4. Yellow and Black

Yellow and Black Bedroom

If you’re looking for a way to maximize the visual impact of yellow, the boldest choice would be to pair it with black. This color combination can be found in the natural world. A good example is the body of a bumblebee. The contrast is very striking and will certainly upgrade the level of drama in any interior space. Yellow and black color schemes are suitable for masculine-style bedrooms where you wish to inject some energetic vibes into a predominantly dark design.

5. Yellow and Sapphire Blue

Yellow and Sapphire Blue Living Room

Using a jewel tone such as sapphire blue represents an effective way to counter a warm color palette with multiple yellow accents. The richness of the color scheme is nicely enhanced by the addition of cool blue, especially when considering the unexpected styling of a painted ceiling. If you’re worried about this kind of color combination becoming too overwhelming, make sure you include a lot of white to reduce the overall vibrancy of the space.

6. Yellow and Green

Yellow and Green Kitchen

Green is a complementary color to yellow. Together, these two colors can create an energizing combination inspired by nature. It’s recommended to mix darker shades of yellow and green while letting the brightness of natural light suffuse the space. Yellow makes quite a splash by itself in terms of warming up the area while green tones can contribute to an invigorating visual effect. Darker shades such as forest or leafy green could be most suitable in this color scheme.

7. Yellow and Purple

Yellow and Purple Home

Here’s an eclectic combination that’s perfect for homeowners who wish to make their living space stand out from the rest. A yellow and purple color scheme can add a lot of whimsy to a living room or kitchen. It can remind you of a long-forgotten disco era. This bold color mix seems to draw heavy inspiration from the retro design aesthetic. Adding yellow accents to this purple interior makes the whole space revitalized. It’s not a style suitable for everyone but it’s proof that you can successfully go beyond the usual color design rules.

8. Yellow and Brown

Yellow and Brown Bedroom

Anyone who enjoys the idea of a warm color scheme should try combining yellow accents with brown decor elements. Rich tones of brown can elevate the look of any room with its timeless qualities. However, it’s worth including some cheerfulness through the use of yellow. Soft mustard tones can easily brighten up the space like they do in this sophisticated bedroom. To reduce its potency, the designer here opted for a half-white wall.

9. Yellow and Pale Blue

Yellow and Pale Blue Living Room

Relaxing and lively, this living room manages to create a beautiful color combination through the mix of yellow and pale blue tones. The walls and furnishings become more inviting thanks to the use of yellow accents contrasting with the pale blue. Thanks to a selection of eye-catching patterns spread throughout the space, the cheerfulness of the area is nicely emphasized. The yellow drapes together with the vanity chairs maintain a harmonious color scheme in this room.

10. Yellow and White

Yellow and White Living Room

Not everyone may like the style of a complete yellow makeover. It’s safe to say that it’s a strong color when used in heavy doses. If you prefer a minimal yellow integration in the room, consider mixing it with neutral tones such as creamy white. You can reduce the harsh intensity of the yellow by opting for a pale shade simply for a slight room refreshment without overpowering the color scheme. Even if you don’t use a lot of yellow, the visual impact can still be significant compared to other color combinations.

11. Yellow and Red

Yellow and Red Bathroom

Trying to incorporate two bold colors in the same space can be quite challenging but yellow and red can play nice together if you love the appeal of extra warmth. Specific shades such as mustard yellow and cinnamon red look more attractive than others if you enjoy a charming retro vibe. If your bathroom appears to be lacking in personality, a pop of color can be the right solution. Notice the bold appearance of the yellow cabinets under the sink refreshing the space together with the whimsical shower curtain.

12. Yellow and Turquoise

Yellow and Turquoise Working Space

A home office is typically designed with neutral tones or without an intensely contrasting color scheme. If you want to give yours a modern flair, however, the use of yellow and turquoise could be a fun idea. The mix between such vibrant colors can appear too bold for some people but others might appreciate the energizing effect. This kind of color palette can introduce a renewed sense of dynamism to a work environment that inspires greater productivity and creativity.

By Stefan Bucur

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