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7 Colors That Go Well With Lime Green

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Lime green is a nature-inspired color packed with fresh energy. It can feel a little challenging to incorporate it into your home decor considering its lively brightness. While there are both light and dark shades of lime green, it’s safe to say that this color boasts high energy compared to the more calming vibes of other green tones. Other colors can be combined with lime green to add a sense of balance to its liveliness or further enhance its bold appeal. Take a look at the best colors that go well with lime green in home decor.

1. Light Blue

Light Blue and Lime Green Room

If lime green feels too intense, you can mix it with a light blue color that provides a helpful dose of serenity to it. Despite its vibrancy, lime green is still a cool color that’s paired effectively with other cool tones. Instead of royal blue or cobalt blue which can appear too bold next to lime green, consider using pastel light hues that balance out the overall color scheme. Depending on the chosen shade of lime green, the resulting contrast can still feel too strong. Use a similar light style of green for a more understated look.

2. Black

Black and Lime Green Living Room

The easiest way to accentuate the dramatic visual effect of lime green is to combine the color with black. With the help of a dark backdrop, you will be able to make lime green decor elements pop in a striking contrast. Minimizing the number of lime green accents and emphasizing the black ones can result in a moody space. If that seems too somber, you might want to increase the amount of lime green to bring back some fresh energy.

3. Beige

Beige and Lime Green Kitchen

Beige and other neutral colors can work well together with lime green. It’s a great solution to impart some warmth to a lime green space and add some cozy vibes to the area. The bedroom can be a good candidate for this kind of restful color scheme, but other rooms of the house can also make use of the combination. For example, it might be a great idea to introduce some lime green elements to breathe lively air into a classic neutral-toned kitchen or dining area.

4. Orange

Orange and Lime Green Living Room

There’s no doubt about the fact that lime green brings a lot of energy to the color scheme of a room. Instead of trying to temper that intense visual effect, why not fully capitalize on it? Bringing a zesty shade of orange can further emphasize the naturally energetic style of lime green. It might seem like an eclectic color combination, but it’s actually quite easy to pull off assuming you maintain visual balance through the elegant use of neutral shades like gray and cream.

5. Brown

Brown and Lime Green Kitchen

The lime shade of green takes its name from the fruit. There’s an inherent connection to nature that can be explored when incorporating lime green in your living space. Mix the fresh style of lime green with the earthy vibe of brown to create a superb nature-inspired color palette. Traditional light brown cabinets work surprisingly well together with lime green cabinets in this kitchen. The cozy rustic appeal of wood is nicely balanced by the youthful energy of lime green to make the cooking space feel more welcoming.

6. Pink

Pink and Lime Green Bedroom

A joyful color combination, lime green and pink can be blended together quite effectively. It’s a solid color scheme to improve the style of a kid’s bedroom thanks to the playful mood created by the interaction of these complementary tones. Just a few lime green elements should suffice to add a soothing effect in an area dominated by a pink color palette. Although this is an excellent color mix for kid-friendly spaces, you can also use more sophisticated shades of lime green and pink to bring an eclectic touch to adult spaces.

7. White

White and Lime Green Bedroom

The airy vibe of white can take advantage of the stimulating visual effect of lime green. This is another excellent color combination that’s versatile enough for different areas of the home. A small bedroom can appear larger with the help of a white color scheme that accentuates the sense of openness. This kind of neutral space can feel a little too impersonal and lacking in character. A touch of lime green through well-chosen decor elements can counteract this problem and provide some welcomed contrast.

By Stefan Bucur

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