Dark Gray and Pastel Pink Living Room

10 Colors That Go Well With Gray in Your Home

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Gray is one of the best neutral colors to use in home décor. It’s not simply a mix of black and white considering the versatility of gray to match the aesthetic of different design styles. Despite the recent trend of incorporating bolder and vibrant shades of color into your home, it’s safe to say that gray won’t fall out of favor any time soon. The color brings a calming vibe and is usually safe to match with most other colors. However, not all hues are able to mix properly with gray to make the most out of it.

Some colors work better with gray than others and that’s the focus of this article. We’ll explore some interesting color combinations that show the most effective methods to design a gray room. From subtle silver tones to dark charcoal shades, gray provides amazing flexibility to balance out other colors in visually-pleasing ways. As you’ll see in the following inspirational ideas, gray can form an excellent partner for many other colors. Check out the best color pairings with gray to incorporate in your own décor style.

1. Gray & Yellow

Gray Bedroom With Yellow Accents

Pure gray color schemes can feel a little dull. A healthy dose of color is often necessary to energize the appearance of a room designed primarily around gray tones. Yellow is one of the best colors to combine with gray for bright and cheerful vibes. This can easily become a soothing mix considering the way cool grays combine with warm yellow hues. Take a look at this gray-and-yellow bedroom that makes a very cozy impression with this kind of color scheme.

2. Gray & Pink

Pink Living Room With Gray Accents

If you like the idea of balancing out the coldness of gray but without too much extra warmth, perhaps pink represents a solid choice. Use a muted shade of pink that’s not excessively flashy when contrasted against gray elements. Soft grays with neutral pinks form a beautiful combination in many types of rooms. The versatility of this color scheme is a great advantage allowing you to decorate both modern and traditional homes effortlessly.

3. Gray & Navy Blue

Gray Living Room With Blue Accents

The combination of gray and navy blue can bring an air of sophistication to any room. As opposed to other color shades, navy blue is incredibly easy to pair with gray. Consider some light gray tones to create an elegant contrast or try deep grays mixed with navy blue if you prefer a more dramatic style. Gray is a neutral color that works great for painting the walls. This provides the opportunity to focus on contrasting navy blue furnishings that elevate the space.

4. Gray & Beige

Dark Gray Living Room With Beige Accents

Creamy beige with charcoal gray represents a great combination to try if you wish to decorate the living room with neutral tones. The shade of gray selected for the walls here gives the room a slightly industrial vibe. This helps to emphasize the contrast with the warm beige and crisp white tones from the other elements. Overall, the design is successful in mixing both vintage and contemporary styles with the help of this neutral color palette.

5. Gray & Pale Green

Light Green Bedroom With Gray Accents

Green is a more difficult color to incorporate correctly in a gray color scheme. Pale shades seem to work best due to being able to complement the cold tranquility visual effect of gray. The light mint green used in this bedroom helps to enhance the overall elegance of the dark gray doors and windows. A more subtle aesthetic would combine lighter tones of gray with pale green. Don’t forget about including plenty of neutrals to keep the green-gray look balanced.

6. Gray & White

Modern Farmhouse Bedroom With Light Gray Wall

Fans of minimalism or anyone who prefers a traditional color scheme can’t go wrong with a simple gray and white combination. These two neutrals can mingle very nicely together, especially when you pay attention to patterns and textural details. This room manages to mix beautiful shades of gray with crisp white tones without compromising on character. The solid farmhouse vibes of the furniture and textures help to make the most out of this simple color blend.

7. Gray & Red

Dark Gray Living Room With Red Couch

This is an interesting color combination that’s not often seen in interior home design. The reason is probably the strong punch provided by red shades that can usually clash with gray undertones. These two colors can be successfully incorporated into a room but you just need to pay attention to using shades that form a good match. Charcoal gray works nicely with more vivid shades of red whereas lighter grays appear more attractive when combined with earthy tones of red such as terracotta.

8. Gray & Brass

Gray Kitchen With Brass Accents

The golden shade of brass makes a great pairing with warm tones of gray in this elegant kitchen. If you prefer a more subtle design approach, consider using only brass accents for the cabinet handles or drawer knobs instead of a vibrant golden kitchen backsplash. Gray tones will enable the brass look to stand out properly while maintaining a balanced environment with the right amount of warmth.

9. Gray & Orange

Gray Entryway With Orange Chair

An unlikely pairing that works surprisingly well, gray and orange can be combined in different ways according to the desired level of boldness. It’s usually recommended to add a few orange elements or subtle decorative accents in a predominantly gray color scheme for some fresh warmth. Charcoal gray looks very attractive with some vibrant shades of orange to create a modern look. Try combining burnt orange and pale gray for obtaining a more rustic visual effect.

10. Gray & Indigo Blue

Light Gray Living Room With Indigo Blue Accents

Watery tones of blue go well with gray, especially if you don’t want to introduce warmth. Check out the way indigo blue elements combine so elegantly with light gray in this living room. The mix is carefully chosen to prevent coastal vibes. The blue color complements the gray elements instead of overpowering them. It results in a cool and relaxing space with a personality of its own.


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