8 Ways to Use Patterned Wood in Your Home

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1. The Magic of Patterns

Patterned wood can look amazing when used correctly. Aside from the popular herringbone wood floor, there are lots of interesting ways to incorporate wood patterns in your home décor. This zig-zagging pattern is a great example that can give any room a fresh touch of character.

Various patterns can bring in some much-needed visual interest to your home and intricate woodworking elements will add a magical effect. Get inspired by the following ideas to start using patterned wood styles in your home design.

2. Herringbone Floor

A classic pattern to use for any wood flooring, the herringbone look can add a lot of style for any room in your home. It’s the living room that usually works best with this kind of patterned wood design but that doesn’t mean that you can’t pull off this look for other areas of the house. Check out the wood flooring in this kitchen. It gives off some refreshing vibes helping to break up the overall modern look.

With proper sealing work, it’s safe to say that hardwood flooring is a viable option for the kitchen. This functional area can make use of some whimsical patterns to beautify the place. The muted neutral tones of the floor allow the pattern to shine instead of being bolder as they would’ve attracted too much attention. There’s already a pop of color thanks to the blue cabinetry throughout the kitchen.

3. White Stains

Patterned wood flooring options will usually offer a basic color scheme that may not be to your tastes. You can make the patterned design feel truer to your personality by adding some extra embellishments such as white stains. This is a great example to try if you’re a fan of a distressed vintage look. It can work best for a sunroom or a large dining room. White and gray stains have been mixed together to make the herringbone pattern come alive.

4. Chevron Headboard

Laying new floors is too difficult and expensive for most people. You can achieve a cool patterned wood effect even if you just focus on smaller elements. Take the bed’s headboard for example. Give it a rustic edge without making it look too basic by integrating some beautiful chevron patterns. The result is an exciting look that will make you feel more comfortable in this personal area. We like the addition of string lights on the wooden headboard for a stylish visual effect.

5. Chic Ceiling Panels

Fans of a traditional aesthetic who want to add some fun patterns should look to the ceiling for inspiration. Take a look at these panels that makes use of quirky angles and high-quality wood to grab the attention. While it comes close to the look of a herringbone pattern, the ceiling manages to balance the playfulness of the design with the help of wooden beams that add some architectural charm.

This chic patterned wood idea is highly recommended for those who don’t like the style of patterned floors. It’s definitely an unexpected take on this trend. You can incorporate ceiling panels with fun patterns in all kinds of living spaces including the bedroom or the game room. It’s a creative use of the full potential of your “fifth wall”.

6. Eye-Catching Shapes

Instead of the most popular patterns, consider playing around with shapes until you can create something unique. This patterned wood floor is an excellent example as it draws the eye to the interesting diamond style shapes. Aside from its impressive visual impact, the pattern also seems to enlarge the entryway giving it some extra breathing space. The arched doorway, together with a generous amount of natural light contributes as well to make this area feel very inviting.

7. Pretty Painted Patterns

A huge flooring makeover can be too costly and hard to pull off for many people. There are some low-cost alternatives to try such as painting some attractive patterns. This enables you to cut down on expenses and save a lot of time in the process. Check out the checkered pattern on the wooden floor here. It’s the perfect whimsical touch to enliven a simple area such as the entryway. As a bonus ability of this painted pattern, it can also conceal discolorations and imperfections of an old wood floor.

8. Updating the Look of a Furniture Piece

Here’s a creative way to use patterned wood. Take a simple furniture piece like a coffee table or dresser and give it a fresh makeover with the help of zig-zagging patterns. Creating a stunning piece like this represents a great method to integrate some eye-catching patterns into your home without putting in a ton of effort. The rustic charm of this dresser is accentuated by both the patterned drawers and distressed wood aesthetic of the entire unit. The piece is even more stunning thanks to the large sunburst mirror above.


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