7 Easy Ways to Make Any Room Look Bigger

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If you have a small room, there are a few tricks out there you can try to make it seem bigger. It doesn’t matter if you’re a dorm student or simply have a small apartment, you can definitely transform the space so it will feel less crowded. Small rooms can be really chic when you use the right decorations for their dimensions. Despite the size limitations, there’s also great potential here in terms of functionality. With the help of some smart organizational and décor solutions, any small room can gain a new dimension to look bigger.

It’s not surprising that more and more people opt for smaller areas to live. “Downsizing” is actually a popular trend in recent times as there are simply too many chores involved when taking care of a bigger apartment or large house. Some compromises have to be made in terms of furniture pieces and decorations used. The upside is that you can create a more intimate space where every item has its place. Small rooms can be stretched out without having to move walls. It’s all about giving off the impression of a bigger space.

1. Use Lighting to Your Advantage

Without enough natural lighting, your small living room will most likely appear even more cramped. A simple solution to making an area feel larger is to incorporate better lighting. Ideally, you should add as much natural lighting to this small space but if that’s not possible, there are some alternatives to try.

Consider integrating some powerful lighting fixtures that provide a similar effect to the illumination boost made by large windows. Bring some creative lighting in the room to allow anyone to see the area more clearly. Brightening the space represents a good first step that can make a difference in terms of room size perception. Check out this bright ceiling light with excellent energy efficiency from Amazon.

2. Try a Monochromatic Color Scheme

A monochromatic color scheme doesn’t mean using only black and white tones. It refers to incorporating only colors that are part of the same family. Strong contrasts can make some bold statements in the world of interior design but they should be kept to subdued levels if you wish to make the room seem bigger.

Whether you prefer cool colors or warmer ones, going for a monochromatic color scheme has great potential. Take a look at this neutral-toned room that provides some inspiration. Notice how all the colors and textures have delicate qualities and boast solid overall similarity. The result is a consistent and harmonious look that delivers airy vibes to give the illusion of extra space.

3. Eliminate the Clutter

When there are lots of random items laying around, the room doesn’t just feel untidy but there’s also the added effect of diminished proportions. For this reason, we recommend cutting the clutter as much as possible so you can make it seem like the area is bigger. Too much stuff makes for a cramped impression while organizing everything better helps to keep an orderly atmosphere.

You can start by letting the walls empty instead of covering them with too many artworks. One large piece should create a better illusion of space compared to gallery walls which are only suitable for larger areas. Consider the other arrangements in the room. When you have lots of furniture pieces and decorations, it’s difficult for any viewer to focus their attention. The result could be a crowded feel which isn’t ideal in a small room.

4. Incorporate Mirrors

This is a classic visual trick you should rely on for making any room look bigger. Mirrors have to be included to boost the sense of openness and airiness when you’re dealing with small spaces. They reflect light and fool the eye creating the illusion of added space in the room. Mirrored walls might not be fitting for everyone’s tastes but they’re one of the best solutions to make the room feel bigger than it really is.

Alternatively, you can simply incorporate just one large or medium-sized mirror. This kind of piece can provide flexible positioning options so you can either keep a leaning oversized mirror or mount a beautiful piece on the wall. The room-enlarging effect is smaller compared to a complete mirrored wall makeover but the reflection should be strong enough to craft a sense of great openness. A simple black wall-mounted mirror like this model from Amazon can bring a lot of elegance in a small room.

5. Consider a Low-profile Approach

If you plan on getting new furniture for your small apartment, consider going for a low-profile approach. Choose pieces that are lower to the ground. This doesn’t just create a cozier feeling but it can also increase the sense of space, particularly if your ceiling is quite high. Low-slung furniture looks great in the living room whereas the bedroom could use a touch of Japanese culture by putting the mattress directly on the floor to sleep.

6. Get Rid of Curtains and Rugs

Removing stuff from the room is obviously going to make it look bigger but not everyone likes the idea of taking out furniture pieces. Try to focus on taking out the right items so the end result will be impressive without affecting the overall aesthetic. Similar to adding mirrors, it’s all about creating the right visual illusion. Curtains aren’t necessarily cluttering the room but they can block the view from outside so removing them can be helpful to boost the openness.

Getting rid of rugs can have a similar effect and further helps to maintain a simple space. Some people might feel that eliminating their favorite area rug could feel a bit too minimalistic. It’s important to keep the right balance with your personal preference and try things out before deciding if any particular décor approach works for you.

7. Use Multi-functional Furniture

Using multi-functional furniture represents a great idea to consider for any room where space comes at a premium. This is simply because furniture is the main element that takes up space in the room. Maximizing your furniture arrangement can be done through upholstered benches that come with bonus storage underneath. Another example is to get your hands on an expandable dining table. Check out this antique-looking model from Amazon that could be the perfect addition to the dining area.


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