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How to Create the Coolest Game Room

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Playing games isn’t just an activity that kids do. Adults like to have fun too as many classic games such as pool and darts can be enjoyed regardless of age. Video games are other great activities that can be entertaining for adults and children alike. If you want to get the most out of your gaming hobbies, creating your own dedicated game room is a must. This is a special area where you can keep all your games and related equipment in one place. It’s also a room designed with comfort in mind so you can relax by yourself or with friends through your favorite game activities.

To craft the ideal game room, there are various aspects you need to take into account. It’s not just an area where you add a foosball table or place your video gaming gear. This space needs to have a personality of its own so you should also focus on the look and style to accentuate the entertaining nature of the room. Adding fitting decorations together with more practical elements contributes to the overall enjoyment as it enhances the fun atmosphere. Check out the following guide for creating the coolest game room where all your family and friends can gather.

1. Location

Not everyone has the available space in their home to dedicate an entire room just for playing games. You might be in that situation but it’s important to take a closer look at your home and consider some alternative solutions. For example, a rarely used basement can be transformed into an amazing game room without too much effort. It definitely has great potential for this purpose if all your other rooms can’t accommodate your game plans and required items.

The location is very important as you will have to decide which games you want to include. Pool or ping-pong tables require some extra space around them to be able to play comfortably so you need to keep that in mind when selecting any particular room. If your basement is too small, maybe you need to consider other activities and add for example a more compact video gaming station or arcade machines.

2. Furnishings

Any game room out there needs some fitting furnishings to allow you to spend time on your favorite activities in maximum comfort. If you plan on setting up a large screen for video games, it’s essential to include some comfy chairs to help your friends relax during gaming. We recommend trying out some flexible floor gaming chairs with great padding like this Giantex model from Amazon. Another great solution is to opt for a recliner chair built with gamers’ needs in mind. This one from Amazon is a good example and can be also used as home theater seating.

When you’re dealing with limited space, a smart solution to try is to incorporate more pieces that double as seating. Think of portable furnishings like ottomans or stools. This simple ottoman with included storage from Target represents pretty much what we had in mind. Guests will find it more convenient when they need to sit down and join the action. Depending on the games you wish to play in this room, you might also have to invest in suitable pieces like pool or poker tables.

3. Lighting

Whether you plan on setting up a video game room or a pool room, the lighting can play a very important role. This is especially the case if you need to work with the basement which doesn’t usually benefit from proper natural lighting. Aside from general lighting, you should also consider investing in more focused lighting to let everyone see the action more clearly. Hanging lights above the pool table represent a solid example as that extra light comes in handy when playing.

Lighting can also be used to enhance the overall feel of your game room. Various fixtures can be added just to infuse the area with some pleasant ambient and accent lighting. If you have lots of high-tech equipment, they will certainly look better with some colorful lighting strips surrounding them. A set of LED strip lights like this model from Amazon can help enhance the style of your entertainment center as well as reduce eye strain from the TV.

4. Sound System

To make the game room more entertaining, it’s probably a good idea to invest in a powerful sound system. Gamers can benefit the most from enhanced sound effects that allow them to get more immersed in the game world. Powerful speakers that deliver a high-definition sound can also be useful to blast some of your favorite tunes when friends gather around for a game party. For a really cool game room, we recommend a sound speaker system that provides a surround audio quality like the Logitech Z906 found on Amazon.

If you’re worried about excessive noise that affects the other areas in your home, it may be a good idea to consider soundproofing the game room. Through upgraded framing and reliable insulation, you will be able to keep the music and other sound effects contained. A more low-cost solution is to get a headset but that only works when you use the game room by yourself.

5. Storage

Many people can overlook the importance of storage in the game room. It’s easy to do so as you will most likely focus on leaving out enough space available to use game tables comfortably. Video gamers will usually run into storage problems if they own lots of consoles or gaming accessories. It’s important to get some good storage solutions like wall-mounted shelves which can also help to display your prized possessions.

Even if you don’t have a large gaming console collection, pay attention to the messiness of wires if you install various equipment like TVs, audio systems, etc. For a clean and attractive look store cables out of sight with some cable management sleeves or concealing organizers found on Amazon.

6. Game Room Design

The design of the game room matters if you wish to make this space more inviting. The idea is to add some character to this area so that it stands out compared to the other rooms in your house. This room has a more definite purpose and it makes sense to embellish it in terms of decorations or even give it a specific theme. Take this retro game room design for example which makes use of stylish details like the patterned floor, home bar, and colorful furnishings.

You don’t necessarily have to craft a particular vibe or theme for your own game room but it definitely helps to put everyone in the mood for entertainment. The game room can make use of some decorations that are related to the games and activities you prefer. For example, video gamers can put up artworks and decorations with their favorite characters. The game room is a fun environment that offers you the best opportunity to unleash your creativity and personalize the area to your heart’s content.

7. Drinks

After an intense table tennis match or a tough pool game, you and your guests will enjoy having quick access to some cold drinks. A practical solution to avoid constant trips to the kitchen would be installing a bar in the back of the room. This is particularly recommended if your game room is the basement as it’s inconvenient to get back in the house for beverages.

Including a home bar in the game room can be a significant investment but it’s definitely worth it. People coming over will love the idea of being able to relax with a cold beer after the gaming sessions. In this way, your game room can also become a more adult-friendly space. Don’t forget about finishing details such as pendant lights or drink dispensers.

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