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10 House Colors That Go Well With a Black Roof

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If you’re interested in making a good first impression through your house design, you need to pay close attention to its exterior colors. Having a black roof can be considered a stylish choice but you need to make sure it matches the overall color palette of the home. Although it’s generally considered that black goes well with any color, not all combinations will look attractive when it comes to the exterior design of a house. Check out the following exterior colors that match the elegance of a black roof most effectively.

1. White

A Large House With a Black Roof and White Siding

Combining a black roof with a white house exterior can be considered the classic option. It’s also the safest choice for many homeowners who dislike the idea of a colorful house that stands out too much. A black-and-white exterior style is pleasing to the eyes while offering a solid dose of style. The neutral contrast between a dark roof and a bright exterior provides excellent timeless qualities. If you feel that a simple white exterior look is too plain, you should focus on emphasizing textural elements such as stone veneer panels.

2. Dark Gray

A Large House With a Black Roof and Dark Gray Exterior

The exterior of a house that features a black roof can be painted in a similar dark tone to create a modern matching look. However, the resulting all-black design might feel too gloomy and dramatic. A better solution is to select a lighter shade such as charcoal gray. This dark neutral tone can make the exterior of the home feel less visually oppressive while adding a depth of sophistication that suits modern architecture very well. The subtle contrast contributes to the visual interest while showcasing attractive design features of the home.

3. Olive Green

A Craftsman House With a Black Roof and Olive Green Siding

Looking to retain that moody vibe of your black roof? Consider painting the exterior of the home in a classy shade of olive green. This muted green style works great to make a bold statement while complementing the dark aesthetic of the roof. White details can be added to brighten up the olive green siding and maintain the traditional appeal of the house. It’s recommended to incorporate black shutters to accentuate the beautiful contrast between the black roof and olive green exterior even further.

4. Cream

A Midcentury Modern House With a Black Roof and Cream Toned Siding

A warm neutral tone such as cream works amazingly well with a black roof. The exterior of the home appears cozy yet elegant at the same time through this stylish color combination. Although cream, beige, and similar neutral shades can seem a little dull, the contrast provided by the black roof keeps the exterior of the house looking fresh. It’s the perfect blend of pastoral charm and modern sophistication. This kind of color palette is particularly recommended for mid-century modern architecture.

5. Brown

A Scandinavian House With a Black Roof and Brown Siding

Black and brown is an interesting combination that suits lots of modern exterior designs. This Scandinavian-style house provides a stunning example through its black metal roof enveloping the cozy brown house exterior. The color scheme works ideally for this kind of modern home style that’s surrounded by plenty of natural elements. The cozy touch of brown gives the exterior a rustic charm that balances out the dramatic statement made by the black roof. Thanks to the use of black window frames, the brown siding appears more elegantly integrated with the dark blanket-style roof.

6. Wood

A Mid Century House With a Black Roof and Wood Exterior

A solid paint color might feel too lacking in depth when used for the exterior of a house with a black roof. The solution is to opt for a sleek wood siding design where horizontal planks provide an eye-catching textural effect. The natural wood color makes a stunning visual combination with a modern black roof if the house is designed in a mid-century modern architectural style. It’s a classic warm and elegant color mix that’s also found throughout the interior of rooms decorated in this timeless style.

7. Light Gray

A Large House With a Black Roof and Light Gray Exterior

We’ve seen how dark gray tones can be paired very elegantly with a black roof. It’s also possible to use a light gray style for the exterior if you’re interested in a more prominent contrast effect. This kind of pale tone doesn’t feel as cold and formal as darker shades of gray. Although by itself, the neutral exterior doesn’t appear particularly charming, the black roof elevates its look. As opposed to darker shades of gray, lighter hues are more versatile because they suit modern and traditional house exterior designs alike.

8. Navy Blue

A Large House With a Black Roof and Navy Blue Exterior

Blue isn’t particularly popular as an exterior color to use for houses with black roofs. Only darker shades seem to work well for such a color combination. Try a muted tone of navy blue if you wish to enhance the elegance of the home’s exterior. Thanks to a strong charcoal gray undertone, the transition to the black roof feels really smooth. It’s a fabulous look for making traditional architecture stand out. The refined aesthetic of a navy blue color scheme goes surprisingly well with surrounding greenery as well.

9. Red

A Traditional House With a Black Roof and Red Siding

With the help of a black-and-red color scheme, you can give a modern edge to any classic farmhouse-style house exterior. This is a bold choice that may not be for everyone. The dark appeal of the roof can enhance the vibrancy of an intense red tone resulting in a unique exterior style. It’s not easy to pull off this kind of dramatic look but it’s recommended to blend the two tones seamlessly in a more restricted color palette. Painting porch pillars, window frames, and other architectural features of the home in the same black tone as the roof can keep the red from being too overwhelming.

10. Black

A Scandinavian House With a Black Roof and Black Siding

Painting the exterior of the house in a color that creates a strong contrast with the black roof is still not as bold as going for an all-black look. Traditional houses might give off a creepy Halloween vibe with this aesthetic but modern ones can appear surprisingly sophisticated in a pure monochrome style. The lack of depth is a serious problem if both the siding and the roof of the house are painted black. For this reason, it’s recommended to emphasize the textural beauty of the exterior through horizontal paneling.

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