Green Couch in Neutral Scandinavian Living Room

13 Colors That Go With Green in Your Home

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Green is considered a fairly versatile color when it comes to cool-toned shades. Thanks to its central spot on the color wheel, it’s simple to mix with either warm or cool tones. Creating the proper green color pairings will ensure that you’re using the hue correctly in your interior design style. Depending on the chosen shades, green can appear underwhelming or very fitting. Most colors work well with green but some stand out as better options to really create a uniquely charming aesthetic.

It doesn’t matter whether you prefer classy sage or forest green tones or prefer more daring shades of lime or chartreuse because green has its proper place in the color palette of any room. If you’re searching for inspiring color combinations centered around green, take a look at the following ideas. You will be convinced in no time that fresh hues of green can be incorporated in multiple ways with many different colors.

1. Green & Brown

Earthy Green Wall in Brown Dining Room

If you’re looking to get more in touch with the natural world, consider focusing on a green and brown color scheme. These two colors seem to form a cozy pairing indoors even though they remind you of the outdoors. This modern dining room makes great use of this pairing because earthy greens used in the patterns on the wall create an organic contrast with the brown mirror frame. The light brown of the wooden chair set is nicely elevated by the addition of green accents such as the decorative plant on the table. Consider including using some light neutral tones to keep green and brown shades properly balanced.

2. Green & Turquoise

Turquoise and Green Guest Bedroom

Whether you want to make your space feel more energized or like the idea of introducing some solid beach vibes, try mixing bold shades of green and turquoise. This guest bedroom illustrates the creative combination quite effectively. It’s designed with an emphasis on a coastal color scheme considering the blend of bright colors with softer hues. The most eye-catching effect element is the neon green on the bed frames. It contrasts nicely with the pastel teal blue of the doors. A harmonious look is achieved thanks to matching color details such as the turquoise lamp and drawer knob. Thanks to the solid dose of natural light, the atmosphere in the room feels cheerful and breezy.

3. Green & Purple

Mint Green Bedroom With Purple and Blue Accents

The combination of mint green with touches of purple feels very refreshing in this bedroom. Although the neutral tones seem to dominate the color scheme, they provide the ideal background for the playful interaction of pale green from the walls and purple bedding. The look stays cohesive thanks to the use of similar color shades such as ocean blue and turquoise. This bedroom seems to find a good design balance when it comes to combining cool tones with warmer tones. The mint green almost feels like a neutral shade here due to being nicely balanced out by the bright purple and blue hues.

4. Green & Pink

Green and Pink Kitchen

It might seem like a very dramatic pairing but green works pretty well with pink. The combination can create a soothing atmosphere without making the environment feel dull. Mixing green elements with pink ones in the kitchen can be considered a bold choice. You can adjust the level of drama by picking the correct shades. For more luxurious vibes, it’s recommended to use together sage green with bubble gum pink. If you prefer more subtlety, consider opting instead for a light pistachio shade paired with earthy pale pink. Take advantage of the complementary nature of green and pink colors to decorate in style.

5. Green & Gray

Green and Gray Kitchen

Fans of neutral tones can welcome a solid dose of green in their interior design aesthetic. The secret is to use the right shade of green to match it. A great example is pairing sage green with light gray. This is a surprisingly calm combination that can be ideally used for lots of types of rooms, kitchens included. Green-and-gray is a recommended color scheme choice for many contemporary designs. It’s optimally used for those areas that may not receive a lot of natural light. Keep these light tones properly grounded with the help of darker black or brown accents.

6. Green & White

Pastel Mint Green Kitchen

White and green is a timeless color combination that makes any space feel refreshed regardless of the shade used. Whether you prefer crisp white or a tone that’s less bright, the room can feel more lively and calming by incorporating a lot of green elements. The pastel minty green shown in this kitchen pairs amazingly well with the clean white of the walls and appliances. It maintains a solid connection to nature while contributing to a serene atmosphere. Muted or dusky tones of green can also work flawlessly with white.

7. Green & Copper

Forest Green and Copper Kitchen

The orange-brown effect of copper cookware stands out beautifully in this forest green kitchen. Dark tones from the sink and appliances contribute to elevating the look of the room. Tones of green and copper form an elegant match. You can focus on a predominantly green color scheme with accents of copper if you wish to make the most out of green. However, it might feel a little overwhelming in some cases. Considering balancing out the overall palette with the help of extra neutral colors such as whites or greys.

8. Green & Beige

Seafoam Green and Beige Bedroom

There’s no doubt about the success of mixing green with neutral tones. Most interior design approaches feature green elements for accenting a neutral background but you can also try bolder combinations. Consider balancing out the neutral-toned furniture by contrasting it against seafoam green walls. This stylish bedroom managed to pull off the aesthetic of green and beige quite effectively. The creamy linen bedding stands out but surrounding elements contribute to forming a cohesive design. Notice the use of similar neutral tones create a more balanced visual combination with the green walls.

9. Green & Yellow

Dark Green and Yellow Dining Room

Blending green and yellow together results in an invigorating visual effect that seems to bring out sunny spring day vibes. These hues are closely situated on the color wheel so they’re not particularly hard to mix together. The only challenge is avoiding excessively flashy looks. Before trying out the charming combination of green and yellow in your home design, it’s recommended to decide the level of boldness preferred. Painting the entire walls yellow and matching them with a fully green dining furniture set could be too lacking in subtlety. Stick to just a few accents and let neutrals dominate if you’re not willing to commit to a more daring green-and-yellow color scheme.

10. Green & Red

Red Door and Green Plants in the Entryway

Red is probably not the first color choice for many interior designers looking to enhance a green color scheme. It can be challenging to avoid the Christmas-y vibe of this combination. The secret is to use red only sparingly, mostly to accentuate green elements. This feels intuitive considering the intensity of red which can easily overwhelm the entire atmosphere of the room. It’s typically enough to add only one or two simple red elements to dress up a green interior. For extra safety, focus on earthy tones of red. Achieving a bolder visual effect with green and red colors in the room can take some more work but it’s possible when choosing the right shades.

11. Green & Blue

Dark Teal and Forest Green Dining Room

For an eye-catching cool-tone combination, consider pairing green with blue. These two colors are part of the same tonal group so it shouldn’t be that difficult to make them fit together when it comes to the design of a room. Blue accents are able to complement a green palette pretty nicely and the same can be said about subtle green elements that enhance a predominantly blue color scheme. It’s recommended to focus on rich and dramatic vibes to make the most out of the combination of green and blue colors. Forest green forms an elegant look when matched with dark teal. To enjoy a cozier style, try using paler greens with aquamarine blue hues.

12. Green & Orange

Green and Orange Living Room

Green and orange colors can create an unexpected mix, especially when contrasting burnt orange accents against vibrant green elements. This living room shows off this kind of colorful and bold combination. With the help of a neutral-toned backdrop, green shades from the curtains and dressers playfully mingle with the fierceness of intense orange added by the chair, lamps, and throw pillows. The result is a room that seems cozy and welcoming but also fun and cheerful. Consider a muted orange with a dark olive hue if you prefer a subtler aesthetic.

13. Green & Black

Green Living Room With Black and White Accents

The right shade of green can easily improve a basic black-and-white color scheme. Whether you’re focused on the design of the living room, the bathroom, or the bedroom, dark tones can craft an elegant style together with green hues. Green walls can be very expressive and visually appealing when contrasted with plenty of black accents. The overall theme in this living room is kept unified with the help of small touches of green such as the throw pillows on the chairs. A solid amount of natural light introduces airy vibes to the area while preventing the space from becoming moody.


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