Navy Blue and Brown Living Room

12 Colors That Go Well With Brown

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Not the most popular interior design color choice, brown can be considered pretty underrated. There’s a rich depth to its charm that may take a while to discover. Brown has some surprising strengths when properly incorporated into a color scheme. It can make a majestic impression when you’re focusing on the strength of brown tones. The color has a deep connection to the natural world. It’s not surprising to see that brown furniture maintains its popularity despite the flood of many modern creative trends.

A space where brown dominates can often be associated with refined taste. There’s a timeless vibe provided by shades of brown when correctly mixed with other colors. If you wish to understand how to use this overlooked color in your home more effectively, check out the following inspirational ideas. We’ll explore multiple ways to apply rich brown tones to your design style together with other colors. As you’ll see very soon, it turns out that brown is incredibly versatile and exciting to use.

1. Brown and Beige

Brown and Beige Living Room

Brown is a color that’s often found in nature. You can accentuate its richness even further if you also combine it with similar tones inspired by the natural world. Beige works wonderfully because it forms a balanced pairing. Sandy tones can emphasize the appearance of brown elements, especially if you also try to focus on the textures. Avoid the impression of a flat room by layering multiple textures in warm tones of brown and beige.

2. Brown and Red

Brown Staircase With Red Rug

Making brown stand out is quite difficult but rewarding if you want to create a unique look in your home. Pair brown with a vibrant color such as red. The resulting contrast will be intense enough to make brown bolder than ever. It’s a fabulous combination suitable for both modern and traditional interiors. This elegant staircase takes this concept to a new level. It’s dressed in a flawless brown and red color scheme that’s fairly unusual yet incredibly fresh. Red elements on a predominantly brown background appear very attractive.

3. Brown and Teal

Brown Bed With Light Teal Bedspread

If you like using brown tones closer to the burnt orange range, it could be a smart decision to incorporate complementary shades of blue. Both teal and turquoise can be beautifully blended with brown elements in the world of interior design. It’s an adaptable combination that offers a healthy dose of contrast. Notice the layering of colors in this bedroom. The brown headboard contrasts with the bedspread while matching tones of brown and light teal can be found on the pillows.

4. Brown and White

Brown and White Bathroom

It’s hard to go wrong with a timeless combination as evidenced by the neutral color scheme in this bathroom. Brown and white together provide a lot of traditional charm that feels airy and inviting. Stronger contrasts are recommended if you want to increase the level of drama. Consider integrating crisp white tones that enhance the richness of brown elements such as wood furniture. It’s interesting to observe the balance of this color palette thanks to the white half-wall.

5. Brown and Green

Earthy Green and Brown Home Office

If you’re looking for a way to complete the earthy beauty of brown without overpowering it, consider introducing green tones. Both lighter or darker shades of green seem to work amazingly well with brown elements such as wood furniture. Any office space can feel very sophisticated with this color combination, especially if you opt for darker shades of brown and green. These two tones complement each other in an eye-pleasing style given how they’re so frequently encountered together in nature.

6. Brown and Fuchsia

Brown and Pink Living Room

Brown can be made a little more exciting when you add a pop of bright color. Fuchsia accents in a brown-dominated room manage to illustrate this point very well. There are various powerful contrasts to consider for such a visual effect but few can be more suitable than energetic pink against dark brown. It’s an instant fix to make any plain interior appear less dull and full of character. The patterned wallpaper here matches the color scheme of the rest of the room very effectively.

7. Brown and Black

Black Dining Room With Brown Accents

Adding black to a color scheme revolving around dark brown tones can enhance the level of richness even further. It also works the other way around when accenting an elegant black interior with pops of warm brown. The lightness of wood furniture can create a pleasing contrast for various room types. It’s recommended to try out the brown and black color combination for a formal dining area but it works great for lots of modern setups.

8. Brown and Gray

Light Gray and Brown Living Room

Brown and gray don’t always form an ideal match. It’s tricky figuring out the right shades to use to create a harmonious visual effect. Keeping this kind of color scheme cohesive is easier if you opt for a breezier shade of gray and warmer brown tones. The result is a distinctive brand of neutrality that feels perfect for showcasing some of your favorite decor pieces such as patterned throw pillows.

9. Brown and Yellow

Brown and Yellow Living Room

Contrasting pale yellow against dark brown can create a stylish visual appeal for many room interiors. This is a suitable color combination for areas with a traditional vibe but it can also be successful in more modern setups. Yellow has this potent energizing effect that will revitalize the brown to accentuate its hidden qualities. The appeal of bright yellow furniture on a brown background may not be for everyone but it’s worth considering to make any living room stand out.

10. Brown and Navy Blue

Navy Blue and Brown Mudroom

A somewhat unexpected color combination, navy blue isn’t typically paired with tones of brown. This shade of blue is usually associated with beach-inspired design but brown still has its place together with it. The mix of navy blue and brown can induce a feeling of various landscapes considering the earthy style of brown. Pick a shade that’s closer to copper or burnt orange for making brown accents pop against a dominant navy blue environment.

11. Brown and Blush Pink

Light Brown Couch in Pink Living Room

Brown-and-pink seems like a random color combination without too much thought put into it. You might be surprised, however, to discover how beautiful this mix can become when you pair the correct shades together. Try opting for a peachy blush pink where brown elements can be harmonized more effectively. If you’re afraid of overpowering contrasts, go for similar shades of pink and brown in terms of tonality. This blush pink wall shown here makes a great statement together with the warm brown couch.

12. Brown and Orange

Brown and Orange Traditional Elegant Living Room

If autumn is your favorite season, you need to try a brown and orange color combination. This kind of color scheme can easily evoke the atmosphere of fall, especially when you layer different elements in warm brown and orange tones. The cozy brown sofa in this living room looks stunning together with the orange drapes and chair. The space appears even more inviting and inspired by autumn trees considering the spread of other matching tones of gold and red throughout the room.


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