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10 Beautiful Floating Shower Bench Ideas

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If you’re looking to remodel the shower area in the bathroom, you might consider adding a seating option to make the entire experience more relaxing. Having a dedicated seat in the shower can be practical but it’s also a good solution to improve the appearance of the area. The floating bench is one of the most popular seating options available for creating a stylish modern shower in your bathroom. This bench style is designed to be installed permanently into the wall of the shower. It shows a sleek, minimalist appearance thanks to lacking supporting legs.

Want to add a floating shower bench in your own bathroom? Check out the following design ideas to inspire a stylish look.

1. Slim Aesthetic

A Modern Shower With a Slim Floating Bench

The streamlined appearance of a floating shower bench can be considered its main advantage. This type of shower seating works ideally for a minimalist bathroom with modern design elements. If you wish to fully embrace the beautiful aesthetic of a floating bench in the shower, try opting for a slim construction. The reduced thickness of the bench makes a stylish combination together with its clean, simple lines. It’s flawlessly integrated with the wall and doesn’t stand out unnecessarily to suit the minimalist look of the shower.

2. Marble Construction

A Modern Shower With a Floating Bench and a Gray Marble Interior

When it comes to the construction of a floating bench stone slab, there are various options available. Marble is a premium solution to give the shower area a more luxurious appearance. Granite and quartz can also work well for this kind of project but the white elegance and beautiful veining of marble are pretty hard to match. Natural marble offers great durability which is required because the floating bench is intended as a permanent fixture in the shower where it will be constantly exposed to moisture.

3. Floating Shelves

A Modern Shower With a Floating Bench and Floating Shelves

The floating bench is used to sit and relax during the shower but it’s usually not used as a storage space for shampoo, soap, and other products. You still need a shelf or some other storage solution to keep all your shower essentials readily at hand. For a cohesive shower design, consider mixing together the floating bench with matching shelves that rely on the same stylish floating mounting style. It’s a great idea to use the same materials for an eye-pleasing impression.

4. Tiny Bench

A Modern Shower With a Small Floating Bench and Plants

Although floating benches don’t occupy a lot of space in the shower, they can still create a bulky look, especially if you choose a thick stone slab. The good news is that you don’t have to sacrifice floor space in the shower thanks to the elegant floating design. Using a tiny bench could be a smart solution to find a good balance between occupied space and overall sitting comfort. Maybe you don’t need a large surface area to sit on. In that case, you’re better off with a smaller floating bench design that’s very practical while leaving out plenty of space to move around in a box-style shower zone.

5. Wood Bench

A Modern Shower With a Wooden Floating Bench and a Black and White Interior

Using wood for the construction of a floating shower bench sounds like a bad idea. The material is simply not well-suited to handle high-moisture environments. However, some types of wood such as teak might work for this purpose. As opposed to other types of wood, teak is known for its superior resistance to water. It’s possible to install a teak wood floating bench in the shower and you can make it last for years with proper maintenance. Not many people would find it worth the risk of moisture damage but it’s a great solution if you find stone slabs too cold to the touch.

6. Thick Slab

A Modern Shower With a Thick Floating Bench Made of Marble

If you want to make a bold statement through a floating shower bench, consider using a thicker stone slab. This kind of bulky design has a greater visual impact, especially when positioned to face the showerhead. Take a look at this beautiful quartz bench in this minimalistic shower area. It creates a stunning impression through its bulky appearance. The thick look might not suit everyone’s tastes but it’s also worth considering for practical reasons because it’s able to support more weight.

7. Contrasting Style

A Modern Shower With a Floating Bench And Contrasting Colors

Most homeowners prefer integrating a floating bench with the overall design of the walls and the floor. An alternative idea is to create some stylish contrast by using a different color for the bench slab compared to the tiles in the shower. A darker color scheme can successfully incorporate a light-toned floating shower bench for creating a distinctive look. The sleek lines of the white stone slab will easily stand out against the modern walls dressed in dark brown.

8. Shower Lights

A Modern Shower With a Floating Bench and Multiple Incorporated Lights

With the help of well-placed shower lights, you might be able to draw more attention to the streamlined design of a floating bench. It’s a solid idea to warm up the atmosphere of a modern shower built using natural stone that gives off a sense of coldness. You can also integrate shower lights in other areas like the shower niche to obtain a balanced atmospheric effect and properly highlight all the important details in the space.

9. Waterfall Effect

A Modern Shower With a Floating Bench and Dark Accent Wall

Floating benches are suitable for more creative shower designs focused on eye-catching visual effects. A great example is this elegant marble shower where a gray floating bench is beautifully highlighted through a cascading waterfall effect created by an accent wall. It features a distinctive color and texture compared to the rest of the shower while still maintaining a sleek minimalist design. The clash of different marble styles makes this waterfall effect truly mesmerizing to accentuate the look of a floating shower bench.

10. Corner Bench

A Modern Shower With a Floating Bench Placed in the Corner

Having a small shower doesn’t mean you need to forget about mounting a floating bench. You simply need to make better use of the available space and come up with a creative solution. A great example is this corner bench design that offers a comfortable seat to use during showering without getting in the way. It’s a really efficient use of the space in a tiny shower while also adding a stylish touch to the area. The gray marble construction of the bench slab ensures that it stands out subtly against the white tiles of the walls.

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