27 Ways to Use Floral Patterns in Your Home Decor

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1. Experience the Beauty of Floral Patterns

The timeless look of the floral pattern can be incorporated in countless ways to infuse your home décor with a touch of traditionalism. While some people consider floral prints and patterns to feel too old-fashioned or outdated, there are still some ingenious methods to use them creatively for a fresh look. Floral designs can have a charming appeal to add some natural vibes whether through wallpapers or furniture pieces. If you plan on capturing a specific atmosphere and craft a French country interior or Victorian-inspired room, floral patterns can help you.

Even modern environments can take advantage of the classic beauty of flowers. It’s a bit more difficult as you need to make some strategical placement decisions to maintain a harmonious look. Floral-patterned items have their place in almost any home décor and this article will show some of the best methods to incorporate them successfully. With the help of floral patterns, you can also improve the cheerfulness of an area. Check out the following inspiration ideas to include the happy floral trend in your home décor.

2. The Color of the Pattern

When it comes to floral patterns, there are usually two main choices in terms of colors. You can either go for bold flowers that show off an impressive arrangement of colors or stick to neutral tones for a more subdued style. Instead of covering an entire room with lots of bold floral patterns, it pays off to stick to just a colorful accent to add a splash of color as needed.

A nice design trick to try is to mirror the visual effect of the floral pattern used onto real flowers and plants as this curtain does here. You can form a more cohesive look by using the same colors from the floral print through other accent pieces in the room. More neutral colors will also look great for floral patterns, particularly if your main focus is on the design itself or other qualities such as texture.

3. Texture Matters

Speaking of texture, this an essential aspect to take into account when using floral patterns. If you have a specific vision regarding the room’s texture, consider using floral prints to enhance the visual effect. This immaculate white bed boasts a few textural elements like the fluffy pillows which seem like a great match for the white floral wallpaper. Other examples can also focus more on creating a contrast if you don’t like a personal area like the bedroom to have a neutral design.

4. Mixed Prints

When done right, floral prints can look even more stunning mixed together. This beautiful bedroom is proof of that. The boldness of the colorful artwork makes a good contrast with the neutral vibe of the area. Colors from the same family are reflected from the artwork to other accent pieces like the throw pillow but in a more subdued manner to avoid clashing. The focal point in the room remains the large artwork above the bed yet it doesn’t feel out of place with the rest of the bedroom’s style.

5. Moody Florals

If you want to increase the elegance of any area in your home, a moody floral wallpaper can help you achieve just that. The secret to this design is to select patterns featuring big blooms on a dark backdrop like it’s shown in this small home office. Other options are to use darker florals that inspire a sense of sophistication, which works perfectly for bold and elegant interiors.

6. Floral Rug

Adding some cheerful vibes in a room is often done with the help of a floral wallpaper but that doesn’t mean you can’t try out similar prints on other elements of the room. A large area rug can be an excellent piece to show off some colorful floral pattern. Notice how this seating area inspires joyful feelings and how the floral rug helps to accentuate that effect.

7. Floral Patterns in the Entryway

Striking a nice balance between a vintage feel and modern design, this slightly whimsical floral wallpaper looks like an excellent choice to decorate the entryway. The chic quality of the floral patterns merges beautifully with the Mid-Century elements in the area. Floral patterns work great for any entryway as they make your space feel more welcoming.

8. Roses in the Nursery

Floral patterns can be integrated well into pretty much any room from the house. The nursery is no exception. This area looks especially beautiful if you choose a delicate rose pattern like shown in this picture. Anyone who’s into a more classic aesthetic for the nursery should get inspired by this stylish blend of roses and poppies. The print is ideal to introduce some feminine vibes in this space.

9. Floral Upholstery

A large sofa is a furniture piece with a decent amount of depth which means it can benefit from a strong floral pattern. Check out this eye-catching upholstery that envelops the entire sofa with a sophisticated air thanks to the bright and vibrant floral patterns. Sofas designed like this belong in refined rooms where you want to make a statement through the furnishings.

10. Geometric Floral Pattern

Floral patterns have a tendency to look very feminine. A good tip to follow if you wish to use them in a more masculine style is to stick to geometric patterns. It’s not easy to integrate flowers in a more abstract print, but this bathroom pulls off this look pretty well. The result is a charming white and blue space that’s soft and elegant without feeling too feminine. This kind of geometric floral pattern is highly recommended for a master bathroom.

11. Faded Florals

To avoid a dramatic look for this nursery, the designer opted for a floral wallpaper that uses faded patterns. These help to enhance the textural feel of the room while letting blush pink hues from other elements to set the scene. The chic look of the room is accentuated by gold accents.

12. Floral Backsplash

Here’s a more innovative way to use floral patterns for your kitchen décor. Instead of sticking to a bland style for the backsplash why not show off your personality with some vivid floral patterns? This white modern kitchen appears to benefit a lot from an infusion of color. We also like the way the background of the backsplash stays white so that colorful touches won’t seem too overpowering.

13. Tropical Patterns

If you’re searching for a way to breathe some new life into your powder room, consider adding some tropical patterns. These motifs work well for a small bathroom where you wish to concentrate the attention away from the reduced dimensions of the room. The fun nature of this floral print mixes well with brass fixtures or gold accents. Given how the pattern is very bright and vibrant, it’s recommended to avoid mixing it with others and to let it shine on its own.

14. Full Bloom Design

Another excellent example of moodiness, this elegant floral pattern can revitalize the look of any room. It’s actually not your typical pattern as the design showcases a giant scale floral bouquet on dark background for added effect. If you wish to bring your romantic vision to life, adding this kind of wallpaper mural is a must-have.

15. Succulent Pattern

A bit underrated in the world of floral patterns, succulents deserve to get more attention as they have excellent decorative potential. Check out this mesmerizing floral print that includes succulents. This impressive level of detail complements the look of the simple staircase very well and could be a hit for any hallway. It’s hard for any guest not to notice this stylish succulent pattern.

16. Floral Plates

Those who wish to craft a one-of-a-kind look should go for a more innovative approach like this eclectic arrangement of hanging plates with floral patterns. One of the things that makes this a remarkable design is the attention to details. Each plate features a different floral print, and all of them have been carefully arranged on the wall according to their sizes to craft a uniform composition. The plates seem to combine together into a single powerful decorative element.

17. Floral Cabinet

Florals provide you with a simple way to beautify your bland cupboards or cabinets. These are utilitarian elements that can definitely benefit from a floral makeover. You don’t even have to worry about messing things up as most patterned wallpapers are simple to remove. Floral patterns can add a small yet very charming effect and transform practical pieces with some fresh style. Check out this floral removable wallpaper on Amazon.

18. Monochromatic Florals

Anyone who doesn’t want to add a burst of color in their living room through floral patterns will most likely love this design. Florals can be incorporated with ease, even in a monochromatic style. The secret to delivering a profound visual impact lies in the scale of the floral elements. In this case, that means sticking to large bloom designs that pack a lot of punch in terms of visual interest. Despite being black and white, this floral wallpaper shows off a large and intricate design so that you’ll barely even notice the lack of color.

19. Floral Side Chair

If you prefer to use floral patterns in small doses, you can go for dining chairs and side chairs. Upgrade their upholstery with a more stylish pattern featuring various floral elements. The dark background used for this side chair crafts a stunning look when paired with the delicate floral patterns. Anyone who wants their seating pieces to stand out can take advantage of the power of florals.

20. Floral Bedsheets

The bedroom is one of the best places for adding some floral vibes. This simple print used for the bedsheets here won’t draw the eye too much yet its monochromatic style can provide some texture for this neutral-toned bedroom. It’s definitely possible to enjoy some playful patterns in a neutral space. This floral print design is soft and elegant updating the look of the bedroom in a subtle manner.

21. Floral Animal Print

While floral patterns are usually used by themselves, sometimes adding some animal motifs can be useful to complete a more specific theme. This kind of floral animal wallpaper can make wonders in a kids’ bedroom or playroom. While you need to be careful about excessive boldness when designing other rooms, child-friendly spaces don’t normally pose the same concerns.

Brightly-colored and whimsical patterns are always welcomed in a room where children live. The colorful theme started by the vivid floral animal print here is continued through similar bold colors throughout the room. A notable example is the turquoise bedframe which forms a beautiful display with the matching bookcase.

22. Modern Florals

When you think of floral patterns, the first reaction is to think of that traditional design you’d expect to find in your grandma’s home. As evidenced by this modern bedroom, this isn’t always the case. Floral patterns and motifs can have their place in a modern environment. It’s all about the way they’re used and the particular atmosphere you wish to create.

The bed’s design in this room is greatly elevated by the floral mural on the wall which seems to act as an oversized extension of the headboard. The dark background of the art piece makes the display even more dramatic. Other elements like the floral throw pillows keep a harmonious design. Any modern space like this can take advantage of the dreamy style of the floral patterns.

23. Traditional Flower Pattern

If all those creative methods to incorporate floral patterns don’t do it for you, it’s hard to go wrong with a traditional approach. Check out the beautiful combination of classic flower patterns with shiplap wall covering which sparks a harmonious impression for this bathroom. Together with the muted effect of the color scheme, the floral pattern adds a touch of traditionalism to keep a balanced look. There are still some modern lines coming from the freestanding tub after all.

24. Paper Flowers

Blossoming paper flowers have the ability to transform any room with a feminine character. Instead of making your small home office bland and utilitarian-looking, you can opt for a customized design including motifs that make you smile. In this case, flowers and butterflies form a superb match with the delicate pink color palette. The romantic charm of the room is further accentuated by plush textures and floating shelves decorations.

25. Floral Ceiling

To make a mudroom feel more luxurious, consider adding floral patterns on the ceiling. It’s quite an unexpected area for placing a patterned wallpaper and you’ll be surprised how well it can fit. Painted ceilings can seem quite bold, but adding a floral wallpaper will take the drama to a new level. If that’s the kind of impression you aim for in the mudroom, a floral ceiling print can help you achieve it.

26. Graphic Wallpaper

Another solution for those who love florals yet want to keep their space as neutral-looking as possible is to invest in a graphic floral wallpaper. The minimalist style of this room remains intact despite adding a patterned wallpaper, and that’s mostly due to the crisp lines of the graphic design. The palm leaves bring a sense of organic freshness to the area which can be reflected in live plant decorations.

27. Vintage Style

Those who want to personalize their powder room with some floral vibes should check out this chic pattern which has a strong vintage flavor. While the print has an understated look, the boldness of the pattern can still use some balancing. That’s where the white subway tiles come into play to form a charming design despite the limited square footage. A vintage floral pattern used on the wall can take a minimal amount of effort to apply while it promises great visual impact.


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