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Hot summer days are never perfect without a relaxing soak in a pool. Unfortunately, large swimming pools are quite expensive, which is why stock pools are such a great alternative. You can approach this as your next DIY project since they are quite easy to make and they are much cheaper than other versions.

Essentially, a stock tank pool resembles a small pond in your own garden and it is made with stock tanks, which are containers from which horses and cattle drink water. Although this sounds quite peculiar, it is actually an excellent home décor idea. The stock pool you make is completely customizable, will not take much space, and you can decorate it as you wish. Check out the next sections for 20 amazing stock pool ideas!

1. Bedroom With a Pool

If you have a bedroom with an amazing view to your backyard, this idea is perfect! Imagine your next Sunday waking up to a hot summer day and all you have to do is simply walk to your stock pool. This owner decided to encase it in concrete, which is a very robust material. Another option to blend in with the view is to cover it in wood.

2. The Path to Happiness

This idea is absolutely wonderful if you have enough space in your garden. The trees cast the perfect, chilly shade to protect you from harsh sunlight, while plants add a natural vibe to your surroundings that will make you relax and feel refreshed. The curtain is optional, but you might want to consider it if you are sharing the garden with other people.

3. Your Own Pebble Beach

Do you love the sea? You can recreate the same atmosphere in your own garden. This stock pool is the centerpiece of a beach-themed little backyard. The sandy rocks add a simple, but beautiful accent, while the tall wooden fence keeps all the curious eyes away from your private backyard. This is an excellent DIY idea for summer!

4. Stock Pool with a Pergola

If you are a fan of simplicity, this idea might work out very well. The pergola frame can add some shade over the pool and recreates a very beautiful natural setting. It is great to add some crawling plants or flowers to the frame to make it more colorful and add life to the galvanized stock pool.

5. Stock Pool with Hot Spring

What can be more relaxing than soaking while listening to the sound of the waterfall? For sophisticated souls, a stock pool with a hot spring is exactly what’s been missing from their garden. It resembles a beautiful, natural waterfall, but you can see the steam in the sunshine. The hot water will keep you comfortable and warm well into the autumn. This is a great option if your climate is not very hot during the summer.

6. Stock Tank Pool Inside the Ground

Another great benefit of having a stock pool is that you do not need to place it on the ground – you can also dig and create a beautiful pond while on a budget. You can decorate your own little pond with flowers, grass, large stones or rocks, or even plant a few trees around to enjoy some shade. The surroundings are absolutely astonishing and there is no limit to your possibilities.

7. Outdoor Spa

One of the simplest, yet interesting ideas is to place your stock pool under a large umbrella. The setup above beautifully resembles a home-made spa due to the added shower heads and water fountain. The high wood fence adds a private vibe while keeping you protected when soaking in the outdoor stock pool. The soft lights are extremely romantic and beautifully complete the vintage style.

8. Jungalow Dream

Are you into the Bohemian style? Decorate your stock pool with a few pieces of fabric. The wooden table and the plants make it all more natural, while you can also keep some candles, a book, and even a glass of wine for the perfect, gorgeous retreat. This is the best way of recharging your batteries after a long day!

9. Sauna Stock Pool

If your skills are more advanced and you have some spare time, you can create your own sauna. You will need plenty of wood to create the bench and the deck. You can decorate with gravel like in the picture above, or add plants, sand, and anything else that fits your home design.

10. Simplicity is Key

Do you already have a deck? Consider embedding your stock pool in the wooden deck just like in the image above. This saves space and the smooth steel finish of the stock pool adds a touch of color that beautifully complements the wood around it. Place one or two plants for decorative purposes, but do not add too many objects so that the stock pool remains the centerpiece of your backyard.

11. Stock Pool with a Wooden Deck

As you’ve probably noticed already, stock pools are even more beautiful when they are next to wooden decks. Although there’s a lot more effort required, this relaxing haven is surely worth every moment. You can create a shallow wooden deck as above in order to keep your costs down, while some pillows and a lounge can be the perfect additions to create the ultimate cozy place.

12. Stock Pool with Heaters

If summer is your favorite season, or if the weather is not as hot as you’d wish, this DIY stock pool with an outdoor pool heater is an excellent option. This outdoor setup will make you enjoy every moment without being worried about the cold.

13. Shade Sail Canopy

Stock Pool With Shade

If you want a simple, but mesmerizing décor idea, note this beautiful white stock pool! It elevates your entire backyard style and it is not a difficult or expensive craft. The blue sunshade sail provides some shade but adds a beautiful accent to your garden. The plant, known as the Palma Pit Yucca, and the comfortable chair are additional elements of the Boho style.

14. Stock Pool with Nets

Adding nets to your stock pool is not only a genius idea for decoration purposes, but it will also keep all insects away. It is a great choice to add some coziness to your stock pool, adding an artistic touch to the decoration, and keeping all the mosquitoes away! This is extremely important as these insects love water so they will use your stock pool to lay eggs.

15. Stock Tank Pool with Fence

Frame your stock pool with a beautiful fence in two styles. The white fence adds a gothic touch to the stock pool, while the wooden fence at the back creates a beautiful contrast. Most stock pool decoration ideas embrace gravel as the go-to choice since it does add a brighter touch to it.

16. Stock Pool and Canopy

If you have kids or you want some protection from the sunlight, a canopy can be a smart choice. You can use it to decorate your stock pool, along with a wooden deck and gravel. This design is welcoming and relaxing, especially due to the open area.

17. Stock Pool with Frame

Another option for in-ground stock pools is to decorate it using wood and concrete. The creative design has almost the entire stock pool covered in concrete, combined with a small part of wood. This is an excellent option if you prefer a stock pool made of plastic since the concrete will act as a robust support.

18. Farmhouse Stock Tank Pool

We’ve briefly mentioned above that the stock tank used to be full of water for animals. This is indeed a truly creative idea if you want to go for the traditional, farm-like look! Add a chicken feeder, a small sink made of steel, and a few rocks and stones with smartly-placed plants. This is the perfect haven for anyone who loves nature!

19. Hanging Deck with Stock Tank Pool

Do you already have a deck in your garden? Complete the look with a stock pool just like in the picture above. However, note that there is no much decoration added so that the pool is the centerpiece. As we’ve seen for many other ideas, the smooth steel of the stock pool matches very well the bright, chocolate-brown finish of the wooden deck.

20. Sand Base Stock Tank Pool

Are you looking for a simple, cheap, and quick idea? Go for sand underneath the stock pool and a large umbrella on the side. This makes the stock pool the highlight of your garden, and there’s not much effort required. The layout may also work if you do not have a large backyard since you do not need too many decorations.

So, are you ready for your own DIY stock pool? These ideas seem extremely beautiful, cozy, and relaxing. You can customize your stock pool to your liking, do not leave it by itself in the garden when you have so many options! Make it attractive and you will create your own haven away from daily troubles.


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