12 Great Privacy Fence Ideas

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The way we live today, finding privacy even in our own backyards can be difficult to come by. There are always other people around, either walking on the streets, or simply in nearby backyards. With more people staying home these days, finding privacy in our own spaces has become more important than ever. Before the weather warms up again, it’s time to implement some privacy in your backyard with these 12 privacy fence ideas.

1. A Classic Wood Fence

While there are so many unique ways to gain more privacy in your backyard, there’s nothing wrong with going with a classic wood fence. Wood fences are great for privacy and you can choose wood to match your house and landscape perfectly. It’s generally inexpensive to install and offers multiple privacy options including board on board, where you alternate the boards as you install them, and stockade fencing, where the boards are installed directly next to each other for a nice clean look.

2. Bamboo Fence

Bamboo is a super unique fence type that’s a nice play on the classic wood fence, but offers more style in a way that stands out. Bamboo is a sustainable alternative to classic wood since you can create your fence out of living bamboo, and you can even choose whether you want a darker or lighter shade, so that you can match your style perfectly. Bamboo is tall, and can provide a great solution to all of your privacy problems in an easy and sustainable way. It’s great for all types of weather, and when it grows, it will provide beautiful life for your yard.

3. It’s Alive!

If your goal is sustainability, use your need for more privacy as an excuse to plant some trees. Creating a privacy wall out of plants such as ficus can provide you with bright green privacy. The main downside to creating a living fence is that it may take years for the trees to grow together to create a hedge. This means it isn’t an immediate solution to your privacy problem, but when it does grow in, it will be an amazing alternative to other types of fences, especially for larger properties.

4. Metal Fencing

Especially if you’re a fan of the modern look, creating a fence with metal such as Corrugated Metal, can provide modern day privacy perfect for any home. You can also use metal to top a classic wood fence for some extra style and height in case you need a little extra privacy or a taller fence.

5. Covering a Chain Link Fence

If your property came with a chain link fence you just don’t want to replace, or you live somewhere where chain link is the most logical fencing solution, don’t worry—you can still gain privacy even with a chain link fence. Once you install a chain link fence, you can add plastic privacy slats in your favorite color so that you can enjoy your backyard without feeling like anyone is looking in.

6. Lattice and Other Fence Toppers

Feel like you need just a little more privacy but already have a fence you love? Add some lattice or another fence topper. The great thing about lattice is that you can add vines or other plants to fill in the gaps for a beautiful and natural way to block out the neighbors. If you don’t want to add plants, just adding lattice or another fence topper in itself is a beautiful way to simply add more height to a fence with little effort.

7. Pergolas

Although it isn’t technically a fence, adding a pergola to your backyard is a great way to keep your yard open and beautiful without blocking it out entirely, while adding privacy. Pergolas are basically their own little rooms outside, and they can either be left open or covered in plants for a natural form of privacy. Even if you decide to leave them open though, the idea of just having an outdoor living space is good enough to add just a little extra privacy.

8. Stone Walls

For some added style, consider a stone wall surrounding your yard. This is a great way to incorporate a bit of nature in a classy way that says “put together home.” Stone offers so many options, no matter what the style of your home is, and you can even change the overall style of your home with a classy stone wall for a fence.

9. Brick Walls

If stone maybe isn’t your style, brick is always a classic option perfect for any home. Brick walls are great for privacy, and have a classic look perfect for any home in any weather. Brick is even ideal for helping block out sound, so if you’re trying to stop seeing and hearing from your neighbors, this might be a great choice for you.

10. Vertical Garden

If you love the living fence idea, but don’t want to wait years for your hedge to grow in, consider planting a vertical garden. Hang plants along a wooden or other type of fence, or grow herbs. Hanging them vertically will free up yard space, and allow you to have the natural element of plants along your fence. This is the perfect way to add some creativity to your fencing.

11. Trellis Fencing

Trellis fencing is a fantastic way to add plants to your fence without needing to wait for them to create a fence on their own. Use trellis fencing to grow vines and create a plant wall to block out neighbors while creating privacy for yourself and your family in a stylish way that’s sure to brighten up your space.

12. Solid Tiled Wall

A beautiful play on a brick or stone wall is to cover a wall in a unique mosaic of tiles. This is a great opportunity for you to express yourself creatively and create a classy design perfect for you and your home’s unique style. Since it will be a solid wall, you’ll be able to block out any neighbors, and have something beautiful to look at too.


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