20 Beautiful Patio Shade Ideas

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One of the pleasures of hot summer days is to sit and relax in our patio. Whether we have a small or a spacious patio, there are plenty of choices we can make in terms of decoration. We have compiled a list with beautiful patio shades ideal for any preferences and needs. This will be the summer where you spend all of your free time on the deck!

1. Gazebo

One of the most creative and simple ideas is to add a gazebo to your backyard. Underneath, you can place your table and chairs. For a beautiful design, you can choose the same color or complimentary ones. If you have a patio next to your garden, the gazebo above has a beautiful shade and it can also protect you from the elements. An added benefit of a gazebo is that the shade will move during the day, creating an additional space for your kids to play.

2. Hang Outdoor Curtains

If you prefer a smaller investment, you can buy a set of weatherproof outdoor curtains to decorate your patio and get some shade. You may also use them instead to create an outdoor, cozy, and private room. The main benefit of outdoor curtains is that there are much more versatile, so you can open and close them whenever you need. This way, you can get a tan or shade with ease.

3. Choose a Marquee

A type of canopy, a marquee is often used to protect against adverse weather conditions. They are usually installed between structures – for instance, you can use the marquee to add shade to the pathway between a covered porch and a covered patio. You do not need to use fabric for the marquee, or make it out of bricks as the photo above. Instead, you can opt for crawling plants and flowers or even vines.

4. Add a Freestanding Umbrella

Do you want the quickest beautiful patio shade idea? Add a freestanding umbrella! Depending on the size, you can have generous shade over your patio area. If you choose an adjustable umbrella, you can easily move the arm in order to reposition the shade as you prefer.

5. Top With an Enclosed Skylight

This chic patio shade feels more like a greenhouse than a patio. If you often have bad weather or storms in your area, this could be the winning solution. It protects you from the elements, casts shade, while the broad glass offers an astonishing view. It is best to add a ceiling fan, especially during hot summer months.

6. Freestanding Patio Cover

Do you want to make your patio seem more spacious? A freestanding cover is easy to build, especially if you don’t need to attach it to your home. There are plenty of choices available in terms of models, colors, and design, but it might be more expensive than other options.

7. Green Your Space

Take advantage of nature’s ability to keep us away from sunlight! Add tall bushing, crawling plants, vines, and other plants to your patio and create your own, nature-based patio shade. Add a few colorful potted plants and flowers for variety and enjoy the fresh, green vibe!

8. Construct a Pavilion

A pavilion typically has a round opening in the roof that allows you to take a peek at the sky while comfortably seated. This is ideal for any airy patio outdoors without compromising the beauty of the sky.

9. Light It Up

This is an extremely creative idea that adds some style and shade to your patio. You can choose any umbrella to place in the center of the table and decorate it with lighting items. Unfortunately, the umbrella will block out most of the natural light, so suspended lanterns can be a welcome addition, especially at dusk.

10. Stretch a Tarp

If you do not want to create a permanent structure, you can choose any weatherproof fabric and create a romantic shade. The result is easy-going, relaxing, and not so difficult to achieve.

11. Patio Cover and Fireplace

Are you looking for permanent coziness? Consider elevating your patio to resemble the one in the picture. This can be easily done if you can build the structure using your home’s wall. Feel free to add a TV and other devices that make you feel comfortable!

12. Add a Straw Roof

A straw roof can turn your patio into a tropical destination in no time! There’s no need to dream about Hawaii – you can recreate the same vibe right in your backyard. It is recommended to buy materials that will resist in your climate.

13. Cabana Vibe

If you already have a cover over your patio, but still looking for more shade and a touch of style, you may consider surrounding the deck with outdoor curtains, similar to the picture above. This provides more privacy while blocking the sunlight. You can attach them to a pergola or simply add four posts and place a curtain rod.

14. Plant Wisteria

Wisteria is a beautiful plant, so why not use it as patio shade? The beautiful colors create a cheerful mood, while the bistro chairs will be the new favorite dining place for the entire family.

15. Hanging Garden Patio Cover

Another beautiful idea for decorating your patio shade is to use vertical accents – add some outdoor curtains, hang beautiful flowers, and place some lanterns on the wall. The beautifully pastel-colored ceiling blends in perfectly with the nature.

16. Take Advantage of a Balcony

If you have a balcony, you can use it as your patio shade. The large, fluffy cushions are perfect for unwinding, reading a good book, or having a conversation with a friend.

17. Home Attachment

Although more expensive, one of the best and sturdiest patios are those attached to your home. This opens a whole new universe of opportunities in terms of décor, so you can create your own oasis from scratch.

18. Daybed with a Retractable Canopy

Create the perfect cozy spot! It is especially an excellent idea if your backyard is quite small, or you do not want to invest in a bigger structure. The daybed with a retractable canopy will prove its worth – whether you want to enjoy the sunshine, take an afternoon nap, or read a book.

19. Go Upscale with a Cabana

Cabanas can make you feel like you are on holiday on a tropical island. A cabana is essentially any structure made of wood or fabric and has an opening. They are quite common on the beach or next to the pool, but they can be a great addition to your backyard, too. They usually have a solid roof and some curtains, so there’s plenty of protection against the sunlight.

20. Create a Tropical Paradise with a Palapa

A palapa has a thatched roof and four wooden posts. This is best if you want a tropical vibe in your backyard. Thatched roofs can protect you from sun and rain, so you can start your own DIY project to create this establishment at any time!

There are so many beautiful patio shade ideas that can help you both decorate your backyard and offer protection against the elements. Depending on your needs, space, and style preferences, you can choose one of the ideas above and start a new DIY home improvement project. Most of them are easy on your budget and it only takes some imagination to choose a beautiful patio shade!


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