16 Gorgeous Pond Waterfall Ideas and Designs

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1. Enjoy the Relaxing Beauty of a Pond With a Waterfall

If you’re thinking about incorporating a water feature into the yard, going for a pond with a waterfall represents a smart idea. This is an excellent feature which allows you to enjoy a multi-sensory experience and craft a relaxing oasis where you can retreat to escape from everyday problems. Many people use the garden as a place of tranquility. Nothing compares to unwinding in the backyard with a good book in total comfort. A pond contributes to that effect while the waterfall helps to reduce stress adding to the overall beautiful aesthetic of the yard.

Even if you lack the space to add a home pool, that small area in the garden can be more effectively used if you install a pond with a water feature such as a calming waterfall. This article will present you with the most inventive ideas to help you bring your particular yard water feature to reality.

Getting the right ambiance and creating the ideal pond style requires a bit of planning. One of the most important aspects is to decide on the right location. This kind of attractive water feature deserves to be properly displayed so that’s why you should choose a spot that can already be considered a focal point of the area.

When you’re thinking about the right size and style of the pond, it’s always recommended to take into account the power of the pump system. It needs to be efficient enough to be able to recirculate water and create that relaxing waterfall. Check out this capable pump from Amazon designed for stylish waterfalls. Another important detail is the landscaping. You will most likely need to figure out which plants will integrate best with your water garden. Without further ado, let’s explore some inspirational backyard ponds with waterfalls.

2. Rich Vegetation

To create the most pleasant pond with waterfall, it’s highly recommended to include lush vegetation. Well-chosen plants have the ability to create a more natural display and contribute to that feeling of serenity. It’s safe to say that no matter how impressive the water feature is, you won’t truly be happy if the pond has a bland look with no texture.

Plants are capable of eliminating the artificial vibes of any pond thanks to splashes of color and distinctive textures. As a bonus, aquatic plants will also allow the pond’s ecosystem to thrive so they’re pretty much essential elements to include. Some of the best pond-friendly plants are taro, cardinal flower, and iris.

3. Backlighted Pond

While the waterfall in your pond looks impressive during the day, it won’t be even noticed at night unless you add some proper lighting. Having a backlighted pond can be a bit costly but we think it’s worth it if you want to delight your guests with the view of your backyard waterfall during the nighttime.

As artificial lighting can affect the aesthetic of a natural pond, it’s recommended to focus on materials like stone which can maintain a good balance in that regard. If ambient lighting doesn’t highlight the waterfall too well, consider having the pond closer to the house so it can benefit from patio illumination.

4. Stepping Stones

Check out this artful display as this pond has a beautiful floating pathway made from stepping stones. This allows people to explore the pond more closely and check out the beauty of the waterfall. Irregular stones have been used for rustic appeal. The pond also houses koi fish to complete the relaxing atmosphere and make it seem more lively.

5. Pond in a Bowl

Here’s a more unique idea you can try – a stylish pond built in an elevated style. It’s contained in a modern-style bowl and it even has a second bowl placed higher to create a waterfall effect. This is a great solution for those who want a simpler pond that can be moved if needed. While the design of this kind of pond feels a little more understated, it’s worth a try if you want a more space-efficient setup.

6. Modern Pond

Lots of ponds with waterfall ideas tend to suit a more traditional or rustic aesthetic but that doesn’t mean there aren’t exceptions to the rule. Check out this minimalistic pond with a simple waterfall. It’s designed to have some urban appeal and to fit alongside modern elements and decorations. The pond has a concrete water basin which lets the water flow and provide comforting sounds while you’re relaxing in the small yard.

7. Lily Pads

If you’re a fan of that authentic pond look, perhaps you should include lily pads. These are excellent plants to match with a stone backdrop and the calming aesthetics of a waterfall. Water lilies have blooms of varied colors including white, yellow, and peach-orange. These plants work very well to sustain the ecosystem if you plan on adding koi fish.

8. Waterfall Stairs

A more unusual idea for ponds with water features, this elegant waterfall has been designed to let the water flow from stairs. It’s a more difficult idea to implement in some gardens, but it can definitely add an artistic touch to any backyard. The last stair can be modified to let the flow of water end up in a large waterfall. This can bring some extra visual interest to the pond.

9. Small Waterfall

Those who have small backyards will need to come up with some solutions to work with space constraints. While large waterfalls look more impressive, you can achieve a decent visual effect with a smaller one as well. It’s a good compromise if you can’t build a particularly large pond. This waterfall may be small, but its water flow adds a Zen touch through its relaxing sound. The good news is that you don’t need to invest a lot in this kind of pond with a more reduced footprint.

10. Rectangular Pond

Here’s a pond that can fit perfectly with the aesthetic of a Zen garden. It has a rectangular design and the basin’s shape is mirrored on the structure of the waterfall. The result is a stylish rectangular pond that has a simple and efficient design. It can be seamlessly integrated into your backyard together with dense vegetation.

11. Waterfall and Trailing Plants

The waterfall of this pond has been carefully designed to mimic the real thing. The trickling water is accompanied by trailing plants for some extra natural vibes. A large boulder creates this waterfall that’s capable of beautifying any patio. The focus here is more on creating an eye-catching waterfall while the pond is small and very sparsely decorated.

12. Koi Pond

Low-falling waterfalls look spectacular together with koi fish swimming around the pond. The natural style of stones and surrounding vegetation is greatly enhanced by adding pond fish. While koi are the preferred choice in most cases, you can also opt for other animals like goldfish or minnows. Make sure you go for a deeper pond and netting to deter birds of prey.

13. Woodland Style

Although this kind of large pond requires a lot of water, the eye-catching appearance makes it worth building. It’s designed with a woodland theme as you can notice from the landscaping and ornaments. Limestone rocks are seamlessly integrated into the water together with various plants to avoid an artificial look.

14. Natural Pond Waterfall

It’s not easy to design a pond waterfall that captures a very realistic scene as if it has been transported from the forest into your backyard. This pond right here appears to pull off precisely that kind of look. It has a mesmerizing waterfall with multiple levels and large boulders. To complete the natural view, various stones and pebbles have been carefully creating a beautiful mix with the plants.

15. Unique Waterfall

To give your pond a vintage twist, we recommend including an old furniture piece when designing the waterfall. The vintage piano shown here is a solid example. You might run into some issues as not every old musical instrument can handle this job. Try to find pieces that are durable enough to withstand outdoor placement. The result will be a unique waterfall that appears to be out of a magical story.

16. Driftwood Waterfall

If you’re searching for a pond design that steers away from the classic elements for building a water feature, this could be an ideal display for you. The waterfall here relies on driftwood that brings a touch of character to the scene. When mixed with rocks and other ornaments, the pond can deliver exactly the kind of serene atmosphere you desire. Rotting wood is obviously a problem, but that can be avoided by applying a protective sealer such as this one from Amazon.


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