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The 20 Best Pergola Design Ideas

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Pergolas are structures used in the garden to keep the outdoor area shaded and create a more private setting. Many people think of a pergola like a roof for the patio but it’s actually more than that. Most of these structures are designed to serve other purposes as well such as allowing for climbing plants to grow. Pergolas are somewhat similar to gazebos but they differ when it comes to some notable details. One of the most important is having a flat roof as opposed to the pitched style of the gazebo.

With the help of a high-quality pergola, you can bring a solid mix of beauty and functionality to the backyard. Depending on the style of your garden and your particular needs, you should figure out which pergola design works best. It’s recommended to check the following creative ideas that will inspire you to create the outdoor setting of your dreams. Here’s a great selection of pergola designs to make your garden a more relaxing place and improve the patio’s visual appeal.

1. Pergola With Trellis Screen

Pergola With Trellis Screen

Adding a trellis screen to the pergola can be a great idea if you wish to boost the liveliness of your outdoor area. It’s an excellent method to provide some extra shade while taking care of the needs of your climbing plants. Check out this sleek white pergola that’s mixed with matching screens interspersed with green splashes of color from the vines.

2. Pergola With Side Curtains

Pergola With Side Curtains

What’s the best way to make the pergola’s look even more charming? The right element can certainly improve the aesthetic as well as the functionality in some cases. While it may not seem like much, the addition of side curtains for this pergola makes a bold difference. It gives the whole area an ethereal look while curtains work as delicate privacy screens.

3. Breezy Pergola

Breezy Rustic Pergola

Not all pergolas have to be carefully designed to protect from intense sunlight. Here’s an interesting idea where the pergola only filters the light to create a breezy atmosphere. It’s a more aesthetic choice as it brings all the elements of this patio together even though it doesn’t really offer comparable sun protection as a gazebo. Relaxing guests can enjoy the movement of shadows as the sun travels through the day.

4. Pergola With a Deck

Pergola With a Deck

To create a sense of cohesion when using a pergola, it’s recommended to pair it with a different structure. Check out this great example where the pergola works nicely in a mix with the patio deck. While the pergola by itself has great potential to separate zones in your outdoor relaxing area, it’s safe to say that adding a deck can delineate a specific place more effectively.

5. Slatted Pergola

If you opt to have slanted slats for your pergola, it’s possible to increase the amount of shade on the patio while also keeping a stylish modern theme. Get inspired by this beautiful patio that relies on wooden furniture and neutral tones to match the vibe of the pergola. The result is certainly impressive when also considering the tropical vegetation surrounding the area.

6. Pergola With a Fireplace

Pergola With Outdoor Fireplace

Homeowners looking to make a cozy dining area in the backyard will often want to add a fireplace. This choice can come with some aesthetic problems. A large structure like a bulky fireplace might seem out of place next to a delicately-furnished outdoor dining zone. Installing a massive pergola can add precisely the needed structural balance for the entire setting. It helps to maintain an appropriate sense of scale as well.

7. Compact Modern Pergola

Compact Modern Pergola

Due to the fact that not everyone has the available space for a detached outdoor area, many homeowners opt for creating a cozy relaxation spot as a simple house extension. This idea involves the use of a protective pergola designed in a more modern fashion with a special cloth to provide shade for the compact area. The result is a secluded little patio with a modern vibe.

8. Urban Minimalist Pergola

Urban Minimalist Pergola

With a bare and clean look, this pergola style feels like an optimal choice for urban dwellers. What it lacks in boldness it makes up in functionality considering the decent shade and extra privacy coming from the attached screens. Mix this modern pergola with plenty of greenery and a neatly integrated seating area to boost its visual appeal.

9. Rustic Pergola

Rustic Wood Pergola

Bringing the cozy ambiance of a cabin to your backyard can be done in a low-cost style by simply adding a rustic pergola. The understated feel of the unfinished wood offers a great visual contribution together with the matching colors of the patio furnishings. During the day, this outdoor setting works well as a casual conversation area but it becomes even more striking at night if you add a large iron lantern that envelopes the place in warm light.

10. Pergola Decoration

White Pergola Style Structure

Full-sized pergolas can strain the size limits of your patio. An alternative solution is to use a pergola structure simply as a decorative accent for the backyard area. Even if it’s not comparable in terms of functionality, it can certainly improve the aesthetics of your relaxing zone. The warm wood tones and the architectural design can grab some more attention instead of the plain house exterior. Add a trellis screen for extra visual impact.

11. Curved Pergola

Curved Decorative Pergola Style Structure

Pergolas can be designed in a more unusual shape to create a bolder look. This attractive white pergola is mixed with arbor elements to create a stylish entrance to a cottage-style garden. The curved style is beautifully combined with the square shapes of the integrated trellis where climbing plants can be grown. As an interesting extra feature, this pergola comes with little seating nooks for a more welcoming effect.

12. Tropical Pergola Retreat

Tropical Pergola Retreat

Here’s a more unusual pergola style that makes use of bamboo materials and rainforest-like landscape to create a unique tropical patio feel. This is a good solution for a warm outdoor space where the pergola can truly enhance the sense of a tranquil retreat where relaxation can be maximized. The matching furnishings and lush vegetation contribute to the meditative style of this outdoor setting.

13. Black Pergola

Black Pergola

With the help of strong contrast, you can enhance the look of any yard but why not add a structural element as well? This black pergola makes the area more elegant while also helping to define the property. It’s safe to say that gazebos or other constructions can achieve a similar purpose but it’s often better to opt for a pergola considering the more breezy visual effect of its spaced roof boards.

14. Thick Pergola Style

Thick Pergola Style

When it comes to pergola designs, it’s good to remember that you’re not bound by strict rules when it comes to the width of the beams and roof elements. Sometimes it can be helpful to choose a thicker style depending on other landscaping details. In this example, the pergola structure has its roof boards nicely spaced for an attractive visual effect. There’s plenty of shade offered by the surrounding trees so the pergola design takes this aspect into account.

15. Kitchen Pergola

Outdoor Kitchen Pergola

You can use a pergola to add structure and shelter for various outdoor areas, including more functional ones such as the kitchen. The pergola here represents a superb addition to complete the look of a custom-built outdoor kitchen. It’s both protective and eye-catching so it’s sure to be a hit among guests that can be entertained at the kitchen’s bar.

16. Modern Pergola

Modern Pergola With White Roof Panels

Pergolas are welcomed features in all types of backyards. If you favor a more modern aesthetic, this somber-looking pergola seems like it would be a fitting choice. It’s equipped with protective white roof panels while the colorful throw pillows on the seating can help to break up the dark color scheme. The result is an inviting spot that feels very relaxing despite the modest size of the pergola.

17. Illuminated Pergola

Illuminated Pergola With String Lights

An easy way to enhance the style of the pergola is to decorate it with Edison light bulbs or simple string lights. Aside from covering the illumination needs of the courtyard-style patio, you can make the rugged beams of the pergola more eye-catching. It’s also important not to underestimate the powerful effect of the right type of illumination towards the ambiance. You can make the patio cozier in no time.

18. Pergola Focal Point

Small Pergola Garden Focal Point

If you have a large garden that features a rich selection of colorful plants, it might be difficult to create a simple seating area that feels properly integrated. Pergolas are structural elements that can help in that regard. Check out this wooden construction that shelters and effectively draws attention to the simple bench. The pergola easily creates a focal point in the garden in a charming manner.

19. Etched Pergola Roof Screens

Etched Pergola Roof Screens

If a classic pergola design seems too basic for your taste, it could be worth going the extra mile to install etched roof screens with more eye-catching shapes. These metal shades can have a great visual effect to any outdoor setting. It’s highly recommended to opt for this kind of pergola design idea if you want to bring some modern vibes to the patio and make the outdoor area stand out.

20. Industrial Pergola Style

Industrial Pergola Style

You don’t have to restrict yourself to the usual pergola materials when planning for this kind of patio structure. If you want a bolder modern pergola style, go for steel beams that add an industrial visual effect. Having all the pergola’s elements made of metal can result in an atmosphere that’s too cold and perhaps uninviting. This is why it’s recommended to mix wooden elements as well as warmer tones in your patio furnishings.


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