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25 Simple Living Room Decorating Ideas to Inspire You

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Considering the fact that you spend a lot of time in the living room, it’s important to maintain a stylish look for this area of your home. If you’re not satisfied with the current style of the living room, you’ve probably thought about ways to change it. Big makeovers can be time-consuming and expensive, however. In that case, your best bet is to refresh the visual appeal of the living room through simple tweaks and enhancements that make a notable difference without breaking the bank.

There’s no need for a complete redesign of the living room to transform its look. Sometimes the smallest changes can have the greatest impact. Whether you switch the locations of furniture pieces or bring a new decorative accessory, simple ideas like that can rejuvenate the style of the living room with minimal effort. Take a look at these inspirational ways to make the design of this essential living space fresher and more exciting.

1. Plant Decor

Neutral Toned Living Room With Houseplants

Houseplants are affordable and easy to integrate with the decor style of any living room. Depending on the chosen style of plant, you can take advantage of an elegant sculptural element or some refined textural punch. The verdant touch of a natural element is highly welcomed in a neutral-toned or minimally-furnished living room. Pick more distinctive leaf shapes or colorful foliage if you want to make a bolder statement through plant decor.

2. Accent Wall

Neutral Toned Living Room With Sage Green Accent Wall

With the help of a simple coat of paint, you can easily change the entire vibe of the living room. You don’t even have to bother painting all the walls to refresh the look of the space because a stylish accent wall offers great decorative potential by itself. Take this opportunity to select a color tone that suits your mood and personal style. Sage green is a particularly trendy color shade to consider for a living room accent wall.

3. Different Room Layout

Living Room With Seating Layout Away From Walls

Reconfiguring the layout of the living room is the most budget-friendly solution to improve the style of the area. Take a good look around the living room to observe its furniture configuration. Consider getting the sofa and seats away from the walls to create a cozier seating arrangement in the center of the room. Another great design trick is to divide the living room into distinctive zones for a quick and easy refresh of the space.

4. Antique Flair

Vintage Trunk Coffee Table in Living Room

By adding a simple antique decor piece, you can bring distinctive character to the living room. Search local vintage stores or flea markets for elegant antiques that will make the room stand out from the rest. Pick an old piece that shows its age if you want to add a charming vibe to your space. A good example is this antique trunk that decorates this beach-style living room while also serving a functional purpose.

5. Bold Element

Sapphire Blue Couch in Neutral Toned Living Room

A bit of drama can go a long way when it comes to transforming the look of your living room. Replacing the plain old sofa with a newer one in a vibrant jewel tone will add a solid dose of boldness to enhance the style of the space. Take a look at this sapphire blue sofa that stands out among the neutral cream elements of this living room. It’s a reliable focal point in the room thanks to its striking color and soft velvet upholstery.

6. Fancy Wallpaper

Floral Wallpaper in Rustic Living Room

A fresh coat of paint is an effortless solution to improve the beauty of the wall but there’s another idea to consider that’s even simpler. With the help of an attractive wallpaper, you can add color and some extra visual interest thanks to the beauty of patterns. Check out this floral wallpaper that brings a serene touch to the atmosphere in this farmhouse-styled living room. Notice the dominant tones in the color scheme of your room and pick a suitable wallpaper that offers stylish contrast.

7. Embracing Minimalism

Black Sofa in Minimalist Living Room

Instead of adding more items to enhance the style of the living room, why not remove some? A minimalist approach can sometimes work surprisingly well if you plan to make your living room feel more open and sophisticated. Start by decluttering the space and removing all unnecessary decor elements. Reintroduce your decorations slowly until you’re satisfied with the new look. The same idea can be applied to furniture pieces. Just one large sofa can create a more impactful look instead of multiple seating options.

8. Layered Rugs

Layered Area Rugs in Large Living  Room

Combining different rugs together can draw some attention to the floor of the living room. It’s highly recommended to opt for a big area rug that anchors the space and injects it with a pleasant textural effect. Layering another rug on top of an existing one could be a smart design solution to add a splash of character. This approach is also helpful if you want to define an activity area in the room such as a conversation zone.

9. Stylish Throw Pillows

Colorful Patterned Throw Pillows in Living Room

Replacing a big furniture piece can be expensive and difficult when it comes to living room makeovers. A simpler idea is to focus on accessories to bring a sense of effortless style to the space. Plain beige sofas can easily look more lively with the help of a selection of colorful throw pillows. Don’t restrict yourself to basic solid color designs or the same textures. Try adding more embellished throw pillows with rich details, fluffy textures, and colorful patterns.

10. Architectural Beauty

Ceiling Medallion in Living Room

Focusing on the architectural beauty of the room can be considered a reliable way to modernize the space without changing fundamental aspects of the space. A great example is opting for a richly detailed ceiling medallion to enhance the visual appeal of a pendant light or ceiling fan. The ornate style of the ceiling medallion might give off some antique vibes but it’s a great upgrade for contemporary living room designs.

11. Bookcase Reorganization

Bookcase With Books and Decorations

If your living room features bookcases, you should consider some reorganization to obtain a fresher look. Books can be rearranged by color to add a decorative vibe and you can also try to incorporate more decor pieces alongside them. Start by removing all the items from the bookcase to figure out how to decorate the area more effectively. Introduce some new accessories or rearrange older ones for improving the overall visual interest of your book collection.

12. Ample Seating

Large Living Room With Multiple Seating Options

While the decor style of the living room is important, make sure you don’t forget about some essential functional aspects. Having more seating options is recommended if you want to entertain guests more comfortably. Try to focus on flexibility and pick affordable and space-saving seating solutions such as poufs and benches. Even if your living room is on the smaller side, it’s still practical to add more seating options as long as they can be moved around conveniently when necessary.

13. Statement Lighting

Cozy Living Room With Modern Light Fixture

Pay more attention to the role of lighting in the living room. It shouldn’t be there simply to provide good illumination to the space. Choose a more stylish light fixture to make a decorative statement. It’s recommended to take into account the characteristics of the room and the overall design style to select a matching lighting solution. Whether it’s an attractive chandelier or an elegant pendant light, you’ll be able to enhance the look of any living room just by changing the lighting fixture.

14. Mixed Patterns

Modern Living Room With Mix of Patterns

Having a staged look with minimal patterns and colors can make your living room very unappealing. Avoid that bland furniture catalog vibe by mixing different patterns together in a thoughtful style. Many interior designers tend to steer clear from mix-matched styles because too many distinctive patterns can create a clashing look. The secret to preventing that is to use a cohesive color scheme where multiple textile pattern styles can be integrated in a fun and vibrant way.

15. Extra Contrast

Black Frame Windows in White Living Room

Neutral color palettes are very popular in many areas of the house, including the living room. They provide great design versatility but the lack of contrast can give off a dull visual impression in some cases. An excellent solution is to focus on a certain element of the room to bring extra contrast. The window frames can be painted in a black tone that offers a strong visual impact against the white walls and the overall neutral color scheme of the living room. This is a highly recommended idea if you have multiple tall windows as the powerful contrast draws attention to their clean lines.

16. Gallery Wall

Gallery Wall in Neutral Toned Living Room

Not everyone likes the idea of painting the wall or covering it with colorful wallpaper. What other decor options do you have to enhance the style of an empty white wall in the living room? Memorable photos and artsy prints are easy to use and more convenient than other methods to improve the look of the walls. A beautiful gallery wall arrangement can completely transform the aesthetic of the living room. You don’t need to purchase expensive art pieces because you have many affordable options at your disposal including personal photos or your own artwork.

17. Coffee Table Decor

Coffee Table With Flowers and Books

The coffee table has great potential to become the main centerpiece of the living room. You simply need to focus on enhancing its decorative appeal through a rich selection of books, vases, flowers, or other stylish accessories. It’s a good idea to pay attention to how the decor pieces are arranged on the coffee table. Allow it to reflect your personal sense of style but try to maintain a good level of organization. Similar objects can be grouped together in specific zones. Variation is welcomed when it comes to scale and textures.

18. Symmetrical Design

Living Room With Symmetrical Design

If you feel the need for some balance in your life, you can try a symmetrical living room design that offers a balanced comfort style. Having architectural elements that are naturally symmetrical, such as windows, can be an advantage. However, you have some level of control when it comes to arranging the furniture. Take advantage of the beauty of symmetry by placing seating options face-to-face around the coffee table to create an effective conversation spot. Complete the look with symmetrical wall sconces.

19. Home Bar

Living Room Home Bar

Setting aside a dedicated zone to create a home bar can be a simple way to make your living room more attractive. This is a great solution for homeowners who enjoy receiving guests frequently and want to provide convenient drinks and cocktail mixes. Instead of buying brand-new furniture for a wet bar, you might be able to repurpose existing furniture elements in the room. Alternatively, if this doesn’t seem that easy to accomplish, there’s also the option to use a bar cart whose mobility brings a new level of flexibility when serving beverages.

20. Cozy Candles

Coffee Table With Scented Candles

Whether you’re into aromatherapy or just enjoy the cozy atmosphere, scented candles can also be included in the living room as decorative accessories. Make sure you select pleasant smells that help you relax or uplift your mood. The versatile style of a scented candle allows it to be easily incorporated into different areas of the living room. It’s recommended to pair the candles with other decorations on the coffee table or you could just adorn the fireplace mantel or console tables.

21. Specific Color Scheme

Orange Living Room

It doesn’t matter if you prefer a neutral tone like gray or a bolder one like orange, consider opting for a cohesive color scheme that’s focused on a specific color. It can be fun to redesign your living room by incorporating decor elements and accessories that feature your favorite color shade. This is an inspirational idea but it might be a little challenging for some homeowners because you need to maintain a proper tonal balance, especially if you pick a vibrant color to focus on.

22. Luxe Accents

Luxurious Living Room With Gold Accents

A few elegant pieces can instantly change the vibe of any living room making it feel more luxurious. You don’t need to make a bold statement by purchasing expensive decorations because only a few chic accessories can suffice to elevate the visual appeal of the room. This traditional living room appears very glamorous thanks to multiple gold accents that warm up the white color scheme. Notice the metallic details of the coffee table, fireplace screen, and chandelier that add a sophisticated luxe vibe.

23. Sectional Sofa

Velvet Blue Sectional Sofa in Living Room

If your living room isn’t particularly big, replacing your traditional sofa with a sectional could be a smart design approach. With the help of a stylish sectional sofa, you will be able to maximize seating space to hang around with all your friends and family in perfect comfort. Considering the reasonably large size of most sectional sofas out there, it will easily become the centerpiece of the living room. You might as well make a bold statement by opting for stylish upholstery like velvet and vibrant colors like a jewel tone.

24. Elegant Vignette

Turquoise Console Table With Decorations

By mixing together a selection of your favorite decorative objects or accessories, you can craft an elegant vignette to personalize the style of the living room. This provides a great opportunity to make use of your own creativity to give the space a distinctive character through your most stylish decorations. Don’t be afraid to experiment when combining different items in your vignette. It’s highly recommended to focus on odd numbers of items and multiple heights to create a sense of uniqueness.

25. Large Mirror

Large Floor Mirror in Living Room

The simplest way to expand the sense of space in a small living room involves the addition of a large mirror. There are various options to choose from according to your preferred design style. Mirrors with ornate frames are typically better suited for traditional or vintage aesthetics whereas mirrors with simpler frames work well in modern or transitional spaces. Pick one or two large floor-length mirrors to get the most room size expansion benefits.

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