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15 Incredible Rainbow Decorating Ideas

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Whether you’re throwing a fun party or simply love colorful decorations, you should consider a rainbow-themed design for your home. The amazing experience of seeing a rainbow in nature has inspired many people to bring the multi-colored aesthetic into their personal interior space. Rainbows are symbols of happiness and they’re frequently used as motifs in kids’ rooms. However, their colorful appeal can also make a stylish impression in more adult spaces. Check out the following incredible rainbow decor ideas for your home to find some great design inspiration.

1. Macrame Wall Hanging

Macrame Wall Hanging

If you’re looking to add a striking pop of color to a neutral-toned space, try decorating with the help of a macrame wall hanging. This bohemian-inspired decor piece shows off a colorful rainbow design that forms an attractive combination with its woven cotton texture. It can work like a charm to turn up the coziness in the bedroom or add some visual interest to an empty wall in the living room. DIY enthusiasts might be able to craft a rainbow macrame wall hanging with some effort but a more practical solution is to get this décor piece on Amazon.

2. Table Centerpiece

Rainbow Table Centerpiece

Does the dining table feel a little too bland? Consider a DIY centerpiece to make a more stylish impression. This simple project takes minimal effort to craft while only requiring inexpensive materials. The table centerpiece is made up of multiple layers of rice decorated with assorted food coloring to create a fun rainbow effect. Once equal amounts of the rice have been individually colored, you just need to combine them together in a clear vase to obtain a colorful display that draws attention to the dining table.

3. Bookshelf

Rainbow Bookshelf

Some decor ideas don’t require DIY crafting or store visits. Just a bit of creativity is all that’s needed to enjoy a fresh rainbow-style look. If you’re a book lover, you should try setting up your bookshelf collection in a more aesthetically-pleasing way. Consider arranging your books according to color to form a rainbow gradient that instantly grabs the attention in the room. Although it’s not the most practical solution as it mixes books around, it’s safe to say that it could be a great rainbow decor idea.

4. Fun Nursery

Fun Nursery

Rainbow themes are ideal for enhancing the style of a nursery. There are different methods to incorporate multi-colored elements in a baby’s room. If you want to make a truly colorful statement, you can opt for a big wall mural that displays an actual rainbow design. Keep the colors faded in a pastel style if you’re worried about overwhelming the room. Another great idea is to only include a few well-chosen decorations or accents to add a subtle touch of rainbow color. A great example is this lovely rainbow skirt that makes the baby’s crib stand out.

5. Fairy Curtain Lights

Fairy Curtain Lights

Anyone who feels that their curtains look a little bland should check out this inspirational rainbow decor idea. You can create a bold backdrop with the help of dazzling fairy lights in multi-colored hues. They can add a rainbow vibe to any simple curtains and revitalize the style of the room. Given how the design style is a little flashy, it’s mostly recommended to install rainbow fairy lights when throwing fun parties. You can also create a fairy-tale atmosphere in a girl’s bedroom. Try this high-quality set of fairy curtain lights.

6. Throw Pillow Cover

Throw Pillow Cover

A big rainbow makeover isn’t typically recommended for the living room because of the childlike vibe. It’s more effective to embrace the colorful aesthetic of happy rainbows by only including a beautiful accent. Throw pillows work like a charm for this decorative purpose. You can swap out covers whenever you wish to freshen up the look of the room. Use a stylish throw pillow cover that features a rainbow theme to accentuate the beauty of your living room furniture such as sofas or chairs.

7. Painted Utensils

Painted Utensils

With the help of a fresh coat of paint, you can make lots of design improvements throughout the home. The kitchen is one area that could use a little extra color to make the atmosphere more cheerful. Here’s a creative DIY idea that involves the painting of wooden spoons, forks, or other utensils in different color tones to resemble a rainbow effect. It’s recommended to use a layer of non-toxic paint. Make sure you only paint the upper portion of the handle to minimize the risk of food contact.

8. Cake Topper

Rainbow Cake Topper

If you’re looking for rainbow decor ideas to enhance the atmosphere at a birthday party, it’s highly recommended to use a cake topper. There’s no need to go through the hassle of baking a cake in a rainbow shape or with multi-colored interior layers. A more convenient solution is to bake a classic delicious cake and simply decorate it with rainbow toppers or other colorful accents. Take a look at this rainbow figurine that will greatly improve the birthday party of girls and boys.

9. Rainbow Art

Rainbow Art

Rainbow motifs seem ideally suited to create a fun and relaxing atmosphere in a nursery. A neat idea to use a rainbow design in your decor style is through art. There’s a great variety of stylish rainbow artworks out there that can fit the right vibe you want to decorate the baby’s room. Although rainbows are extremely colorful, this doesn’t mean that you can’t successfully use the motif without appearing too childish for Bohemian or modern Scandinavian nurseries. These elegant rainbow artwork pieces show off a pastel-toned elegance to illustrate the point.

10. Paper Flowers

Paper Flowers

If you’re not happy with the rainbow wall decor elements that can be bought at the store, you should try crafting some stylish decorations yourself. This fun idea makes use of gorgeous dahlia flowers created using craft paper in vibrant colors. The project requires a few tools and supplies but the actual crafting is easy enough that it can also allow children to enjoy making paper flowers. Aside from the visual impact of the rainbow tones, the paper flowers also bring an attractive textural effect when hung on a wall. Check out the DIY tutorial here.

11. Tie-Dye Rug

Tie Dye Rug

Rainbows can have a strong association with retro design styles. It’s not surprising to see that it’s a popular motif for tie-dye decor elements such as area rugs. If you want to bring a solid dose of color to the living room, a rainbow-themed rug could work like a charm. This one features a striking tie-dye design with multiple color tones that give it a retro vibe. It’s suitable for most modern interior spaces, particularly living rooms where the area rug can easily become the focal point.

12. Rainbow Wreath

Rainbow Wreath

Wreaths are great decor elements to include in any home because they’re fun to DIY in extremely versatile ways. Pick a fun rainbow theme to create a stylish decorative piece that will enhance any party. This colorful wreath is designed with different sections of flower bundles to enhance the textural depth. It’s definitely a show-stopping piece that’s ideal for rejuvenating the space with some fresh rainbow decor. Take a look at the helpful tips that let you craft this fun project for your home.

13. Duvet Cover

Rainbow Duvet Cover

The kid’s bedroom deserves a colorful treatment by integrating some rainbow decor elements. Instead of a costly makeover, you can bring some rainbow vibes to this space with the help of colorful bedding accessories. Check out this cute duvet cover on Amazon that features a cozy rainbow theme. It makes use of pastel tones and a more unified color scheme that’s suitable for a wider range of kids’ bedroom styles. The print brings a fantasy-like visual appeal to the bed and can inspire happy dreams through its fun design.

14. Rainbow Stairs

Rainbow Stairs

The staircase in your home provides lots of creative decor opportunities. It seems like an ideal spot to try out a fun rainbow design. Each tread can be painted in different color tones to form a rainbow-like gradient when you look at the entire staircase. It will make climbing the stairs a much more enjoyable experience as you will always be greeted by joyful colors. Painting all the treads with a different coat of paint can be costly and time-consuming, but it’s worth the effort if you want to create a truly distinctive look.

15. Rainbow Suncatcher

Rainbow Suncatcher

Rainbow suncatchers offer a creative way to enhance the style of candles or other small decorations. They provide a curved arch design while the fused glass construction reflects any light to create a dazzling multi-hued appearance of its surroundings. You can place a rainbow suncatcher on the windowsill to decorate houseplants or somewhere on a tabletop to improve the style of tealight candles. The bright colors of the glass can be used to craft a retro-inspired vignette anywhere in your home.

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