The 10 Best Sectional Sofas of 2020

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Many people like the roomy configuration of a sectional sofa. This has become a highly popular furniture piece to include in the living room as it’s more versatile compared to a simple sofa. You can relax together with all your friends and fit the available space in the room more efficiently.  There are lots of reasons to opt for a sectional sofa so we’ve analyzed to market to identify the top options for this essential living room centerpiece.

Prices for sectional sofas can vary by a lot and you don’t necessarily have to spend thousands of dollars to get your hands on a quality model. Sticking to an affordable range of products is a good idea but we recommend spending a little extra if you value long-term durability. Even if your budget takes a bigger hit initially, always remember that you’re making an investment for many years to come. Don’t hesitate to check out construction details more attentively and choose a high-quality sofa. Here’s our smart selection of sectional sofas to help you get the best bang for your buck.

1. Rivet Revolve Modern Sectional Sofa – Best Modern Sectional Sofa

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Reasonable-priced and attractive, the Rivet Revolve is a modern sectional sofa that has a lot to offer for its cost. It’s built using a durable hardwood frame and features a stain-resistant polyester fabric. The design is quite stylish, a perfect fit for most modern living rooms. In terms of available colors, you can take your pick from grey, blue, white, and black.

As with other sectionals, the sofa offers a reversible chaise which can be adjusted to integrate better with your particular room layout. It’s nice to have it as an extra seat for those times when you have guests. The assembling process is a breeze considering how you only need to attach the legs and add the pillows. Taking into account the comfort and style for the cost, the Rivet Revolve deserves a top spot on this list of best sectional sofas.

2. Stone & Beam Carrigan Sectional Sofa

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If you want a premium sectional sofa that can accommodate all your family and friends when they come over, check out the Stone & Beam Carrigan. This unit has a casual and traditional look that inspires comfort and long-lasting durability. One of the main highlights of the sofa is the 100% cotton fabric used that’s available in color variations from grey and khaki to cream and navy.

The cost of this sectional sofa is higher compared to other models but it has lots of interesting features that make it worth the investment. The solid hardwood construction is one of them as well as the impressive functionality. You can remove the slipcovers with ease and the cushions are reversible. Assembling takes roughly 15 minutes for a high-quality sectional sofa that can last for years. The Stone & Beam Carrigan is highly recommended as it has everything you could ask for in a sectional sofa.

3. Poundex F7606 Sectional Sofa – Best Sectional Sofa With Ottoman

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Poundex makes some of the most cost-effective sofas on the market right now and their F7606 model is an exceptional sectional that you shouldn’t miss. It has a fairly simple design in three pieces including a comfortable ottoman. A mix of foam and inner spring is used for optimal comfort. The fabric of the sofa has a linen-like look without sacrificing on stain resistance and overall durability.

When it comes to configuring the sectional to fit your space, the manufacturer relies on a reversible design for this unit. You can set up the chaise to integrate it nicely in your living area. There are three color options to fit your style – chocolate, sand, and grey. The assembly process is effortless while the construction seems promising in terms of overall quality. All in all, the Poundex F7606 is both comfy and sturdy while includes an ottoman to make it worth the cost.

4. Stone & Beam Kristin Sectional Sofa

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Stone & Beam is known for their quality sectional sofas and a model that’s highly appreciated is Kristin which comes with high-performance fabric and generous square footage. It will enable all your friends to stay comfortable at social gatherings. The style of this sectional sofa can be best described as modern casual. It will fit nicely for contemporary interiors as well as more traditional ones.

The sofa requires minimal assembly so you can enjoy it right away. In terms of construction quality, there’s nothing that won’t meet your expectations for the cost. The dimensions make this a great seating solution for lots of living rooms. One advantage that you will definitely like is the hassle-free cleaning process. The only drawback to consider is the slight difference in color as the sand unit has a lighter tone in real life compared to the pictures.

5. Poundex F7609 Sectional Sofa – Best Budget Sectional Sofa

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If you’re searching for an affordable leather sectional sofa, the Poundex F7609 could fit very well. This functional unit provides a large seating space complemented by a matching ottoman. The dark chocolate color has a luxurious feel to it which is particularly attractive considering the fabric type used. While the leather quality isn’t top notch, you shouldn’t have issues with peeling or cracking as long as you take good care of the sofa.

Assembling the couch can be done by yourself in under an hour so that’s a great aspect. When it comes to overall comfort, the sofa has little sink as the bottom cushions are more on the firm side. That can be considered an advantage for people who prefer it that way. It’s definitely a pleasure to sit on it especially when you factor in the back cushions that provide a solid give.

6. Homelegance Pecos 4-piece Sectional Sofa – Best 4-piece Sectional Sofa

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Those who don’t have strict budget considerations should check out the Homelegance Pecos. This is a 4-piece sectional sofa upholstered with leather gel cover that provides an optimal balance between smooth comfort and sturdiness. One of the highlights of this sofa is the advanced reclining system that enables users to increase their comfort by extending sections. Putting the sofa together does take some effort so it’s recommended to have another person to help.

The Pecos collection of sectional sofas is available in different configurations and this 4-piece is truly a premium option. When it comes to looks, the modern sectional has a high-quality design that can easily become the visual centerpiece of the living room. While the leather used for this model isn’t genuine, the quality and comfort will most likely exceed your expectations considering how you can hardly tell the difference from the real thing.

7. Poundex F6973 Sectional Sofa

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It’s not easy to find a decent quality sectional sofa at an inexpensive cost. Take a look at the Poundex F6973 that stands out due to its particularly low price. It may not offer lots of premium features, but it boasts stylish looks and a more compact design to fit well even a smaller living room. Not many compromises have been made on comfort as the faux leather fabric delivers a plush seating experience.

A reversible chaise and separate ottoman add great value for this sofa. The Espresso black color has a mysterious quality to it as it’s not really a true black, more like a very dark shade of brown. The assembly process takes less time compared to larger sofas and there’s a minimum of effort involved. Overall, the Poundex F6973 looks more expensive than it really is and feels firm yet comfy at the same time.

8. Scott Living Montgomery Sectional Sofa

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With a sleek design and a stable build, the Scott Living Montgomery is another budget-friendly sectional sofa that you should consider. The transitional style of this sofa makes it an appealing choice for many people as it can fit successfully in both modern and traditional settings. It’s fairly minimalistic at a first impression and it can be easily enhanced with a pop of color from some throw pillows.

The compact dimensions make this sectional sofa adequate for smaller living rooms. The chaise is reversible and practical thanks to the additional storage. In terms of comfort, there is only good news. Keep in mind that the sofa will feel a little firmer initially as it takes some time for it to soften up properly. A stylish addition to any living room, the Scott Living Montgomery is worth the cost due to its functionality, comfort, and overall durability.

9. Stone & Beam Dalton Sectional Sofa – Best Durable Sectional Sofa

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Designed with heavy-duty polypropylene fabric to resist a lot of wear, the Stone & Beam Dalton represents a high-quality sectional sofa for the price. It has a timeless look that can feel at home in a vast range of rooms and décor styles. The fabric is one of the main highlights considering its performant construction, but there are other aspects that make this unit worth recommending.

The comfort seems better than you’d expect at this cost. Thanks to the high-density foam, the cushions will envelop you in a plush feeling whenever you sit on the sofa. It may seem a little stiff at first, but that’s perfectly normal as it takes a while for the sofa to reach its full comfort potential. There’s virtually no assembly required so you can take advantage of this stylish furniture piece immediately.

10. Poundex F6989 Sectional Sofa

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With a reversible design and carefully selected materials, the Poundex F6989 is a stunning sectional sofa to complement any room’s décor. Color blends with texture in a smooth way thanks to the high-quality upholstering used. There are only two pieces for this sectional as it comes with a chaise to extend your comfort. Even so, you have enough seating space to organize your get-togethers.

In terms of functionality, the cushions are removable and the chaise relies on a patented reversible design. Assembling this sofa isn’t as easy as with other models. It will take some work to figure out how to align the cushions properly. That’s not really an issue considering the overall great features of this sectional. It makes use of durable materials and has a satisfying firmness for an extremely competitive cost.