A Modern Bathroom With Matte Black Fixtures and a Long Rectangular Mirror

15 Matte Black Bathroom Fixture Ideas You’ll Love

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Looking for a way to enhance the appearance of your bathroom? Matte black fixtures could be the answer. They will be able to provide a dark accent to create a bold and alluring contrast in various bathroom color schemes. Black is considered a neutral color and it will safely go well with both dark and light tones. The matte finish will also provide a timeless vibe to complete the chic look of any modern bathroom. Take a look at our selection of inspirational ideas centered around matte black bathroom fixtures.

1. Round Mirror

A Simple Bathroom With Matte Black Fixtures and a Round Mirror

There are lots of ways to incorporate matte black fixtures in the bathroom while maintaining an understated visual effect. It might be preferable to create a balanced contrast with just the right touches of black without darkening the space too much. A black-framed round mirror can be a reliable solution to decorate a transitional bathroom. It’s paired beautifully together with the matte black fixtures used to highlight the white sink.

2. Accent Wall

A Modern Bathroom With Matte Black Fixtures and a Green Accent Wall

Black bathroom fixtures can provide an excellent opportunity to show off a colorful accent wall and make a bold statement. Check out this stunning emerald green bathroom wall featuring vertically-placed subway tiles. Thanks to the black fixtures, the jewel-toned wall seems to draw all the attention in the room. Gold wall lights contribute to the sense of glamor created by this kind of eye-catching bathroom feature.

3. Black Shower Fixtures

A Modern Bathroom With Matching Matte Black Fixtures in the Shower

Many homeowners opt for a white subway tile makeover as this is a very stylish shower design to consider. The clean appearance of the tiles works perfectly for various modern decor styles, especially those with a focus on minimalism. Although a white color scheme features timeless qualities, it might also appear a little lacking in personality. The solution comes from using matte black shower fixtures that produce a stark contrast against the white tiles.

4. Farmhouse Elegance

A Farmhouse Bathroom With Matte Black Fixtures and a Standalone Bathtub

Black fixtures are recommended if you plan to modernize a traditional farmhouse bathroom look. Use a monochrome black-and-white base that can be accented with neutral tones from rustic elements to create a stunning color scheme that’s also easy on the eyes. The black fixtures stand out elegantly against the pure white bathtub surrounded by charming pieces like the wooden stool and a cowhide rug.

5. Marble Beauty

A Modern Bathroom With Matte Black Fixtures and Marble Designs on the Countertop Wall and Floor

If you plan to create a luxurious bathroom design, you can’t go wrong with the sophisticated combination of marble and black fixtures. It’s a classic design that gives off an elegant vibe in any black-and-white bathroom. Maintain a cohesive color scheme by adding other black accents to match the style of the fixtures. Examples include wall sconces and a towel holder. By opting for a metal frame for the mirror, you can add an industrial edge to this kind of bathroom design.

6. Matching Floor

A Modern Bathroom With Matte Black Fixtures and a Matching Honeycomb Patterned Floor

When you think about incorporating matte black fixtures into your bathroom, you need to keep in mind how the rest of the space will be affected. Black forms a powerful contrast with light neutrals such as white or wood tones. As part of maintaining proper visual balance, it’s recommended to include a solid dose of black through other bathroom features. A great example is a matching floor like it’s done with this stylish honeycomb-patterned tile floor dressed up in a similar dark tone as the black fixtures.

7. Dark Accents

Modern Bathroom With Matte Black Fixtures Contrasting With a Pastel Blue Vanity

White is probably the most popular color when it comes to bathroom color schemes. Any design based on this light neutral tone features a sense of timelessness. However, a modern update can be useful to keep the atmosphere in your white bathroom fresh. Consider using dark fixtures and other black accents throughout the room for a subtle yet very eye-catching contrast. Small black details offer incredible versatility and can also highlight colorful elements such as a light blue vanity.

8. Industrial Vibe

Minimalist Bathroom With Matte Black Fixtures and Industrial Furnishings

Matte black fixtures can be successfully integrated into a wide range of bathroom designs. However, some decor styles appear to be more suitable than others. A notable example is the industrial style which can be properly showcased through vintage plumbing fixtures and wall sconces featuring exposed pipes. These black elements look very bold and intense against the white subway tile backdrop provided by the wall. The black grid design of the box-style shower enclosure completes the overall industrial feel of the space.

9. Symmetrical Beauty

Modern Bathroom With Matte Black Fixtures and Double Sinks Arranged Symmetrically

Trying to design a modern bathroom space brimming with sophistication? Matte black fixtures can be considered indispensable due to their natural elegance, especially in modern color palettes based on gray and navy blue. Instead of focusing too much on vibrant color combinations, the bathroom can look very attractive when you pay attention to the geometry of the elements and emphasize the beauty of symmetry. Take a look at this stunning double-sink vanity with symmetrical matte black fixtures matching the dark wall sconces to form a balanced visual impression.

10. Mid-Century Style

If you want to make your bathroom stand out from the rest, you should consider getting inspiration from a timeless decor style such as mid-century modern. It’s a more unusual choice when it comes to a bathroom makeover but the right elements can easily offer a proper nod to the style. Black and wood tones are frequently used together for an authentic mid-century modern effect. This is where elegant matte black fixtures come into play as they blend beautifully with the shower floor and accents such as the bathtub stool.

11. Bold Minimalism

A Modern Gray Bathroom With Matte Black Fixtures in a Sleek Minimalist Design

Homeowners who enjoy the appeal of minimalism should consider expanding their bathroom color palette to dark neutrals for a bolder visual style. A modern gray tile wall forms an elegant backdrop for a floating vanity in charcoal black. This kind of large dark element can have a pretty large visual impact, especially if you contrast it with a light neutral shade. Keep your minimalism design cohesive by integrating sleek black fixtures to complement the black vanity and elevate the overall style of the bathroom.

12. Feminine Charm

A Charming Feminine Bathroom With Matte Black Fixtures and Pale Pink Tiles

Black and pink can create a fairly dramatic combination. If you’re interested in this kind of distinctive color scheme for the bathroom, it’s recommended to pay close attention to the way you’re blending these two colors together. Pick a muted pastel shade of pink that doesn’t feel overwhelming to the eye as it works similarly to a neutral tone. Sprinkle black elements like fixtures, lights, and other accents to create a harmonious mix. With the help of a pink tile wall, the bathroom can bring some feminine charm to mingle with the masculine vibe of the black fixtures.

13. Cozy Space

A Cozy Bathroom With Matte Black Fixtures and Warm Wood Details

Wood tones are able to bring some warmth to a classic white bathroom resulting in a cozy color scheme. If you focus on a neutral design style for this area, the plumbing fixtures can easily blend in and appear unremarkable. Thanks to a matte black finish, you will be able to make a great aesthetic upgrade. The bathroom fixtures will stand out elegantly against the light neutral tones for a more charming visual appeal. Keep both the sink and the shower fixtures in the same elegant black style for a uniform design.

14. Honeycomb Pattern

A Modern Bathroom With Matte Black Fixtures and Dark Honeycomb Patterned Wall Tiles

Some people consider black-and-white bathroom designs plain and monotonous. It’s true that a monochromatic color scheme might not appear very exciting at first impression. However, the right design elements and accents can bring a sense of character to this kind of bathroom style. Consider pairing matte black fixtures with white sinks featuring beautiful matching dark edges. These elements will look stunning against the honeycomb-patterned wall that adds great textural depth to the area.

15. Black Fixtures and Gold Accents

A Modern Bathroom With Matte Black Fixtures and Gold Accents

Planning to incorporate a touch of glam in the bathroom? Gold accents can be considered ideal for this purpose but you need the right elements to make the most out of their bold aesthetic. Black seems like a solid color partner for gold to highlight its natural shine and intensify its overall visual impact. A matte black vanity with gold brass hardware can easily provide a luxurious vibe to any modern bathroom. Complete it with matching black fixtures and use other gold details for proper color coordination.


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