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10 Vivid Accent Chair Decor Ideas

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Decorative accent chairs are making a come back. Not only has the furniture become the easiest way to energize your space, but their form is just as imperative to their function. These four-legged beauties are the missing link to a variety of interior design styles, and our favorite part of the accent chair is their versatile attributes ranging from different shapes, colors, fabrics, prints, and materials.

Available in every decorating style and color, accent chairs add a punch of personality to invigorate neutral colored rooms, welcome a leisure seating arrangement and transform color palettes around quickly. Everybody always remembers the chairs that stand out, but the key to keep in mind when decorating with accent chairs is to integrate them into your design in the best way that fits. Here are our favorite 10 ways to use accent chairs to their fullest.

1. Position an Accent Chair Near a Window

Adding a chic, neutral colored accent chair to a room is a great way to add interest, and there are certain areas where they work best. If the room you’re decorating gets natural light through a large window, it’s best not to hide the chair away in a corner. Utilize the natural sunlight and position the chair in front of the window, facing away from the sunlight.

Another way to spice up accent chairs by the window is to position a matching color lamp nearby. Look for lamps that stand tall enough to project light on the entire chair and the surrounding ground. Accent lights are the preferred option to create a stand out expose of your new accent chair.

2. Mix and Match it Up

You may find a set of twin matching accent chairs as the ideal combination, but mixing and matching chairs of the same style with different patterns and colors can be a unique juxtaposition. Why choose identical chairs, when you can add more dynamics and energy with multiple patterns. Look for sets of accent chairs that are available in similar patterns, but different colors.

Go for a zig-zag design printed with white and black lines, and accompany it with a chair of the same colors with circles or straight lines. This coordination looks fabulous when the accent chairs are paired with other accents in the room such as matching rugs or hardwood floors.

3. Glam it Up

Choose a silky, velvety fabric that is smooth to the touch and shines bright. Luxurious patterns comprised of matching colors make a bold state and become the centerpiece of the room. Not only are they gorgeous to stare at, but they provide hours of sitting comfort.

From gold metal accents like satin brass that create the frame of the chair, to glamorous and loud fabrics the idea is to go over the top with a chair that has a world of its own. Pair a royal blue accent chair with white walls and a hardwood floor for a contemporary look. Go with a turquoise accent chair with golden upholstered buttons for something more modern.

4. Bohemian Accent Chairs

The special trick for incorporating bohemian patterns on accent chairs is to pair them with accent pillows and throws of a similar color. Such a combination lends a pop of pattern to dining rooms and breakfast nooks. Since bohemian designs are energetic and loud, try to pair them with matching pastel colored accents to balance the look.

Bohemian accent chairs exude an eclectic vibe that creates a lived-in look. Try vintage and whimsy patterns, and cover part of the chair with a fringed throw. Surround the accent chair with potted plants to give the space an organic and fresh touch.

5. Go Farmhouse and Rustic

Wooden frames and outdoorsy themed patterns are the two key attributes that give an accent chair an outdoor and natural vibe that blends nicely in summer homes, cabins and rustic retreats. Choose an accent chair with arms made of smooth curved oak or cherry wood as the frame. Let the natural pattern of the wood take center stage by outfitting it with a solid color seat cushion of black, caramel or brown.

For a more traditional looking chair, go with an ikat-style fabric. This is a unique dyeing technique used to create patterns by dyeing individual strands, and there are plenty of ikat designs to choose.

6. Simplify with a Mid-century Modern Accent Chair

Go wild or keep it on the calmer side with a bold mid-century modern accent chair for an effortless look in any room. Try bright pastel colors such as light blue or yellow with whimsical lines and contrasting dark wooden legs. For a retro and playful look, you can never go wrong with fancy faux fur on a gold colored frame. Fluffy faux fur creates a lighthearted look that can be intensified through leopard print patterns and more.

For a more minimalist look, go with an accent chair made entirely of wood that features colored accents in the form of leather seat and back cushions.

7. Focus on Scale and Proportion

Accent chairs are naturally small pieces of furniture that should not be smothered by large tables and tall bookshelves. Try to keep all of the paired furniture within the same size, or choose one piece to stand out to make a statement. Try pairing a set of accent chairs with a low standing coffee table. Another way to avoid overbearing chic and beautiful accent chairs is by positioning them away from larger pieces of furniture in the room.

8. The Classic Wingback Chair

If you’re looking for a larger sized chair, go for wingback accent chairs which are generous in size and pair nicely with bigger furniture like sofas. A signature style that never gets old, wingback chairs are designed to protect the inhabitant from drafts thanks to their protruding wing-like armrests. Place wingback chairs on the opposite side of the dining table to create a throne-like environment that really stands out. Remember that wingback chairs are not easy to use and should be considered as stationary furniture.

9. Be Bold With The Bergère

Travel back in time with the classic Bergère accent chair. As the name suggests, the chair boasts a signature French style that features an upholstered back with armrests and an exposed wooden frame. These are perfect chairs if you’re aim is to utilize the accent chair as a daily piece of furniture. Designed for comfort, the Bergère features a wider and deeper seat than most accent chairs. To top it off, this style exudes nobility as a timeless piece of furniture that is most commonly positioned in pairs on opposite sides of a room.

10. The Club Chair

Last on our list is the classic club chair which is known to have originated out of the gentlemen’s clubs of France. Pairs of clubs chairs go perfect on sheltered outdoor patios and living rooms where getting cozy with a book or great conversation takes place. Go with a Club Chair with a nail-head trim and wooden armrests. While a major purpose of accent chairs is to add energy to a room, the Club chair makes use of the best of both worlds; it’s a classic design and one of the most comfortable accent chairs to sit, thanks to the long backrest and extended seating area.

By Stefan Bucur

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