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8 Colors That Go Well With Olive Green

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Olive green is a beautiful shade that shows off great versatility when it comes to interior home decor. Many design experts view this green tone as a neutral color due to its naturally earthy vibe. Incorporating the distinctive visual effect of olive green together with other colors shouldn’t be particularly difficult as long as you have a clear design vision. In the right color scheme, olive green can become truly sophisticated or boldly whimsical. Let’s explore the best colors to consider if you wish to incorporate the earthy beauty of olive green in your home.

1. Pink

An Olive Green Living Room With Pink Furniture and Accessories

A muted shade of olive green can work incredibly well to create a distinctive neutral color palette. It also provides the right opportunity for bold colors to show off a sense of excitement. If you’re looking to incorporate a pop of stylish color into an olive green room, pink represents an excellent choice. It balances out the gloomy vibe of olive green through its youthful intensity. You can use a vibrant pink accent chair that creates a stunning contrast against the backdrop provided by the olive green area rug.

2. Blue

A Blue Living Room With Olive Green Furniture and Painted Ceiling

When it comes to classic color combinations involving olive green, blue seems to stand out. It matches the earthy elegance of olive green with a cool calming effect. The result is a balanced color scheme that’s colorful yet doesn’t feel too overpowering to the eye. Both dark and light shades of olive green and blue can be used successfully together. Consider mixing different tones together for fresh visual interest. If you’re afraid of making the room feel cold, it’s recommended to blend lighter shades that evoke a calm atmosphere.

3. Wood Tones

An Olive Green Living Room With Wood Furniture

Looking for a way to make olive green properly integrated into your room design? A simple solution is to rely on natural wood tones that perfectly complement the earthy appeal of the green. In this case, nature works as a great source of inspiration to design an attractive color palette. If you’ve decided to paint the walls in the living room in a neutral olive green style, it’s highly recommended to use it as a backdrop for wooden furniture which also adds plenty of textural appeal to the space.

4. Gray

An Olive Green Living Room With Gray Area Rug and Painted Ceiling

With the help of a neutral tone like gray, you can introduce an eye-catching olive green element to the room without unbalancing the color scheme. Gray maintains a soft and serene atmosphere, especially if you choose a lighter shade with blue undertones. Keep the main features of the room gray such as the walls while including olive green through furniture pieces or small accents. It’s usually enough to add a single large element such as a sofa to pull off this stylish color combination.

5. Black

An Olive Green Bedroom With a Black Bed and Accent Wall

An easy way to improve the elegance and sophistication of olive green is through the addition of black elements. These two colors can make a sleek combination together. Depending on how many olive green accents you use, it’s safe to say that you can create a pretty dramatic aesthetic. The comforting vibe of this shade of green makes it suitable for decorating the bedroom. Keep the background in a neutral style by mixing black and white. This allows for the seamless integration of cozy olive green accents that give the room a distinctive personality.

6. Tan

An Olive Green Dining Room With Tan Dining Chairs

Tan works great alongside olive green if you want to make a formal space feel cozy and inviting. This transitional dining room makes use of the earthy style of olive green to create a beautiful accent wall. It looks surprisingly elegant and refined. However, to prevent the space from appearing too cold, the green shade is nicely blended in a warm neutral color palette. Shades of tan soften the visual impact of olive green and, together with brown tones, match the earthy appeal of the accent wall.

7. Orange

An Olive Green Eclectic Kitchen With an Orange Backsplash

It might seem like an unlikely pairing but olive green looks great together with orange, especially if you want to add some retro vibes to the room. Orange provides some playful warmth that’s a welcomed addition for enlivening the style of this green tone. Take a look at this mid-century kitchen remodel that blends these two colors together in an eye-catching contrast. Olive green works effectively as a background color in this case allowing vibrant apricot orange accents to make a bold statement.

8. White

An Olive Green Living Room With White Wainscoting and Bay Windows

White is the best color partner for olive green if you wish to maintain a bright atmosphere. Although olive green features in the room can appear very stylish, they tend to darken up the space. You can make the room feel more welcoming by incorporating a healthy dose of white. This classic neutral choice allows dark olive green accents to stand out quite prominently. Check out this elegant dining room where the olive green paint on the wall creates a gorgeous contrast with the white wainscoting panels and bay windows.

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