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The 6 Best Cabinet Colors for Black Countertops

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If you’ve decided to invest in an elegant black countertop for your kitchen, it’s important to consider how it will blend together with the cabinets. Dark granite countertops feature a sense of classy sophistication thanks to their reflective surface. It’s safe to say that a strong dose of black in this room can bring an air of formality. You will need to figure out the best cabinet colors to use for matching the bold aesthetic of a black countertop and complementing its distinguished atmosphere. Here are our top picks worth considering.

1. Light Wood

A Modern Kitchen With Black Countertops and Light Wood Cabinets

An all-natural look can appear surprisingly gorgeous if you use black countertops. Thanks to the subtle warm effect of light wood cabinets, the dark elegance of the countertops will stand out more effectively. Modern minimalist kitchens can appear stunning with this kind of neutral color palette. Make sure you also include black for other elements of the kitchen such as the backsplash. It results in a more cohesive design that highlights the decidedly modern presence of black.

2. White

A Modern Farmhouse Kitchen With Black Countertops and White Cabinets

If you want to create a timeless look in the kitchen, your best bet is to combine black countertops with white cabinets resulting in a sleek monochromatic effect. Despite the strong contrast between these two colors, the atmosphere doesn’t feel oppressive because the color palette is based on neutrals. Pick a crisp white tone that helps to emphasize the dark appearance of the countertops. The best part about this color combination is that it’s amazingly versatile and should work easily in both traditional and modern kitchens.

3. Green

A Luxurious Kitchen With Black Countertops and Emerald Green Cabinets

Looking to try a more colorful look? Painting the cabinets in a vibrant green tone could work to complement the elegance of the black countertops while upgrading the style of the entire kitchen. Lots of green shades can be paired successfully with black countertops. It depends on the kind of decor vibe you prefer. If you wish to accentuate the moody effect of the countertop, it’s recommended to opt for a darker tone like hunter-green or forest green. Include some gold details to increase sophistication to a new level.

4. Blue

A Kitchen With Black Countertops and Blue Cabinets

Whether it’s a slate, navy, or teal shade, blue is one of the most visually-appealing choices for cabinets matching black countertops. This color combination can be easily incorporated into a multitude of design styles but it seems best suited to modern kitchens. This contemporary cooking space shows off many subtle details that hint towards farmhouse inspiration. The neutral blend of wood and white tones makes a striking contrast with the black countertop and blue cabinets. It’s recommended to select a lighter, more calming blue shade to offset the bold aesthetic of the countertop.

5. Gray

A Modern Kitchen With Black Countertops and Light Gray Cabinets

Gray cabinets can greatly enhance the elegance of any modern kitchen equipped with black countertops. It might seem that gray and black create a fairly bland combination but you can pull off a very sophisticated look with a solid monochrome appeal. On this kind of dark neutral background, any colorful accents will be effortlessly highlighted. If you’re worried about creating an atmosphere that’s too gloomy, it’s recommended to opt for a light gray cabinetry style and plenty of ambient lighting to warm up the space.

6. Black

A Luxurious Kitchen With Black Countertops and Matching Cabinets

Not many homeowners would be willing to fully commit to a black color scheme when designing a kitchen. If you choose to go this route, you should consider pairing glossy black countertops with shiny dark cabinets for a seamless visual match. The resulting all-black cooking space evokes a dramatic feel while maintaining a richly elegant atmosphere. Lots of Scandinavian-inspired kitchen designs tend to feature generous doses of black but any modern decor style can successfully embrace this distinctive aesthetic.

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