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15 Amazing Christmas Tree Colors

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As the winter holidays approach, it’s time to make plans about the best Christmas decorations to use throughout your home. Preparing the Christmas tree represents an important aspect of the festivities. The color scheme of the tree plays a major role when it comes to setting up the proper Christmas mood. Aside from traditional color options, this year brings many new trends worth considering to make your Christmas tree stand out.

Christmas tree colors don’t just refer to distinctive tonal combinations created from decorations. You could also pick colorful artificial trees that put a unique twist on the classic Christmas look. Regardless of the kind of color palette you prefer for your Christmas tree, make sure you always take into account the surroundings. Get inspired by the colors already present in the space or change the area accordingly to ensure that your Christmas tree color scheme fits properly.

Let’s explore the most amazing Christmas tree colors to use in your holiday decor.

1. Teal

Teak Christmas Tree

A teal ribbon can bring an unexpected touch of color to a traditional red and green Christmas tree. Many shades of blue are trending this season, especially jewel tones or dark blue styles like navy. A splash of teal helps to provide a modern edge to classic Christmas tree designs. It contrasts very beautifully with the adorning flashes of gold lights.

2. Frosted White

Frosted White Christmas Tree

All-white Christmas trees are just as popular as last year. However, it looks like the frosted snow-flocked look experienced a great surge in popularity. It’s not surprising considering how the overall home design trend moved heavily toward neutral and rustic tones. The frosted texture effect adds some extra depth to the usual all-white Christmas tree look. It’s recommended to enhance the level of shine with metallic decorations that provide additional festive interest.

3. Sage Green and Ivory

Sage Green and Ivory Christmas Tree

Mixing the forest green tone of typical Christmas trees with sage green decorations could be a smart idea to capitalize on the monochromatic trend. Sage green is extremely popular for various interior decor applications. Why not try it for a distinctive Christmas tree color scheme? If the color palette is too lacking in contrast, consider warming up the look with the help of ivory accents.

4. Orange

Orange Christmas Tree

Fans of maximalism will be delighted by this incredible Christmas tree color scheme based on fiery orange. If you want to make a bold statement, it’s safe to say that orange works nicely to replace the typical green look. You will need to purchase an artificial tree that offers this kind of bright color shade. Because the orange color scheme can stand out too much in some cases, it’s important to prevent the tree from overwhelming the space by layering luxurious textures and other decor elements that match the vibrant look.

5. Pastel Pink

Pastel Pink Christmas Tree

Pastel decorations are very trendy this year. Consider incorporating a delicate shade of pastel pink to spruce up the look of the Christmas tree. The color scheme can provide a solid feminine vibe without feeling childish or too visually overpowering. Mix the pink tone with similar pastel colors for a more cohesive look. Due to its soft color quality, pastel pink can often act as a neutral tone which means it’s paired flawlessly with beige, white, and cream shades.

6. Gold and Purple

Gold and Purple Christmas Tree

Gold is a favorite color option for many people who want to add a glamorous effect to the Christmas tree. Instead of just a few glitzy accents, however, why not take the idea to a new level of shine? Try this dazzling look by combining a fully gold Christmas tree with regal purple accents. This is a bold style recommended for anyone who enjoys a design approach focused on luxuriousness.

7. Black and Red

Black and Red Christmas Tree

Black is an elegant color that has its place in many decor styles and places throughout the home. When it comes to Christmas decorations, however, it seems that black doesn’t really belong. While a fully black Christmas tree would be too strange, it could be worth incorporating some dark accents to blend some elegance into the traditional cheerful look of the tree. Combine a few black decorations with red elements for a distinctive Christmas tree style.

8. Gray Ombre

Gray Ombre Christmas Tree

Although silver-gray tones have now become quite popular to use for the color scheme of a Christmas tree, there’s a new trend worth considering. Check out the modern vibe exuded by this gray ombre design that seems perfect for a minimalist home. Different shades of gray blend together pleasantly while allowing the eye to focus on the beautiful texture of the tree. If getting a new artificial Christmas tree with an ombre effect sounds like too much work, you can recreate the same effect with the help of decorations in muted shades of gray.

9. Copper

Copper Christmas Tree

Instead of the traditional bright red tone, you can craft a more understated Christmas tree look by using a copper shade. This is a great idea if you don’t like making the tree the focal point in the room as the more subdued red tone helps to blend it with other festive decor elements more effectively. Combine copper with shades of bronze and burgundy to create a more elegant Christmas tree style with added color depth.

10. Rainbow Style

Rainbow Style Christmas Tree

Can’t decide on a few specific colors? Perhaps combining all of them in a rainbow color scheme can truly elevate the visual appeal of the Christmas tree. People who find traditional color schemes too boring will be pleased by the color punch of a multi-colored design. Pulling off this kind of Christmas tree look requires a bit of effort to mix a wide range of decorations and create a rainbow effect while also ensuring that the interior matches the same colorful vibe.

11. Cream and Light Blue

Cream and Light Blue Christmas Tree

Whether you want a bit of coastal flair or prefer a nice dose of serenity, light blue seems like a must-have tone to add to the Christmas tree color scheme. Use neutral shades of cream to blend the tree more easily with its surroundings while sprinkles of pastel blue create a relaxing mood. It’s not a typical color combination that you’d expect to see when it comes to Christmas tree decor but that simply adds to the charm of using it.

12. Yellow

Yellow Christmas Tree

Yellow is typically used just as an accent color in Christmas tree color palettes. However, a monochromatic yellow look can be surprisingly good. It gives off a cheery vibe that matches the overall mood of the winter festivities. Yellow color schemes are recommended to make the Christmas tree the highlight of the room, particularly when contrasted against mostly neutral elements. If the yellow decor on the tree stands out too much, consider using other accents throughout the room in the same color.

13. Candy Theme

Candy Themed Christmas Tree

Similar to the rainbow theme idea, you could try decorating the Christmas tree using a mix of fun colors to add some excitement. Given how it’s the season of candy cane, you could try to replicate the same colorful vibe to make the tree stand out. This white artificial tree looks stunning thanks to contrasting ornaments in bright, cheerful colors. It’s a very kid-friendly option because the look is an instant reminder of the joy of opening presents and finding colorful toys and delicious candies.

14. Silver

Silver Christmas Tree

The shimmering appeal of silver can make your Christmas tree spectacular. Even when sparsely decorated, the tree looks stunning thanks to the dazzling beauty of this color tone. It mimics the snowy weather outside and maintains a classy look for the tree. A silver color scheme works best when both the Christmas tree and the surrounding elements follow the same decor theme. When you’re out of inspiration to decorate the home, it can sometimes pay off to simply observe the beautiful color palette outdoors.

15. Green and Pink

Green and Pink Christmas Tree

If you’ve decided to use a pure white artificial tree for Christmas, you can take this opportunity to decorate with unexpected color combinations. The snow-flocked style of the tree provides the perfect canvas for pops of color such as pink and green. Use blush pink or similar shades that enter a neutral range to avoid a contrast that’s too bold. Finish off with a green ribbon garland and you obtain an effortlessly unique Christmas tree.

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