Modern White Entryway With Abstract Artwork

The 8 Best Entryway Colors in 2024

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An often-neglected part of the home, the entryway deserves a higher spot on your decorating agenda. Even though it’s small and forgettable, this is the first room seen by anyone coming to your home. You should pay some extra attention to the color scheme of the entryway if you wish to create a good impression or show off your personality. The right color tone can set the mood for the rest of the home’s design. Make sure you keep this place inviting and attractive through the proper combination of colors.

Whether you want to add serene vibes to this area or prefer a bolder style, here are the best paint colors to use in your entryway.

1. Soft Blue

Soft Blue Entryway

If you’re looking to infuse the entryway with a calming vibe, it’s hard to find a better option than blue. Pick a soft shade that gives off a deep sense of tranquility. Combine the light blue painted walls with darker tones such as charcoal gray. This results in a more elegant appearance if you prefer some extra sophistication suitable for a modern space.

2. Yellow

Yellow Entryway

A color that evokes happiness, yellow has experienced a considerable resurgence in the world of interior design. Consider using this paint color to decorate your entryway with some optimistic vibes. Yellow can be combined with a wide variety of colors to obtain a stylish look. It’s particularly recommended to blend sunny yellow tones together with rich brown shades from traditional wood furniture.

3. Greige

Greige Entryway

Warm neutrals are extremely attractive when used for an entryway makeover. Greige is an interesting choice because it makes use of a tinge of beige warmth to enhance the colder appeal of gray. The result is an elegant space that also feels very homely. Beige and gray in the proper amounts provide excellent depth. Greige paint colors can also hide scuffs and smudges more effectively than other colors, which can be helpful for this kind of high-traffic area.

4. White

White Entryway

Whereas other colors are highly susceptible to changing design trends, it’s safe to say that white will always remain a timeless option. This color is frequently used in the entryway and for good reason. You can take your pick from a wide variety of undertones to create a stylish backdrop for all the furnishings and decorative accessories in the room. A delicate white tone seems like a winning choice to paint the walls in a monochromatic style.

5. Bubblegum Pink

Bubblegum Pink Entryway

Looking to bring some feminine charm to the entryway? Your best bet is to select a fun shade of pink. This bubblegum tone offers a comparable effect to a neutral color but with some extra style to make the room stand out. It’s generally recommended to stick to softer shades of pink for the entryway because vibrant options might be too overwhelming for this kind of transitional space. For some extra glamor, consider pairing a bubblegum pink paint color with metallic accents and sleek black furniture.

6. Terracotta Red

Terracotta Red Entryway

This stunning paint color seems to bring together some refined shades of burnt orange and reddish brown to end up with a very welcoming entryway. It’s the perfect choice if you’re looking to maximize warmth while still remaining safely in a neutral range. Terracotta red paint seems to work well with luxurious elements such as this marble console table and golden-frame mirror. Darker décor pieces help to balance out the subtle vibrancy of the red color tone.

7. Green

Green Entryway

Most interior designers recommend a muted shade if you’re looking to try a green paint makeover for the entryway. However, it can pay off to embrace a more vibrant tone depending on the kind of aesthetic you’re aiming for. A lush pastel green represents a fine solution to add a natural vibe and a clearer outdoor connection to the entryway. Forest green could also be suitable if you prefer a bolder style.

8. Gray

Light Gray Entryway

Gray is one of the best paint colors for modern entryways. This color boasts amazing versatility, similar to white. The difference is that it can highlight the space more effectively depending on the kinds of décor pieces you use. Whether you choose a soft cool gray or prefer a darker shade, this neutral will bring an air of effortless elegance to the entryway. The color is paired very effectively with vibrant decorations such as a pink accent chair.


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