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5 Plants That Goats Hate (Won’t Eat)

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If you’re looking for an eco-friendly way to get rid of weeds in your garden, goats are incredibly reliable. They will quickly clear the yards of any undesired plants thanks to their voracious appetite. However, the downside is that goats don’t discriminate between weeds and flowers or vegetables that you actually want in your garden. Goats have a great reputation when it comes to being able to eat almost any plant out there. If you’re interested in deterring goats from munching on your flowers, shrubs, and vegetables, it’s a good idea to try the few plants that goats avoid and won’t eat.

Thanks to their strong scent or unpleasant taste, some plants can be considered goat-proof. Having these plants in your yard can discourage any goat from getting too close to other desirable plants. Although there are other methods to keep goats away from your garden, it’s worth adding plants that repel the animals because it takes minimal effort. Some of these plants, such as lavender and sage, are great to have regardless of their ability to protect the garden from goats. They’re able to bring a fresh fragrance to your garden thanks to their characteristic aromatic oils. Here are the essential plants for goat-proofing your yard.

1. Hydrangea

Hydrangea Plant

Hydrangeas are able to repel various insect pests and they’re also not very appetizing for goats. A beautiful ornamental flowering bush, hydrangea is a recommended addition to any garden. The plant offers a selection of colorful blooms through more than 70 species. Although it’s pleasant for humans, the scent of a hydrangea seems to work as a deterrent for some animals. If you’re using hydrangeas to keep goats away, it’s a good idea to plant the flowers in partial sun conditions with well-drained soil.

2. Lavender

Lavender Plant

Everyone is familiar with the wonderful fragrance of lavender. This aromatic herb has great potential to work as a repellant for goats. The animals dislike the intense scent of lavender and prefer to eat any other plant. This is good news for gardeners who love the relaxing properties of lavender. You should plant this herb if you’re also interested in making herbal teas. Consider planting lavender close to other plants that seem like tasty snacks for goats to offer good protection.

3. Oregon Grape Holly

Oregon Grape Holly Plant

Oregon grape holly is an evergreen shrub whose attractive blooms can easily stand out in any garden. Although this plant will easily draw pollinators, it’s usually avoided by goats. Oregon grape hollies are used as ornamental plants for adding a splash of color to early spring gardens. The yellow blooms of this shrub don’t have a particularly intense fragrance. Goats probably avoid the Oregon grape holly due to its spiny foliage that’s not exactly appetizing. Aside from adding visual interest to your yard, this shrub also produces edible fruits similar to grapes.

4. Mullein

Mullein Plant

A medicinal herb found mainly in eastern regions of the US, mullein is strictly avoided by goats, even when the animals are very hungry. This is thanks to the characteristic scent of the plant, as well as its bitter taste. Mullein is recommended for keeping goats away from your property. The aromatic oil of the plant has some medicinal uses making it worth growing. Mullein plants aren’t particularly fussy as they only need to sit in a sunny area with sandy soil.

5. Sage

Sage Plant

The scent of sage is a strong deterrent for goats. This is a recommended herb for making lots of savory dishes tastier. It’s also practical to repel goats visiting your garden. Keep in mind that sage is toxic to goats. The animals will avoid it unless they’re starving. Sage thrives when planted in full sun and soil that offers good drainage capabilities. If you’re planning to use this herb in cooking, make sure you plant a culinary variety such as Salvia officinalis.


3 responses to “5 Plants That Goats Hate (Won’t Eat)”

  1. Patricia M Avatar
    Patricia M

    A goat ate my hydrangea to the ground!!

    1. Stefan Bucur Avatar
      Stefan Bucur

      Maybe she was starving! Goats usually hate eating hydrangeas but if they are hungry enough they’ll eat a lot of plants that they normally wouldn’t.

  2. My goats ate all my lavender in all the pots. 8 in total. They are not hungry or have lack of food as they are free roaming wild mountain goats with plenty of food, pellets and water. Once they got a taste for it, they ate them all.

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