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8 Ways To Decorate Your Lobby and Foyer For a Grand Entrance

This post may contain references and links to products from our advertisers. We may receive commissions from certain links you click on our website. As an Amazon Associate Rhythm of the Home earns revenues from qualifying purchases.
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First impressions matter and the best way to create an entryway to set the tone for your home is to incorporate the right elements into the over design. From rugs, furniture, and art, to lighting and paint color your foyer should instantly display the personality of your home. It’s worth evaluating all of the ideas on our list, followed by a selection and a combination of a few.

Small accessories like coat racks, large mirrors, and storage compartments are an added bonus. Depending on your approach you may even want to dedicate an area for bench seating for family and guests to relax while preparing to arrive or leave. Check out our roundup of 8 lobby and foyer decor ideas to transform your entry from an ordinary entrance into a functional and beautiful room.

1. Set the Tone With a Large Oval Shaped Mirror

Everyone enjoys one last look in the mirror before joining the party or settling back into the home life. Simply by adding a supersize mirror your can amplify the natural light in your entryway. This feature instantly becomes the main focal point and drastically improves the perceived space of the foyer. If your space is limited, this is a perfect way to create more light and give the impression of more space.

There isn’t a particular rule to the shape of the mirror that would blend best into your design, but the placement is paramount. Try to position the mirror opposite of a large window or other object like a sculpture to create the effect of distance and highlight unique elements in the foyer.

2. Design a Classic Black and White Entryway

Working with black and white simply opens up your options to design the foyer of your dreams thanks to the plentiful variety of furniture and accents that jive well in such a bold design. Consider laying a pattern of penny tiles in a black and white combination to replace the traditional rug area.

Enhancing the space with accents of gold lends to an opulent and dramatic look. Combine brass-legged stools or gold colored artwork within a black frame as unique accents to a black and white foyer. Don’t forget to add a finishing touch of white botanicals like tulips, orchids or white carnations in a black vase.

3. Elegant French Entrance

French decor creates a calm and lovely lobby for entry areas that occupy a quaint space. Work with French country elements like a vintage dresser or a petite natural wood lamp. Organization is paramount in smaller spaces. Think functional by placing a tray on top of a dresser with a basket nearby to store everyday household items that you need to grab and go.

Other fashionable elements to fuse into a dainty French foyer are a vase for storing walking sticks and umbrellas, a wooden tissue box holder and a small green botanical or two. There is nothing over the top about creating an elegant French entrance. Always remember that less is more and to get creative with french-country décor.

4. Welcome Guests to an Art Exhibit

No matter your artistic tastes or the size of your foyer space, the transformation of bare walls into a hallway filled with art is an eye-catching design technique that you will never get bored of. Although this lobby concept works best for entryways with corridors, any size or shape room will work.

We recommend hanging either a series of family portraits and photographs or a collection of vintage artwork and paintings. In addition to the artwork, choose picture frames to match other elements in your foyer. Go with natural dark wood and white borders to create contrast together against lighter walls and a dark floor. While collecting your art, don’t forget to purchase a few wall sconces to install on the wall to light up the art.

5. Minimalistic Scandinavian Foyer

If your aim is to maximize limited space and create a cute and comfortable entryway, look no further than a concept rooted in the Scandinavian style. It’s the perfect option to make the best first impression without spending too much money. For a playful and fun makeover, install colorful coat hanger knobs on the wall over a wooden bench. Renovate your front door window with a stained glass makeover and fix floating storage cabinets to the entryway walls.

The most common color combinations in Scandinavian design are natural tones, hues of grey and pastels. For a simplistic take, scatter green plants throughout window sills and fill up a long grey bench with accent throw pillows.

6. Blend Golds and Whites

You don’t always have to repaint the walls of your foyer to update the space. If you have white walls, this is a preferred option to pull off a fresh and glam entryway. Plus, white walls never go out of style. Swap out white electric fixtures for gold plated ones and incorporate golden accents in the form of doorknobs, sunburst mirrors, and directional lighting.

The contrast between white and gold promotes a spacious area that is fresh and clean. Look for cabinets or storage cases that feature golden colored handles and knobs. The trick is to incorporate a couple splashes of gold here and there with subtle accents, not oversized objects like furniture, tiles or chairs.

7. Design a Seating Arrangement

Your foyer is the perfect area to make a statement with a unique accent chair, but if you need a more practical seating arrangement then choose a bench or set up three identical chairs side-by-side. Keep the seating in your foyer simple.

The idea is to provide a space to sit while putting on your shoes. It could be as simple as a long block of wood or a small bench with hidden storage beneath. Go for a wooden bench supported by a navy blue frame and decorate it with accent pillows.

8. Add a Sculptural Light Fixture

Establish a standout object by investing in a beautiful sculptural light fixture or set of lights. Single light fixtures look great hanging above the center point of the foyer, but you can also arrange multiple lights throughout the ceiling. Copper light fixtures look expensive and pair nicely in a variety of environments for a homey feel, while colored glass exudes a more playful and cute look.

The more abstract you make it, the more noticeable it will be. From spiral hanging lamp shades to an array of dangling lights, don’t feel obliged to hang lights in the middle of the ceiling. Get creative with foyer lighting so that it reveals true colors and highlights the accents of your furniture, flooring, and walls.

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