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10 Penny Tile Ideas You Will Love

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Don’t be square! Modern penny tiles are more attractive than ever thanks to their infinite versatility and graphic aesthetic that never fails to make bold impacts on your space. They are offered in a variety of colors and styles which can be combined with contrasting grout tones that make the design pop. From bathroom flooring, kitchen backsplashes and more these small (penny size) tiles are making a come back.

Check out these decorating tips and ideas to learn the best way to incorporate penny tiles into your next home project. We hope the following trends and out of the box ideas will help you make use of penny tiles from a brand new perspective, whether you’re looking to capture a retro vibe or a dynamic and classic look.

1. Step Up with Penny Tiles

Compared to larger types of tiles, penny tiles are exceptionally unique in that they can be installed in the most unexpected spots. Our favorite is on the front face of stairs. This eye-grabbing technique never gets old and is a one-of-a-kind way to liven up any staircase. If your staircase has wood trim, choose a penny tile color and contrasting grout to match. These little gems on your steps will surely keep people on their toes as they climb!

2. Penny Tile Up Your Shower Wall

Penny tiles on a shower wall deliver a completely different dynamic than they do on the floor. Go for a brushed blue or a light washed out grey that feels fresh and always new. By the way, in most cases, we recommend combining neutral colors in the bathroom so you can also check out our article about combining and choosing neutral colors before you choose the bathroom tiles. Extend the penny tiles to each shower wall for a more luxurious look, or decorate a single wall whilst balancing it with other colors in the space like the sink, bathtub, and toilet. One wall acts more as an accent feature which may be all that you’re striving to do.

3. Spell it Out With Penny Tiles

Personalize your penny tile layout by spelling out a phrase or reminder with two contrasting colors. These microtiles are perfect to turn into phrases like “Home sweet home” across a kitchen backsplash or “Feeling fresh” on the laundry room floor. Why not spell out your family name! Be sure to measure the length of your phrase to determine the number of tiles you require to spell it out. Get creative with the font type and extend the concept with accents and other markings, too.

4. Stripped Penny Tiles

Nail down a fun and chic look with a stripped penny tile design of alternating shades. Choose two contrasting colors for a classic look or multiple colors from the same spectrum for something out of the box. We suggest laying the tiles in a vertical striped format in rooms with low ceilings like bathrooms to give the impression of extended height. Create an edgy effect with thick diagonal stripes to break out of the conventional straight lines!

5. Glam it Up with Mirrored Penny Tiles

Reflective, mirror penny tiles strike a unique balance between traditional elegance and modern design when they are incorporated into any penny tile project. They add a sparkle to kitchens, freshen up bathrooms and the combination of silvery metallic with reflective tiles comes across with a professional look. The key is to not overdo it with reflective penny tiles but to use just the right amount to capture a glamorous effect.

6. Create a Border

Use penny tiles to draw attention to permanent objects in your bathrooms or to divide up spaces on the floor or wall. Try placing a four-strip wide penny tile border around your mirror or shower fixtures for a chic accent on these objects. Penny tiles are also great for breaking up spaces and sectioning off areas in your bathroom. Place a row of tiles between your sink and shower, or around the inside border of your bathroom door.

7. Brighten Up Your Kitchen

A backsplash covered in multicolored penny tiles spices up your kitchen space to create a fun and uplifting environment. Go with a series of transparent glassy tiles comprised of a combination of blue, green, yellow, orange, purple and red penny tiles of both ¾ inch and 1-inch sizes. The interplay of different size penny tiles creates a sharp effect that fits nicely with the multi-color design. Try using a white grout to neutralize and balance all of the colorful accents. Keep in mind that the technique can be incorporated to cover a small area behind any section of a kitchen counter, or you can turn up the volume with a full spread of penny tiles from edge to edge.

8. Create Unique Shapes and Objects

Similar to our penny tile idea of spelling out phrases on the floors, walls or staircase in your home, lay out a black shaped heart of penny tiles with white grout surrounded by white penny tiles. All varieties of hearts, cacti, and botanical shapes give off a chic and cute look when incorporated into an overall penny tile design.

The trick is to use contrasting color penny tiles so that the design truly pops. Using two different colors of grout (one for the backdrop and another for the shape) is a perfect way to achieve the popping effect. Alternatively, another great use of multi-colored penny tiles is to integrate them into patterns on the floor, such as hexagonal honeycombs, raindrops or abstract shapes.

9. Design a Bold and Luxe Look

Nothing showcases a luxe, bold and dramatic effect like the color black. Combine this style with a white grout to achieve a striking impression with penny tiles using either matte or glossy color in your bathroom or kitchen space. Go with black penny tiles with white and natural wood furniture to create a modern bathroom or black penny tiles with white grout to look bold and eye-catchy.

10. Work with Scattered Colors for a Contemporary Look

It’s easy to capture a scattered penny tile look using porcelain mosaic tiles comprised of different color shades which are randomly spread across a backsplash or floor. At first, you may imagine the finished design to yield an unbalanced look, but that is the objective – to break the convention of bold and solid patterns with hints of color sporadically placed amongst the penny tiles. This effect works well across larger spaces, so try it on shower walls or bathroom floors.

By Stefan Bucur

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